This Week’s Must-Have iOS Apps: Free-App Hero, Google Translate, Pillboxie & More!


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At the top of our must-have apps list this week is Free-App Hero, a fantastic app tracker maintained by experienced, professional game reviewers with an encyclopaedic knowledge of thousands of iOS apps. Unlike other free app recommendation services, Free-App Hero recommends only the best games, because they’re the best – not just because its developer paid them to recommend it.

Google’s latest application, Google Translate, is also in this week’s choice of applications. One of the best language translation services is now available on your iPhone, with the ability to translate words and phrases between more than 50 languages. It has some great features that make using Google Translate a pleasure on your iPhone.

Pillboxie is an excellent application for those that require regular medication, providing you with an incredibly simple way to create a schedule for your medication and get reminders when your pills are due. Never forget your pills again and discover the easiest method of managing your medication on your iPhone.

Find out more about the applications above and check out the rest of this week’s must-have apps, including Friended and Camera Mic, after the break!

Free-App Hero – ($1.99) iPhone – Utilities

Free-App Hero is a great way to discover the hottest iOS games and save yourself a small fortune on the App Store. Featuring recommended applications from a team of experienced and professional reviewers, who will only recommend the best applications available. All of the games chosen by Free-App Hero are full releases – not ‘lite’, ‘freemium’, or ad-supported versions. There are 120 permanently free titles to choose from, and every day a list of recent applications is updated to include the best new games that won’t cost you a penny. If you’re mad about gaming on your iOS device, but find yourself spending way too much in the App Store, then Free-App Hero is definitely worth the 2 bucks!

Google Translate(Free) iPhone – Reference

The best language translation tool on the web is now available at your fingertips on your iPhone, with the ability to translate words and phrases between more than 50 languages. For many languages you can even speak your phrase to have it translated, and then have it spoken back to you. Star your favorite or most used translations for quick access to them later, or when you’re offline.

Pillboxie($0.99) iPhone – Medical

Pillboxie is designed and developed by a registered nurse, and it’s the easiest way to manage and remember your medication with the help of your iPhone. Schedule reminders by simply dropping pills into a pillbox using the simplistic, easy to use UI, and when your medication is due, your device will remind you and ensure you never miss a dose again. Customize your medication with forty combinations of pill shapes and colors, and get a daily list of the medication you’re due.

Friended($1.99) iPad – Social Networking

Friended is a great way to access Facebook on your iPad, with access to all the features you use every day built in to a stunning interface. It’s easy to use and enables you to avoid the sometimes unpleasant experience of browsing the Facebook website. It boasts access to your news feed, comments & likes, photo galleries, notifications, messages, chat, and groups. Friended’s best feature is its profile quick view which displays your friends’ profiles in a handy popup meaning you needn’t leave the page you’re looking at.

Camera Mic($1.99) iPhone – Photography

Take pictures on your iPhone using the microphone at the bottom of your device, or the one located in your headphones, and make it easier to snap your photos. If you’re used to having a physical button with which to activate your camera’s shutter, the small on-screen button in the iPhone’s camera app can sometimes prove a little fiddly. By using Camera Mic on your iPhone you have a full-featured camera that can be operated by sound and touch. Take self portraits and pictures in a variety of different ways, share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter or by email, take advantage of your device’s flash, and more.

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