Drool Over The 5-Inch iPhone Air With Edge-To-Edge Display [Gallery]



If Apple makes a larger iPhone this year — say, a 4.7-inch model — it’s unlikely that they will just phase out the 4-inch iPhone. Instead, they could take an approach similar to this year’s iPad Air and iPad mini: two functionally identical devices with different screen sizes.

So what would an iPhone Air look like? Designer Federico Ciccarese of SET Solution has put together some renders of his dream iPhone Air, and, well, to be honest, it’s pretty much a fantasy. But it’s a pretty one.


Ciccarese sees the iPhone Air running a 64-bit A8 display and measuring just 1.5mm in thickness and 70 grams in weight. It’s true that Apple would gain some room by including a 5-inch Retina Display in the iPhone Air, but otherwise, this is a pipe dream: there’s just no way this design can fit the iPhone’s necessary components. Heck, it’s not even thick enough to house a Lightning connector!


And then there’s the edge-to-edge display. Concept designers keep on dreaming of bezelfree displays, but they aren’t so good at coming up with practical engineering that would actually allow them to happen.


What do you think? Would you buy an iPhone Air that looked like this, or would you prefer a design that is more practical? Let us know in the comments.