Imagine an iPhone 6 with wireless charging… wait, here it is!


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The iPhone 6 is promising to be thinner, lighter and have a bigger, brighter display than any iPhone before… but no matter how advanced the next iPhone is, rumors still peg it as sucking the juice it needs to run through a Lightning cable.

Meanwhile, there are tons of Android and Windows Phone smartphones that charge using wireless technology. When is Apple going to catch up?

This concept by designer Vishal Bhaunushali for what he calls the iPhone 6 Pro imagines an iPhone that wirelessly charges when placed in close proximity to an aluminum, Apple-branded puck, similarly to most current wireless charging solutions.

And even cooler? He imagines a Smart iView cover that not only protects the screen of your iPhone, but can show you the current date, time and charge level of your iPhone, without ever waking up the device.

Check out the full video below.

What do you think? I’m not sold on the benefits of wireless charging pucks like this — why not just use a less finicky cable if you have to keep your charging iPhone stationary any way — but I do have to say, plausible or not, I love that iPhone smartcover.

Via: iClarified

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    There are dozens of Android manufacturers building Android smartphones and each company tries to do something better or different from another company. Apple is one company and yet is expected to do everything multiple manufacturers implement. Almost no single company has every feature in one smartphone and usually put out different models with different features. Apple’s iPhone doesn’t have wireless charging nor does it have IP67 water resistance. Still, that doesn’t mean Apple’s iPhone is falling behind because there are features the iPhone has that many other Android smartphones don’t. Even Samsung’s latest Galaxy S5 doesn’t have wireless charging out of the box but it is offered as an option.

    Asking when Apple’s iPhone is going to catch up to have every feature possible would almost be impossible and very costly. All those tons of Windows and Android smartphones still don’t sell in the numbers of Apple’s iPhone, so I don’t think Apple should be too concerned about not having wireless charging.

  • Rafterman00

    And my imagined iPhone 6 has a built in transporter.

    I mean, really, what’s the point?

    But if Apple does include wireless charging, please just use the Qi standard and don’t create a proprietary one, like they did with the data port.

    • Jonathan Todd

      Apple create a non proprietary accessory / connector? Yeah right. Looks like we’re headed for elimination of the standard audio jack, replaced by the charging port connector.

  • C0C0tva

    By “tons of Android and Windows Phone smartphones that charge using wireless technology.” are you referring to the gross weight of said smartphones sitting idle in warehouses and shelves across the country? ;)

  • Mark Griffith

    If the smart cover allowed you to prop up the iPhone like the iPad smart cover…That would be more interesting.

  • Marc Sch

    Wireless charging sounds great, particularly if you consider Apple’s ever breaking charging cables. (Everybody who owns an Apple product, knows what I mean)