Drool Over The 5-Inch iPhone Air With Edge-To-Edge Display [Gallery]



If Apple makes a larger iPhone this year — say, a 4.7-inch model — it’s unlikely that they will just phase out the 4-inch iPhone. Instead, they could take an approach similar to this year’s iPad Air and iPad mini: two functionally identical devices with different screen sizes.

So what would an iPhone Air look like? Designer Federico Ciccarese of SET Solution has put together some renders of his dream iPhone Air, and, well, to be honest, it’s pretty much a fantasy. But it’s a pretty one.


Ciccarese sees the iPhone Air running a 64-bit A8 display and measuring just 1.5mm in thickness and 70 grams in weight. It’s true that Apple would gain some room by including a 5-inch Retina Display in the iPhone Air, but otherwise, this is a pipe dream: there’s just no way this design can fit the iPhone’s necessary components. Heck, it’s not even thick enough to house a Lightning connector!


And then there’s the edge-to-edge display. Concept designers keep on dreaming of bezelfree displays, but they aren’t so good at coming up with practical engineering that would actually allow them to happen.


What do you think? Would you buy an iPhone Air that looked like this, or would you prefer a design that is more practical? Let us know in the comments.


  • aardman

    Might as well make it paper thin if we’re going to pretend that battery capacity poses no design constraints at all.

  • scottalias

    I would recommend a battery that lasts all day if you want me to buy another iPhone.

  • Liquorsea

    I love the design look and concept, but i’d be afraid the phone would snap in half in my pocket if i went to sit the wrong way.

  • Market_Mayhem

    What is so damn great about having some big, thin iPhone? I’m a guy and I don’t require some paper thin smartphone built for pencil-necks. Truthfully, if Apple made the current iPhone thicker to accommodate a larger battery I’d have no issues with it. I don’t want no measly .22 calibre. I prefer the heft and power of a .45. That concept iPhone is more like a derringer you’d tuck into a ladies garter. Horrible.

  • robraden

    Edge to edge looks cool in mockups, but in use, it would be terrible. If you put a case on that, you cover up the edge of your screen instead of the edge of the device. And without a case, your fingers will constantly be accidentally pressing the edges of the screen. Not a smart design. Also, the paper thin design shows the difference between a kid with photoshop and an engineer who has to balance design with real world needs like battery life.

  • Timothy Williamson

    Introducing the iPhone 6, now with the amazing and elegant Lightning2© adapter! ;-)

    If the design is like that, I’ll take two! :-D

  • lwdesign1

    There is nothing about this design that appeals to me. The design is flawed in so many ways from both engineering and ergonomics viewpoints.
    1. Unless a new super-strength alloy has been recently discovered, there’s no metal I know that could allow a device that thin to be durable. You could make a phone like this but you’d have to leave out a few things, like all the electronics and battery that make it functional. Sit on it once and it will be a curved iPhone.
    2. The edges of the phone are guaranteed finger cutters. It would be dangerous to hold and even more dangerous to reach into your pocket to pull out.
    3. The edge-to-edge screen concept is silly, and risks screen damage. The screen needs at least a millimeter or two to allow a wrap around case for protection, and anything this light and insubstantial is going to need all the protection it can get.

    It’s not enough to simply create pretty pictures of an iPhone, but this design shows a complete lack of understanding of the state of metallurgy, power consumption and basic electronics. It may well be that Apple could make a phone like this, but we’d need at least 50 to 100 years of development in many branches of science to make it even close to feasible.

  • Feathers

    I, LOVE, everything there is about the Iphone! Recently my Iphone was stolen, I called the police, we used her computer, turned on the “find my phone feature”, and tracked my phone all along it’s “journey! While the police were tracking it on one computer, my boyfriend and I each got on our pc’s, and I tracked with find my phone, taking pix along the way, HE, went to “google Earth” , when I told him where it had stopped moving, and took pix of the HOUSE from ground level, (even got the address). We sent the pix to the police at their request, and THEY, could with confidence, knock on the RIGHT door, and catch the thief with the phone in her hand. They then had me “call” the phone, that had my personal “code”, and told her now, answer it, lol, she refused, he then asked her to make a call, she of course could NOT, “open” the phone for use. He asked me the “code”, I gave “mine”, he tried it, and low, and behold, it worked on THAT phone! He said ; yes ma-am this IS, your phone…:). Meanwhile, they had run check on both occupants of the house, and it seemed the “boyfriend” had a felony warrant,lol, the police then arrested BOTH, a week before Christmas, for HER, stealing what was effectivly of no more use to her, than a “brick”…..you think her was “proud of her handy work that night? …:) Again, I LOVE, my Iphone, and EVERYTHING about it, and absolutly LOVE the new thin design, and bigger screen. Thank you SO much for your wonderful work!

  • Feathers

    The Iphone Air, is perfect, size, shape, everything, easy to carry in an already crowded handbag,re:Iwdesign1 WHY, on earth would anyone put this phone in a “pant” pocket? Common sense please, such phones are used by ADULTS, they are NOT designed for five year olds. I do not know what century you, are living in, but “really”, where are you getting the idea they “cannot” “power” such a phone? I, am not, the only one who WOULD buy this, VERY classy phone, the new larger size makes it very “up to date” and desirable.

  • lambaline

    The back looks like what samsung would do if they put aluminum on the back of their what is it…? the galaxy?

  • Andrew Newsome

    They just made a crazily thin HTC One.

  • boblevel

    Just a 5″ screen and a bigger battery please. Stop with the “always thinner and lighter” mantra which are limiting the engineering possibilities.