Here’s What Jony Ive’s OS X Syrah 10.10 Would (Probably) Look Like [Gallery]



When Jony Ive ripped Scott Forstall’s spine out (metaphorically speaking) and took over as the design head of iOS, he got rid of many gradients, shadows, and other elements that made the app look, at worst, skeuomorphic.

Sadly, though, Ive hasn’t had a chance yet to take the same approach to OS X. But everyone’s expecting OS X 10.10 to flatten OS X out, and Dribbble designer Danny Giebe has a gorgeous look at what the next version of Mac OS X — which he codenames ‘Syrah’ — would look like if Ive extended iOS’s design to the Mac.

Check the full redesign out after the jump. What do you think?





  • Great concept!
    It does make sense,
    I hope to see some changes like these ones for the new mac os X!

  • codeslubber

    Wow, so exciting. In other news, people are working on curing diseases, preventing the planet from melting and globalizing edu, but hey, can’t wait for Jony’s redesign!

    • DigitalBeach


    • Dj

      Wow…I…so do you hate joy. Why would you even click the link? Humans confuse me greatly.

      • codeslubber

        First off you must mean human beings (human is an adjective).

        Sorry you’re so confused!

        And yeah, I must be a hater. I should have known that the story was just going to be as vapid of substance free as it was in advance and therefore never seen it. Then I would be a joy only clairvoyant like you (who apparently only gets bummed out when haters turn up).

        Go back to your celebration.

      • Dj

        No, I meant humans (
        I’m only confused about why you would waste time commenting on an article you knew was going to be vapid fleeting bullshit.
        And quite frankly yes, I think you should have had the ability to recognize that this article was going to be free of substance from the title alone. It wasn’t baiting or confusing. It was “Here’s what a jony ive’s OSX would like [GALLERY]” I’m not sure why you thought it was going to be groundbreaking journalism.
        It doesn’t take a genius to read a title and then figure out it will most likely be what the title is.
        Also, not bummed out that you’re upset that you feel your time was wasted by clicking the linking, frankly I don’t care…I’m neither happy nor sad, simply confused about why someone would take the time to click a link with a very clear title and then be surprised that it wasn’t deep.
        Humans is used correctly
        My confusion stems from where you would gather that this would be anything other than substance-less vapid information…which is generally what CoM is filled with.

      • Kendall Tawes

        You can use human as a noun if you believe the Oxford English Dictionary. I don’t know what’s up with you but something seems a bit off.

      • codeslubber

        Thanks for your probing diagnostic services. Hilarious. Really impressive.

      • herval

        what part of “Heres what Jony Ive’s OS X 10.10 will probably look like gallery” makes you think the article would have anything to do with curing diseases and globalizing edu, mr “human being”?

      • codeslubber

        I guess the bozo nose should have been a clue. You see people have a skill where they can relate different things to each other. I mean some of them. Clue on my post? The word other. Thanks though for providing your services policing responses to the subject matter. Extremely valuable.

      • Montgomery Gabrys

        Wow another troll. Here’s a thought – check the article and then comment on it. Pretty hard stuff eh? You can go back to stroking yourself – work the shaft, and cup the balls.

      • codeslubber

        Thanks for the tips. Given the vapidity of your commentary sprinkled around the web (mostly about cannabis), I bet you have had a lot of practice. Great pic btw. You look really cool mr. hipster. Much cooler than other people.

      • Jonathan

        Haha omg “human” is only an adjective haha that’s what happens when you drop out of elementary school!

      • codeslubber

        Wow, too bad all your education didn’t make you, um, funny, though apparently you amuse yourself.

      • Montgomery Gabrys

        Fuck off troll.

      • codeslubber

        Enjoy the rest of your life in the empty head you’ve put on display here, gonna be epic.

      • Montgomery Gabrys

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      • John F.


