Apple lets Parlor return to the App Store after promises of moderation
Parler is expected to be back on the App Store after changing moderation policies.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Siri’s ignominious honor: Most accurate Apple leaker


Apple’s AI-driven voice-controlled digital assistant Siri
Siri beats Prosser, Gurman, etc. to become the most accurate source of Apple leaks.
Image: Apple

Last week, Siri leaked the date and time of the upcoming Apple event. And this wasn’t the first time Apple’s own virtual assistant told the world about an upcoming event before the official announcement.

So step back Jon Prosser. Stand aside Mark Gurman. Siri is now the most accurate Apple leaker.

Google Stadia makes iPad gaming competitive with top consoles [Review]


Google Stadia on iPad review
With Google Stadia, your iPad can run console-quality games.
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Google Stadia could be the answer for anyone who wants to play console-quality games on an iPad. There are many big-name titles to choose from, and players can use off-the-shelf game controllers. This is cloud gaming — everything is played online so the service doesn’t take up space on your iPad.

I spent quite a bit of time playing Stadia games on an Apple tablet. Here’s why I recommend it.

Why we might see first M1 iMacs at Apple’s April 20 event


Apple plans the 2021 iMac redesign we’ve been dreaming of
The 2021 iMac could dump the huge screen bezels of the current version. And move to Apple Silicon.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Trusted tipster Mark Gurman says the 2021 iMac all-in-one desktop might be the next to get the M1 processor. The announcement could be only a few days away.

And that’s only the beginning. There’s plenty more evidence that an upgraded iMac will launch at Apple’s April 20 event.

Apple Music pays musicians far more per stream than Spotify


Apple Music pays musicians far more to stream each song than Spotify does
Apple Music is more fair to musicians than Spotify is.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s music service pays musicians double what archrival Spotify does to stream each song to subscribers.

This amount doesn’t directly affect users of either service, but it might make some people consider using the service that sends artists more money.

Elago MagSafe-compatible charging tray beautifully organizes your desk [Review]


Elago Charging Tray for MagSafe review
Combine the Elago Charging Tray with an Apple MagSafe puck for an organized desk or nightstand.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Slip an Apple MagSafe puck into the Elago Charging Tray to create an iPhone 12 charger with a built-in tray. The combination quickly powers up your handset while also helping to organize your desk or nightstand.

The accessory has been beside my bed for several weeks. Here’s why I like it.

Apple wants you to take a walk with Jane Fonda on Earth Day


A new Time to Walk episode featuring Jane Fonda lands just in time for Earth Day.
A new Time to Walk episode featuring Jane Fonda lands just in time for Earth Day.
Photo: Apple

Apple Fitness+ added screen legend Jane Fonda to the Time to Walk feature for Earth Day. She discusses her life as well as the fight against climate change.

Time to Walk promises interesting and encouraging audio stories to liven up walking for exercise. It’s part of Apple Fitness+, a $9.99-a-month subscription workout service built around Apple Watch.

Apple Fitness+ reaches out to pregnant women, older adults, beginners


Apple Fitness+ is adding several new workout categories on April 19: Workouts for Pregnancy, Workouts for Older Adults, and Workouts for Beginners.
Apple Fitness+ is adding several new workout categories on April 19.
Photo: Apple

Apple Fitness+ will introduce new workouts geared specifically toward pregnant women and older adults next week, the company said Thursday. There will also be new Yoga, High Intensity Interval Training and Strength workouts for beginners coming soon to Apple’s subscription fitness service.

Skydance Animation produces sci-fi film Blush for Apple TV+


Skydance Animation is producing ‘Blush’ for Apple TV+.
Skydance Animation produced Blush about a stranded astronaut meeting an ethereal visitor. Coming soon to Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple and Skydance Animation teamed up to create Blush, a short film about a stranded astronaut. It’s written and directed by Joe Mateo, whose credits include Big Hero 6 and Prep & Landing.

The upcoming film is the first in a multiyear partnership to create animated movies and shows for Apple TV+.