Kanye would buy this gold iPhone 6 in a heartbeat



While he was whipping up the most accurate and beautiful renders yet of what the iPhone 6 will look like when it is released next month, conceptual designer nonpareil Martin Hajek also decided to do something fun, blinging out the iPhone 6 with so much gold and encrusted gemstones that it would make a Saudi Arabian prince blush. More images after the jump.










This isn’t the first gold iPhone 6 Martin Hajek has imagined, although it’s certainly the one with the most bling. Obviously, this gold iPhone 6 is far, far too tacky for Apple to ever release, but remember when everyone thought the gold iPhone 5s might be this over-the-top?

Thankfully, saner design minds at Apple prevailed. Imagine what the Chinese would have said about a gold iPhone that looked like this.

Source: Martin Hajek

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One response to “Kanye would buy this gold iPhone 6 in a heartbeat”

  1. CelestialTerrestrial says:

    I think it would be great if Apple offered some nice PVD coated cases since they are more durable finishes than anodizing, plus you can get different colors, the rainbow coating, etc. Heck, they even have 24K Gold sputtered PVD coating which is longer lasting than traditional Gold plating.

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