    • This is not a place to get that kind of news. There are indeed plenty of ugly things in this world that need attention, but are people never supposed to enjoy things in life? Are we supposed to take on the ugly issues in this world every waking moment? If we should always be doing more important things with our time, then why are you wasting time clicking a link to this article and wasting time to comment? Shouldn’t you be curing cancer or picketing in front of the home-office of some company that needs to begin or improve their environmental sustainability programs? Take a break and enjoy life. Otherwise, what’s the point in improving the world in which we live?

      • codeslubber

        Wait lady? what??

        Dude, you are just assuming the same thing the other person did: anyone who doesn’t just float around kissing butterflies is a hater and a killjoy.

        My point was this: Apple is the biggest company in the world. They have vast resources. Fetishizing over stupid things like color palettes and dumb little design touches is not the best use of those abilities. I like Apple. I wish them well. However, to me, the dark side of Apple is that increasingly they are looking like a company that is more concerned with fashion and taste making than building things that make the world a better place.

        Finally, how is curing cancer an ‘ugly thing’?? Sounds like you do the typical thing of deciding that you need to just put your brain in a bubble to get any joy: zone out, turn off consciousness of other things. Sorry about that. That makes no sense to me. But good luck with that.

      • I’m not calling you a killjoy or hater. I already recognized your point that there are ugly things in this world and I agree they need more attention than they get. I didn’t say curing cancer was ugly. I said cancer was ugly.

        I’m not trying to bash you or disagree with your points about the world. Please don’t assume that I live in a bubble and ignore the ugly things. I don’t. I advocate for many things. I donate money for causes when I can.

        My point is simply that we have to enjoy life if it’s going to be worth living. People enjoy life in different ways. One of those ways is through the enjoyment of design, art, and technology. And it’s worth pointing out that when technology is fun and easy to use that it can be a means to fight the ugly things in this world. How? Because it inspires some people to use technology more and we can communicate about those things.

        I don’t know how deeply or how long you’ve been following or reading about Apple. But I think your view of what they are becoming is actually backwards. They’ve always been a company that mixes technology with the arts, but they are becoming a company that is also leading the way on environmental sustainability, LGBTQ awareness and rights, worker rights, and other issues. Tim Cook also put in place a program to match employee donations to causes.

        I’m as skeptical and sometimes more cynical than many people, but your original comment about this article just doesn’t make sense. Just because people enjoy the design of their OS doesn’t mean they don’t care about the world or take time to contribute to improving it. And that includes the author.

      • codeslubber

        What about my original comment implied that we should never enjoy life? Wow, that’s just whack. Furthermore, I am all for acknowledging the role of appearances and aesthetics in enjoyment, I am not bashing that. What I was bashing is the idea that the next release of the most important operating system in the world is going to get this kind of ‘fall colors’ coverage. Frankly, the design of ios7 was boring. A company is lost if it pats itself on the back for banning skeumorphism from its designs. During the same release cycle, Android pushed out KitKat which has a TON of features and is a very functional release, oh and also has a flat design with navigation improvements, etc. So it’s also not a good idea to let design dictate priorities to the detriment of functionality. To me, Apple was killing Android and the gap has definitely narrowed in the last cycle, partially because of this fetishistic lollygagging.

        As to their record on things like the environment and LGBTQ issues, that’s all great. But it won’t mean a thing if for the premium they charge the value differential disappears. I didn’t even say anything about quality. There is no question that has gone down in the last cycle. ios7 is for sure less reliable than 6. My iPad and iPhone reboot quite often now. My Nexus 5 on the other hand has never rebooted. I found a bug in their development environment that cost me stupid amounts of lost time. Am I saying that I expect them to be perfect? Nope. As to when I got onto apple, I have not run a PC in over a decade. When I first switched to apple I was the only guy on my team of 25 techs. So a long time ago.

        Sounds like we would agree on many of the broader points, Rich, I am not at all saying anyone who isn’t focused 100% of the time on fixing the world is a joker. I am saying that I want Apple to stay focused on taking things that are broken (digital music, cellphones, clunky huge laptops) and fixing them. Color schemes, as delightful as they are, simply don’t have that power.

