Now This Is An iWatch Apple Could Make [Concept]



Federico Ciccarese is an Italian designer whose Apple concepts have been seen on Cult of Mac many times. He has hit it out of the park with his most recent creation, the rumored iWatch running iOS 7. This is definitely the best looking iWatch concept we’ve seen to date.



Ciccarese and a team of designers even made physical prototypes of this concept to see how it looks and feels in the real world. This one is definitely better than his last.


Rumors from awhile back said that Apple was working on a curved glass display for the iWatch, which this concept executes well. Apple has been working on wearables secretly for years, but lately reports have been surfacing more frequently regarding a watch-like device. The latest word on the street is that Apple is planning to launch sometime in 2014.

Source: CiccareseDesign

  • dpacemaker

    This is far from a good concept. Camera is in the wrong spot, it would most likely point at your chest when using it. The watch itself wouldn’t be comfortable to wear when working out, the sweat would not agree with it. We can assume from Apple patents that the band itself will be flexible with the battery cells within it. This is a horrible mockup and should never be called realistic.

  • Market_Mayhem

    ZOMG! Fugly for a man’s watch.

  • SolublePeter

    A lazy concept,showing little thought- either the screen would be far too small or the device would be far too big.

    No way would It have a full iPhone screen like this, as scaling the screen would make the touch targets too small.

  • DrM47145

    “Now This Is An iWatch Apple Could Make”

    … Really?
    Wrapping an iPhone over your wrist is the best iWatch Apple could make?
    Come on, Alex.
    Come on, Editor!

  • rwmcgrann

    Starting to get worried about the quality of articles recently on CoM. A year ago they would have made fun of this concept and tore apart everything that was wrong with it…now they say this silly thing is great? Let me go see what 9to5 is up to…