2014’s $399 Mac Mini Would Look Like A Double-Stuffed Oreo [Concept]



First debuted in 2005, the bring-your-own-monitor Mac mini has always been Apple’s entry-level Mac desktop, but at an entry level price starting at $599, the Mac mini isn’t exactly “cheap” compared to competing budget desktops out there.

Doubtlessly, Apple doesn’t consider this a problem — they’ve never tried to compete in the race to the bottom — but what if Apple did release a Mac mini that was cheaper? Over at Letemsvetemapplem.eu, they’ve taken a crack at imagining what such a 2014 Mac mini would look like, and they think it would look a lot like a double-stuffed Apple TV, and start at just $399.

More details below, including a close-up of the concept.


What do you think? Would you buy a Mac mini like this? Let us know in the comments.

  • Macinscott

    Make it the same width and depth as the Airport Extreme/Time Capsule, and stackable, and I’ll consider.

  • jeffythequick

    On Macinscott’s idea, put an airport shell in the middle of two iTV shells, then we have Oreo action.

    Double Stuff? Put an airport extreme in between those two iTV shells, and then we’re talkin’!

  • ScottCLandis

    The concept seems like it would have some heat issue, and I don’t mind flat and wide. Though three thunderbolt ports would be pretty great.

  • technochick

    That is hideous looking. Not to mention that the various components would probably burst into flames with that lack of a heat sink.

    Reality check, Apple doesn’t do cheap. Get over it. You want cheap, go buy a Dell etc.

    Now as for a revamp of the Mac mini. Body will likely stay the same for the heat issues if nothing else. Internals would get the changes. Though there really isn’t too much hardware wise it could benefit from since it’s not intended to be a huge tower. Get it up to a 3.x quad core i7 with at least 8gb of RAM, decent GPU and the various storage options of the iMac and the core audience will be thrilled.

    On the other hand the Apple TV could use some work, especially with 4k on the horizon. Apple will need to start working on video at such levels for their store (not all titles just yet but some of the bigger ones to slowly bring it in. Like the Hobbit, next Transformers movie etc). Give us a little box with 802.11ac support, SoC with some decent graphics kick and boost the storage to 32 GB if not higher for precaching movies, TV shows etc to have them ready to watch when you are. Clean up pricing etc in the store and get extras back like Steve promised. Their concept might service that revamp nicely

  • Fredy Rosal

    It’s interesting to imagine new products, but not a ridiculous one like this one. Waste of time.

  • ints

    Intel is already doing those small computers with similar form factor (having i5 Haswell with HD5000 on board) so it would be really shameful for Apple to come up with something bigger. Here some video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD5L2cpfbtA

  • Market_Mayhem

    I’d been looking at those NUCs over on Amazon and they definitely are small. I’d certainly consider buying a computer that small if Apple made one. Right now, I have a Mac Mini i7 2.3, 1TB and it doesn’t take up much space in my HDTV cabinet but at least the power supply is built-in unlike those NUCs power supplies. The only drawback I can see with the NUCs is that they don’t hold much internal storage but I’d have mine hooked up to Ethernet with access to my main storage. Still, a fully equipped NUC with the Intel Haswell i5 and 128GB SSD isn’t exactly cheap at $599. (Amazon’s price).

  • Samir Shah

    Best way to introduce an A7 based Mac.

  • tribetronics

    I’d like to see a sort of “MacMiniPro”…

  • Baden Holt

    I would get that over a Playstation any day