      • I just don’t understand the point of your original comment. At first, it seemed like you were bashing the article and author for covering something that wasn’t important. Now it seems like you’re saying that you’d prefer it if Apple would focus on things other than design.

        We can argue all day about iOS vs. Android and get nowhere. I don’t bother debating such things because it’s mostly a matter of opinion.

        I will point out two things though. First, Jony Ive is a designer. He leads a team that focuses on both product and software design. That’s their jobs. But that doesn’t mean there’s no one working on features, bugs, and other improvements. There’s a whole bunch of other people on other teams that work on those things. And there was plenty of things other than design that were introduced with iOS 7.

        Second, as someone who works in tech, you should be well aware that bugs and issues are commonly introduced with new software and products. I had random reboots with iOS 7 also, but I haven’t had a single one since updating to iOS 7.1. The bug that caused those reboots was not introduced by changing the design of iOS. It was introduced because other teams changed code to improve and introduce features.

        To compare the reboot-bug to Android and determine Google is doing a better job is unfair. There’s plenty of issues with Android that iOS doesn’t have. Again, we can debate which platform and company is better until we’re blue in the face, but it’s mostly opinion.

        Lastly, you have to keep in mind how secretive Apple is. This article is pure speculation based on some designer who isn’t even affiliated with Apple. OS X 10.10 will almost certainly look different, but there’s certainly going to be plenty of features and improvements. Apple has never released new software or a product that didn’t make improvements beyond design.

      • codeslubber

        Wow, I guess I want to say I was wrong, I don’t think we do agree on much. I think the Emerson quote about hobgoblins applies to your constantly trying to say I have strayed from my original comment. I don’t think so. The most important part of this response is the one where you say there is no reason to debate iOS v. Android because it’s mostly opinion. So we should shut down, um, the whole world of product discourse, no need for Amazon reviews, consumer reports, their perfect score of the Tesla after all, is just an opinion. If you have to build a large structure, use paper. The idea that stone would be better suited at load bearing is just some other grumpy bloke’s opinion. Let me point out another irony of this thread now: you are typifying exactly what I am railing against: the idea that the designers might as well run things because satisfying their customer base is really just a matter of a pillow fluff and maybe a splash of fresh color.

        Then in an inconsistency that is completely incredible, you acknowledge that iOS 7 was randomly rebooting but because for you 7.1 fixed it you minimize my objections. Um, the UAE and acceptance of random malfunction was the hallmark of another tech giant: microsoft. 7 is not vista, yet, but if you have ever read about broken windows theory, things like this can turn on a dime. Especially since tech is mostly about talent. If you can’t get good people to work for you you are doomed. Mostly really great tech people don’t have as their burning desire being the unheralded minions to a bunch of designers. Yes, as a tech person, I find random unexplained failures the sign of something very wrong in a product that has many millions of users. (Goto#fail was another confirmation of this.) Frankly when the device reboots into the screen that they clearly spent so much time ‘designing’ it makes a mockery of that concept to boot (pun intended).

        So again, I wish Apple well. Not saying their stuff has rotted, but if they think their superior design sense is going to keep them ahead and maintain their margins, they are whistling past the graveyard.

      • Actually, we do agree on many things, but you keep twisting my words. I never said you strayed from your original comment. I said that I didn’t understand it and that my understanding of what you meant changed based on our further discussion. I wasn’t saying you were changing what you meant. I was saying that I misunderstood your meaning.

        Concerning the debate of iOS and Android, I’m not saying it’s not worth discussion and that product reviews are useless. You’re taking my words and lumping a whole bunch of things I didn’t say upon them. Discussion of iOS and Android is worth having, but at a certain point it becomes opinion focused. There’s plenty to talk about before it gets there, but I mostly avoid those conversations on the web because of the trolls and fanboys.

        I have friends who prefer iOS and friends who prefer Android. Their preferences are based on different things. I prefer iOS, but I don’t tell my friends who prefer Android that they’re wrong. We have different preferences because we have different opinions about what is best suited for us individually. Those preferences do take into account reliability, ease of use, and many other technical areas that product reviews focus on. But if the products are comparable in those areas, then it becomes a matter of opinion and preference.

        I wasn’t minimizing your points about the random reboots. It was definitely an issue. And it would be a big one if it remained unaddressed. But, as I made the point and you acknowledged, Apple fixed the bug. iOS 7 is not comparable to Vista or any other Microsoft OS situation. iPhone users upgrade iOS very quickly compared to any other OS, so when Apple fixes something the issue goes away just as fast. This is the case with the random reboot issue.

        Lastly, and I don’t know why you didn’t get my point on this in my last comment, Apple has different people working on design and the code of iOS/OS X. You can’t ignore one for the sake of the other when they’re all working. Perhaps you mean that the management is focused on design more than improving iOS. But again I don’t think that’s true. I believe that Apple took the time to bring the iOS and OS X teams together and set a roadmap that strengthens both platforms. I believe they’re playing the long game and we will see some evidence of that with the release of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10. I don’t think we’re seeing a deterioration of Apple’s quality and innovation. Sometimes I think these types of criticisms remind me of financial analysts that are too focused on quarterly reports and not the longterm financial potential of a company. You have to step back and look at the big picture. Of course, that’s not so easy to do with Apple since they don’t publicize their roadmap like many other companies.

      • codeslubber

        Yeah you are right Rich I think we do agree on a lot of this stuff (I am Rob W, btw). Believe me I am not taking the quarterly analysts view. Rich, you are saying Apple users upgrade quickly, but for land’s sake, 7.1 came 6 months after 7.0! That’s a long time to have a product out in the marketplace that is randomly rebooting. Frankly, it would be interesting to see if you and I thought the same things about Apple’s long game. I have some very bullish opinions about them, but they mostly don’t revolve around this stuff. Believe me, though, Android is getting better and it’s not the obvious witless piece of crap it was. Frankly, I think overall KitKat is better than ios7. That said, there is no way if I could only have one I would choose my Nexus, but that’s for some very specific reasons, like iMessage on the phone and machines is insanely useful and powerful. If Google thinks they will match that by getting people to sign up for plus and use Hangouts, they are completely out of their minds. But frankly, the approach to application design is starting to diverge and the new Android approach is better I think, but I can’t really mount that argument here. Lastly, please note that a significant element in my original comment was that it was also meant to be humorous. It’s funny to me to encourage people to look into the future of technology and then just show them a new face. Oh, one last element I didn’t mention: they show Mail in here. The course of that app over the last few years has been tragic. Hate to use the ‘would never have happened under Steve,’ but it’s true: Mail is broken, it’s fallen and it can’t get up. Someone needs to explain to me how the world’s biggest company can’t stamp out the bugs in one of their apps that comes under the heaviest daily use, and yet, has the time and energy to continue to fetishize how these things look to a degree that makes a fashion designer look like a physicist.

      • Yeah, I went to your Twitter profile and saw your name. That’s when I realized why the “lady” thing was offensive. These damn icons are too small. LOL

        Anyway, now I understand your first comment better, especially since you say you were also trying to be humorous. I do think we would agree on a lot of things. I love Apple and I’m a fanboy, but I’m not irrational about it. I recognize their flaws. Some are overhyped in the media and some are never even discussed. I’m not aware of the bugs in Mail, but there’s things regarding UX and features that I’ve wished they would improve, change, or introduce for a long time. The same goes for Contacts.

        I agree that Google is doing some great things with Android. They’ve had some missteps and there’s things I wonder why they did, but I like their direction. I’m not as familiar with some of the technical aspects, but I’m not completely lost either. The biggest thing I don’t like about Android as a platform is its inconsistency and fragmentation. If I ever bought an Android device, it would have to be a Nexus device or one that I rooted to put pure Android on it. What some of the OEMs and other companies do to Android is horrible in my opinion.

        I’m very interested in the long game in technology. In fact, I’ve been planning to blog about it for a long time. I will probably start that soon. And I totally agree that Apple’s long game will involve a lot more than iOS and OS X. I have some very in-depth thoughts on all of that. I’ll follow you on Twitter to keep in touch, Rob.

      • BTW, you’re totally right that they took too long to release iOS 7.1. I’m not sure what took so long, but I’ve read that it definitely killed the issue. I like the fact that when updates are released, people update their devices very quickly. And I like that bugs and issues don’t usually stick around after updates. That’s an area Microsoft has never gotten right. They always have lingering fragments of their bugs and issues. It’s like they chip away at them. Anyway, I hope that I’m right about Apple’s long game and the reboot bug was just a sign that they were indeed changing underlying architecture in preparation for something big. Maybe the time to fix it was an indicator of that. We can only hope.

      • I just remembered another point. While iOS 7 was a drastic departure in design from iOS 6, I don’t think it was to the detriment of features and other improvements. There were plenty of new features and improvements in iOS 7, but it may have fallen short of some people’s expectations for other reasons. You have to remember the shakeup in the executive ranks and the combining of the iOS and OS X teams under Craig Federighi. I believe it’s safe to assume that this motivated Apple to move towards feature parity in their software and to standardize things across the two platforms. That’s a long process and I expect that we’ll see a significant result from those efforts with the introduction of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10.

      • BTW, my apologies for calling you “lady.” Your username doesn’t suggest a gender and the icon was too small. Sorry about that. I didn’t intend to offend.

  • Bryan Elliott

    This is an eye-sore.

  • give_me_a_break

    Whatever…but please Apple, how about beefing up the underpinnings, improving performance, stability and usability. An OS that runs faster…and how about this, please stop going out of your way to break the great open source software from the linux world that makes Mac OSX something more than a toy

  • Stephane Potvin

    I say enough with the flattening. It gets tiring. Get over the fad. The world is not flat.

    • Anthony Snyder

      A display is flat however. The only problem I have with OS X is the the gray gradients and glossy red, yellow and green buttons. And the obnoxiously deep shadows for the windows.

    • Alex Devane

      Where is this concept do you see flat design? I see transparency to give a sense of depth. Windows 8 is flat, this OSX concept (and iOS7) certainly are not. I think clean, pure and minimalist are the words you’re looking for.

    • Montgomery Gabrys

      Agreed. The iconography Scott implemented was based on Susan Kare’s work at NeXT – and the first Mac. She did things for a reason – not for fashion. The fact that “outlines on buttons on a touch interface might be important” has been lost wholesale by the Ive fan club. I love his hardware – hate his UI. Stick with what you know best Johnny.

  • Anthony Snyder

    Ehhh… not too drastic please :/ I like the translucency and the gray is boring sure. But I don’t want extreme amounts of blue nor do I want neon colors. Strike a balance between both and I’d be happy.

  • Keith Goodlip

    As Jobs would have said…..This is shit!!

  • Joe Naflish

    that is so Windows.. hate it

  • zark_sl

    Ive, don’t you dare touching OS X’s UI!

  • Anil Jagtap

    I will stop using mac if it look like that.

  • Brian Davis

    I wish Earth would just open up and swallow Jony Ive. I’m sick of his girly iOS design. If Apple let’s him feminize OSX I swear that I will ban all forms of personal computers from my life.

  • Ben Haldenby

    I think it’s quite shady that you re-posted shitty compressed versions of his artwork on your own site, they look terrible here – you should really just link to Dribbble.

  • dgiebe

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for sharing on CultofMac. I’m still quite surprised. But I just changed the toolbars back to the gray, as lot’s of people thought it looks like Windows. I’ll do a bigger update later, in respect of all the opinions and feedbacks I get. Check the updated version on dribbble ( or behance ( Colorwise I can just refer to the Contacts and Notes App on Mavericks. They look quite different compared to the Finder etc.

