What If iOS 7 Was More Like Google Now? [Concept Video]



What if your iOS lockscreen intelligently pulled together all the data inside your iPhone and made sure that you could keep track with your real-world life without even sliding-to-unlock?

This beautiful iOS 7 concept by Jürgen Ulbrich of Apfellike.de reimagines iOS as something a lot more similar to Google Now than we’ve ever seen in iOS before.

Stylistically, we can quibble about it — the visual style of this concept obviously is more in Google’s school than Apple’s — but the functionality is exquisite. I would love a Google Now-like experience on my iOS 7 lockscreen, wouldn’t you?

  • WolfDwnYourFood

    That was just sort of….bad

  • rwmcgrann

    shouldn’t that be a concept video for android?

  • Ianthetechman

    If it did it would look very close to android would it not ?

  • go2pear

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