Twitter cuts follow limit to crack down on spam


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Twitter just made life harder for spammers.
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Twitter has reduced its limit on the number of people you can follow in one day in an effort to crack down on spammers.

The new limit, which is 400, is designed to prevent new accounts from following a large number of people and then removing them in a “bulk aggressive or indiscriminate manner.”

Chinese users reportedly being bombarded with iMessage spam


Apparently carriers can do nothing to stop it.
Photo: Weibo

iPhone users in China are reportedly being bombarded with iMessage spam, many of them promoting illegal gambling.

Much of the iMessage spam in question links to WeChat account or gambling websites. Gambling is illegal in China, with the exception of two state-sanctioned lotteries.

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Snapchat Apologizes For Recent Wave Of Snap Spam


Photo: Snapchat
Photo: Snapchat

After coming under fire over the holidays for being the victim of a massive hack that leaked phone numbers and Snapchat usernames of over 4.6million of its users, Snapchat is back in the hot seat as many of its users are complaining of a being suddenly assaulted by Snap Spam.

Snapchat has been quick to put out the flames by publishing an open letter on its blog, claiming that the wave of spam is totally unrelated to the holiday hack that exposed users’ info. Instead, Snapchat blames the Snap Spam on the rising popularity of the service.

Here’s the full apology: