Moment’s Pro Camera app adds killer time-lapse tools for iPhone


Pro Camera puts the iPhone's built-in camera app to shame.
Photo: Moment

Shooting DSLR-quality time-lapses on your iPhone just got a lot easier thanks to a huge update to the fantastic Pro Camera app made by smartphone lens attachment company Moment.

Pro Camera 4.0’s bevy of new features gives you more detailed control for shooting video time-lapses than pretty much any other camera app we’ve seen. All you need is a tripod for your iPhone (or something to prop it up on) while the app does the heavy lifting. Photogs can now pick the intervals, number of shots, type of blur and length, unlocking a ton of creative possibilities.

Shot on iPhone video takes stunning 5-hour tour through Russia’s State Hermitage museum


Latest Shot on iPhone video is a stunning 5-hour tour through Russia's State Hermitage museum
Apple's latest Shot on iPhone video is jaw-dropping.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s “game-changing” Shot on iPhone ad campaign typically ranges from a single image to a short film such as Lady Gaga’s latest music video. Things have certainly ramped up for the latest installment, however.

In Apple’s newest Shot on iPhone video, debuted Monday, it depicts a beautifully filmed after-hours tour through the iconic State Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Total running time? Five hours, 19 minutes, and 28 seconds. This includes more than 45 galleries and even a live ballet sequence.

You can check it out below. (There’s also a 90-second teaser if you happen not to have five hours to watch the whole thing.)

Apple shows off the greatest Night mode pictures shot on iPhone


iPhone Night Mode competition 6
Yu “Eric” Zhang used his Phone 11 Pro Max to snap a stunning night picture in Beijing.
Photo: Yu “Eric” Zhang

Apple has released a selection of its handpicked favorite Night mode pictures taken by iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max users from around the world.

The six winning images were selected by a panel of judges out of thousands of submissions worldwide. The winning photographers hail from China, India, Russia and Spain. You can check out the pick of the pics below:

Trippy video shot on iPhone will blow your mind


Glacier raises the bar for Shot on iPhone videos.
Photo: Vallée Duhamel

Great looking shot on iPhone videos are a dime a dozen nowadays, but I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this one.

The creative team behind Vallee Duhamel pushed the iPhone XS Max camera to its limit for their conceptual video Glacier that has to be seen to be believed. Apple commissioned the video to be made for one of its Today at Apple sessions and will be playing it at stores worldwide to inspire iPhone owners to push their own creativity.

Buckle up for a short film that’s out of this world:

Behind the scenes of Apple’s powder-packed snowboarding video


Exclusive: Videographer behind latest Apple ad talks shooting snowboarding on iPhone
Apple's latest "Shot on iPhone" ad may be its most impressive yet.
Screenshot: Apple

Next time you’re shooting an iPhone video, be glad you’re not shooting in waist-deep snow in freezing conditions. That was the challenge posed to Joe Carlino, the intrepid videographer behind Apple’s latest “Shot on iPhone” promo.

The ad, which dropped yesterday, shows four pro snowboarders doing their thing in the wilds of British Columbia. Cult of Mac spoke with Carlino about how the ad came about, and the pros and cons of shooting on iPhone in inhospitable conditions.

Pro snowboarders hit the slopes in latest ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad


Exclusive: Videographer behind latest Apple ad talks shooting snowboarding on iPhone
It's pretty amazing what you can do on an iPhone these days.
Photo: Apple

Apple has debuted a new snowboarding “Shot on iPhone” video and, well, it’s pretty darn impressive. Photographed by sports videographer Joe Carlino, the ad depicts four snowboarders as they do their thing in British Columbia, Canada.

“Follow past and present Winter X Games snowboarding competitors Red Gerard, Danny Davis, Kimmy Fasani, and Ben Ferguson as they explore untouched powder in the backcountry of the British Columbia Interior at the legendary Baldface Lodge,” the description reads. Check out the video below. You won’t regret it.

Heartwarming ‘Shot on iPhone’ short film stars China’s Zhou Xun


Actress Zhou Xun stars in the latest “Shot on iPhone” production.
Director Theodore Melfi and actress Zhou Xun worked on the latest “Shot on iPhone” short film.
Screenshot: Apple

Apple’s short film Daughter portrays three generations of Chinese women as they struggle with their relationships and changing gender roles just ahead of the Chinese New Year celebration. This “Shot on iPhone” production stars Zhou Xun, one of the country’s top actresses.

The short was recorded on an iPhone 11 Pro to demonstrate the capabilities of the camera in Apple’s latest handset.

Watch this charming 8-minute video starring this well-known actress now: