Here’s What A Waterproof iPhone 6 With Wireless Charging Could Look Like [Video]


With WWDC less than a month away, we’ve seen a ton of designers come out with their visions for what iOS 7 might look like, but the next iPhone has been ignored.

Concept designers Uygar Kaya and Ran Avni have a new video for the iPhone 6 that gives it a slimmer profile, waterproof coating, wireless charging, a notification LED, and more. It’s one of the sleekest iPhone 6 concepts we’ve seen yet, but would Apple actually add those features? Guess we’ll have to wait till 2014 to find out.

Check out the concept video below:

  • CharilaosMulder

    I can’t express how glad I am most of those mockup designers don’t work at Apple.

  • CharilaosMulder

    I can’t express how glad I am most of those mockup designers don’t work at Apple.

  • nocivus

    Apple would never use touch volume controls. For that matter i think no sane company would. It would make it too easy to change the volume by accident while picking up the phone :)

  • uhmorphous

    Why am I watching a pointless video that looks like it was made by two pimply-faced 12-year-olds that screams (no offense to all the brilliant, thoughtful 12-year-olds out there), “Look at me! Look at me! I’m learning 3D! Did you see my name in CAPS a gazillion times? Wasn’t that, like, TOTALLY cool?”

  • Garion

    I assume the music for the video was made with Songsmith?

  • riyasrawther

    wireless charging is a nice concept. Recently i read one American Indian girl invented a cell that can be fully charge within 20 seconds. If we use that battery we can charge the iPhone very easily… :) i Found more waterproof phone on Clck Pick

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