This Very Pretty iOS 7 Concept Shows Off Jony Ive’s New App Switcher [Video]



Update: And it looks like Ran Avni, the guy taking credit for this video, might have stolen it from Isaac Royo over at Device Station. We’ve replaced the video.

This lovely burble of a concept video isn’t just as soothing as a new-age noise machine, it shows off a new concept for a new multitasking system in iOS 7.

It looks pretty, and no doubt many of you would like to see this on your iPhone, but just to tamp expectations down into a low-burning dottle, Apple’s never going to release something like this.

First of all, those full-screen app previews? Completely, functionally useless. It looks great, of course — check out Auxo — but these app previews just don’t do anything, or help anyone in any way. Why do you need to see a screenshot of the game you’ve left off playing, or a microscopic version of the webpage you were last reading? You don’t. And the truth is, with Jonny Ive in charge of iOS 7 development, he’s just never going to okay something like this, which is all ornamentation over substance.

Second, there’s the “Close all open apps” functionality. Apple’s always been adamant you don’t need to manage which apps are open on the iPhone. I doubt they’re going to suddenly recant that when smartphone RAM is cheaper than ever.

Still, a pretty video. It’s just more likely to become a Cydia tweak than a default in the next version of iOS.

Via: App Advice

  • matthewfsnider

    It’s a shame that this article is ONLY written for SEO and traffic. Calling it out as Jon’s and then in the second paragraph, where I stopped reading, you say Apple would never allow it.

    Pure crap if you ask me.

  • appletradet

    I disagree. There’s many reasons you’ll want too see what’s open; just look at Mission Control in OS X. Look at it the other way: why just show the bottom bar for apps in app switch mode? There’s more reason to show other apps than the one currently open, since, after all, you’ve chosen to activate the app switch menu. I think it’s more likely, though, that they’ll change it so it looks like how tabs are handled in Safari, or how apps look in search mode in App Store.

  • unfunfionn

    This site is such a joke sometimes

  • rogifan

    STOP with the concepts already! And the pure link bait throwing Jony Ive’s name in the title.

  • Shane Bryson

    This is disgustingly ugly and this article is a joke.

  • scatteredthings

    “First of all, those full-screen app previews? Completely, functionally useless […] these app previews just don’t do anything, or help anyone in any way.”

    Except they do. They make browsing your open apps pleasing and they remind you what you had going on in an app that you haven’t looked at for some time. When I’m sitting down for 10 or 15 minutes and wondering what to do, if I could scroll through my open apps like this, I might notice that 3 hours ago I was reading an article in Safari that I never finished. Now I know what I can do for my break. If I just had a bunch of icons, I wouldn’t be reminded that I had something unfinished going on in that app. So, they do two things that we know Apple is keen on: 1. make interacting with your phone more visually pleasing and 2. help your phone help you remember what you’ve got going on.

  • scatteredthings

    PS. I love how you generate ad revenue by sharing a video that took someone else a serious amount of skill and time to put together, and then trash it with the most ignorant and ill-thought critique possible. SEO indeed…

  • BrainGameMayhem

    How is this “Jony Ive’s” in any way?

  • daov2a

    What a piece of shite article. Clearly shows the author is trying to drive traffic. Horrible.

    Plus, I guarantee that if something like this, though not this because it is dang ugly, were available, people using iPhones would love it. The ability to close every app at once is one of the best features about my jailbreak, which is keeping me at iOS 6.1.2 for a while.

    Personally, I believe it is a huge mistake putting Jony Ive in charge of the iOS re-design and the rumor that it is going to be flat makes me very uneasy. iOS is built around its reflections and this helps to unify it with Mac OS. I hope for the best but feel that it is going to turn out badly.