Foundation hurtles toward galactic war [Apple TV+ review]


Foundation Apple TV+ review: Lee Pace and Laura Birn face a new challenge this week.
Lee Pace (right) and Laura Birn face a new challenge this week.
Photo: Apple TV+

This week on Foundation, Apple TV+’s space opera is on a collision course with destruction and death. And even if Salvor Hardin can stop the Anachreons, it might be too late to save Terminus.

The sci-fi series speeds toward its endgame this week, with all of its plot threads in free fall and war inevitable.

The Morning Show serves up a fresh scandal [Apple TV+ review]


The Morning Show review: Karen Pittman finally gets a chance to shine.
Karen Pittman finally gets a chance to shine.
Photo: Apple TV+

This week on The Morning Show, Cory throws everyone a curveball in his attempt to salvage Hannah’s reputation. Bradley, Daniel, Chip, Mia, Yanko, Stella and Laura all go into a panic.

And so, the Apple TV+ show about a morning news show enters crisis mode again. Is it too late to stop the train wreck? Or will Cory’s strategy work?

Truth Be Told season finale mostly satisfies [Apple TV+ review]


Truth Be Told review: We finally get to the bottom of this season's crimes.
We finally get to the bottom of this season's crimes.
Photo: Apple TV+

The second season of Apple TV+’s first crime series ends with a series of reveals, reversals, betrayals and murders. Truth Be Told fully hit its stride this time out, and it’s been a pleasure spending time with podcaster Poppy Parnell’s family, real and adopted.

The season finale mostly satisfies — and leaves me hoping for more.

Invasion puts humanity to the test even before the aliens arrive [Apple TV+ review]


Invasion review: New Apple TV+ sci-fi series goes big and broad.
The new Apple TV+ sci-fi series about an alien invasion goes big and broad.
Image: Apple TV+

Right after Foundation took the world by storm and For All Mankind raked in a third season, Apple TV+ is rolling the dice that viewers will get excited about yet another space show. This one’s called Invasion, and it debuts Friday.

The new sci-fi series follows a half-dozen people as an alien invasion force wreaks havoc all over the planet. Can these people get over their foibles and weaknesses to survive? Can this show extend its predecessors’ winning streak on Apple TV+?

Cancel countertop clutter with this on-the-wall phone and tablet charger [Review]


RapidX MyCharging Station review
RapidX MyCharging Station can wirelessly charge your iPhone in a vertical tray. And power four other devices at the same time.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Mount the RapidX MyCharging Station on a wall socket and it can juice up all your gear without taking up counter space.

I added the accessory to my office and have been using it to keep my phone and tablet going. Here’s what it’s like to use the MyCharging Station in real life.

iPad mini 6 is the perfect tablet for casual use [Review]


iPad mini on table
iPad mini 6 is great to look at, and delightful to use, without the pressure of getting work done.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

I’ve always had an iPad mini around the house, ever since the first generation. And I’ve always treated it very differently than any other iPad.

With the all-new sixth-gen iPad mini, Apple modernized and pushed the tiny tablet forward in a number of ways. But even in following the design trend of the iPad Pro and iPad Air before it, that doesn’t make it any less niche. And that’s part of what makes it so great.

Foundation flourishes with battles big and small [Apple TV+ review]


Foundation review: Lou Llobell faces some major flashback action this week.
Gaal (Lou Llobell) faces some major flashback action this week.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+’s big, shiny space show hits its first set-piece battle this week, but more exciting things are happening in solitude. Foundation hits its stride — and the direction its drama takes proves confident and exciting.

Can the sci-fi show based on Isaac Asimov’s classic continue its upward trajectory toward greatness?

Puppy Place is a big hug from a slobbery pooch [Apple TV+ review]


Puppy Place
Ready for puppy overload?
Photo: Apple TV+

Puppy Place, the latest kids show to land on Apple TV+, is a parade of adorable dogs and teachable moments, designed to deliver lessons about personal responsibility and social issues.

Will it become a hit with either kids or the parents looking over their shoulders? In case Instagram goes down again and you need dogs in a hurry, here’s your show.

The Velvet Underground pays tribute to the ’60s coolest band [Apple TV+ review]


The Velvet Underground
Bands didn't get much artier than The Velvet Underground, and this new documentary does the group proud.
Photo: Apple TV+

In The Velvet Underground, the coolest band of the ’60s finally gets the biodoc treatment from a director who engaged with the group’s legacy throughout his career. Todd Haynes and Apple TV+ finally bring you the story of The Velvet Underground, the band that created punk rock and broke rock ‘n’ roll.

Everyone’s falling apart on The Morning Show [Apple TV+ review]


The Morning Show review: The presidential debate prep in this week's episode feels fresh as last year's news.
The presidential debate prep in this week's episode feels fresh as last year's news.
Photo: Apple TV+

This week on The Morning Show, Maggie Brener’s book is about to come out. Alex is having a panic attack. Chip is having a crisis of confidence. Cory’s on the attack. And Bradley’s having the time of her life.

Apple TV+’s showbiz show juggles tones and sympathies — and drops several of the balls along the way. Things gets good, and then bad, and then good again. It’s time for The Morning Show writers to make some hard choices about which direction to head. Well … it was time weeks ago, but now will do just fine.