    Thanks a lot, even for all the critique.

  • Dylan Edward

    Meeting was great, said no one ever. It’s weird how GUI design in general is moving towards minimalism. Pretty soon we’ll just have near borderless white boxes with text in them. Mac OS 1 and Windows 1.0 were pretty flat. I wonder if GUI design will just do a full cycle like Enterprise computing has. Desktops -> Serial based dumb terminals connecting to a mainframe -> Desktops -> Thin stations connecting to a Citrix farm or misc cloud based apps.

  • Mike Jones

    I love this, please please let this be the next OS look

  • bendell

    Looks like Windows – i wouldn’t want it.

  • Charilaos Mulder

    It will probably be similar. Although I don’t like the idea of translucent windows. It should be a bit like iOS where the window is plain white, and the UI bars on top of the content should be translucent, blurring the content underneath.

  • Neo van Goth

    Nah… too much Vista

  • Hans-Jørgen

    Wow! OS X is the best looking os out there. I hope they aren’t going to destroy it with this flat crap!

  • We just have to wait for June/July to see a Beta

  • omrishtam

    *throws up for 5 mins* *gets back to computer* it won’t happen, like never ever…..ever

  • DerekBird

    It sucks! I miss the skeuomorphic design of iOS. It also makes it easier for older people to learn how to use the computer. Like how notes and reminders look like well, a note pad. Steve Jobs is turning in his grave!

  • boughtat 16

    I hate “dark” interface, I find it unreadable. Text needs to be larger and bolder to read on some colors, except icon blocks.

  • OS X 10.10 or 11.0?

  • Shouldn’t it be OS 11?

  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    It’s an Incredible design, but it’s to Aero for me

  • Mohamed Danish

    WoW really great concept If they do so real, it would be again Big hit for Apple…

  • RobSeaTac

    I don’t get this obsession with the “Flat” look vs. the Skeumorphic. the Flat looks very cartoonish. I know this only a mockup but it blows

  • zoran

    This is the ugliest concept (together with IOS 7 and Win 8) I have ever seen. If it becomes official, I’ll stop using Apple products….

  • qs2435

    Hate it !

  • MrMiketheripper

    I was really hoping they wouldn’t flatten out OS X..they need to make the flat and original themes options at the very least.

  • disqus_C4wFgtofdT

    Looks like shit.

  • Rimi

    Ugly. Would this happen I would ditch my mac into the trash can. Why would u want a mac that looks like windows?

    • Tommy Lee

      Exactly as I think. Looks like I switched at the wrong time, finally making my decision to buy a Macbook Pro. I got tired of windows and switched, and I am worried about what this next update will look like. I find the way currently OSX looks amazing and the best looking OS. Also, personally, the iOS 7 looks half decent, but I see it that way on a ‘mobile’ standpoint. Switching to a laptop or desktop experience, that should change. I have had a Windows Phone 7 in that past, and that was a mess. To look they went along with that look, and brought it to Windows with 8. After that phone, got a iPhone 5.
      I will not like if Apple follows this iOS 7 design to their computers, I do not know what I will do. I definitely know I will not go back to Windows. I just find OSX looks great as is. *holds hands together hoping to the designers of the OS at apple don’t mess anything up*

      • Rimi

        Kudos to you Tommy. When I switched to a Mac I did so because it was a piece of art. iOS7 took that away making it so simple that u don’t need much brain power to come up with something alike. Hopefully it stops there and does not spread to the beloved OS X. We will have to wait and see!

  • Gorgeous design – this would be perfect!

  • Andrew

    Jony Ive would never EVER make something so ugly. Please stop with your concepts when you clearly don’t even know anything about photoshoping and graphics design. There are actually people who like this god awful concept that’s never gonna happen?…

  • ♓Fish Ichthus♓

    WTF!!! The design of Linux distros are better than this.. :((