Get an early taste of iOS 15 and macOS Monterey with new wallpapers


macOS Monterey new wallpaper
There's only one for macOS, but it's a stunner.
Photo: Apple

We’re all itching to get our hands on Apple’s newest software updates. But due to many, many bugs, it’s a bad idea to install the developer betas right now. There is another way to freshen up your devices today.

The new wallpapers from iOS and iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey are available to download today, so you can already start using them on your iPhone, iPad and Mac in glorious high-resolution.

Trio takes to the sky to re-create macOS Big Sur’s soaring wallpaper


It took a helicopter and some luck to re-create the macOS Big Sur wallpaper.
Scratch out the names and you might be hard-pressed to tell which is Apple’s and which is a re-creation of the macOS Big Sur wallpaper.
Photo: Andrew Levitt

Andrew Levitt and friends went to new heights to re-create Apple’s gorgeous wallpaper for macOS Big Sur. It’s not the first time they followed in Apple’s footsteps to capture pictures that mirror Mac wallpaper, but they had to hop in a helicopter to get this latest photo.

Levitt filmed a video showing everything it took to get an exact shot of the rugged California cost. Watch it now:

Get your macOS 11 Big Sur wallpapers here [Wallpaper Wednesday]


MacOS 11 Big Sur Wallpaper
Apple knows how to choose backdrops.
Photo: Apple

The wallpapers in Apple’s latest macOS Big Sur update look positively stunning. Featuring the iconic Bixby Creek Bridge, the aerial shots highlight the jaw-dropping scenery at different times of the day — from dawn to dusk — and at night.

This place truly is paradise on Earth. And you can load it onto your Mac right now.

Grab the beautiful 2020 iPad Pro wallpapers now


Apple wallpapers from the 2020 iPad Pro
All the wallpapers Apple created for the 2020 iPad Pro can be yours.
Photo: ispazio

The 2020 iPad Pro comes with a gorgeous set of wallpapers. But it’s not necessary to get Apple’s latest tablet to put these images on your own tablet. Or your iPhone, Mac or Apple Watch.

All the new wallpapers have been posted online in a variety of sizes.

Get all the default Mac wallpapers, in gorgeous Retina 5K


Mac wallpaper on iPad
Isn't it beautiful?
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The best ever Mac default desktop background (aka Mac wallpaper) was the blue Aqua picture that came with OS X 10.4 Tiger. It’s classy, restful and classic without feeling dated. It has enough depth to make it interesting, but is simple enough not to distract. Other Aqua-themed Mac OS X wallpapers followed, but that one remains the best. And if you want it, you can download it in beautiful 5K resolution.

But that’s not all. Over at 512 Pixels, you can download every default macOS wallpaper ever, also in 5K.

Steal Samsung’s sweet Star Wars wallpapers for your iPhone


They look great on OLED screens.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Samsung just dropped its new Galaxy Note 10+ Star Wars Edition, and it looks awesome. But if you’re not ready to ditch your iPhone and spend $1,300 on something else, just steal its sweet wallpapers instead.

There are eight in total, and they’re ideal for any Star Wars fan. They also look terrific on iPhone.

Add a touch of Note 10 to iPhone with sweet Samsung wallpapers


They look great on iPhone XS.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Bring a touch of Galaxy Note 10 to your iPhone (or any other phone) while you wait for the real thing with these sweet Samsung wallpapers.

The high-resolution images look terrific — particularly on OLED displays — and they’re probably the closest iOS fans will get to experiencing Samsung’s latest flagship.

Grab the beautiful wallpaper from the new iPad Air


The new 2019 iPad Air, with its 10.5-inch screen, works with Apple's existing Smart Keyboard.
Like that wallpaper? You can put it on your iPad.
Photo: Apple

Anyone who likes the looks of the sweet wallpaper that comes with the iPad Air 3 doesn’t have to buy a new tablet to get it (Duh).

It’s available to download to your iPad or Mac now. It’s not really shaped right for iPhones.