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Shining Girls thriller could be another hit for Apple TV+


'Shining Girls' thriller could be another hit for Apple TV+
Kate Moss stars in Shining Girls, an Apple TV+ series attracting lots of viewers.
Photo: Apple TV+

The metaphysical-horror-thriller Shining Girls only premiered on Apple TV+ a few days ago, but the Elisabeth Moss series is already in the top 10 most streamed shows. And it’s drawing positive reviews, too.

Plus, the Apple TV+ hit Severance remains on the weekly list of popular shows, despite wrapping up its first season more than three weeks ago.

Two Apple TV+ shows beat anything on Netflix and Disney+ in Q1 2022


Apple TV+, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+
Apple is managing to stand out in the streaming market in Q1 2022.
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More streaming viewers watched the drama CODA on Apple TV+ than any other movie or series during the first three months of 2022, according to a ratings tracker. And the thriller Severance on Apple’s streaming service came in third place overall.

That means Apple TV+ streamed two shows with more viewers than anything on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or Disney+.

These 3 hits prove Apple TV+ is a serious streaming contender


3 hits show Apple TV+ is now a serious streaming contender
CODA, Slow Horses and Severance are popular because they are some of the best streaming shows available.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

CODA, Severance and Slow Horses all showed up in this week’s top 10 most-watched movies and TV shows. Each is from Apple TV+, and they show the streaming service has become a strong competitor against Netflix, Hulu and Disney+.

Perhaps this will silence any lingering doubts about Apple’s foray into film and TV.

Severance season finale goes out with a bang [Apple TV+ recap]


Severance season finale recap: Lumon Industries' disgruntled workers face shocking revelations this week.
Lumon Industries' disgruntled workers face shocking revelations this week.
Photo: Apple TV+

Severance draws its excellent first season to a close this week with an episode that makes excellent use of every second of its pulse-pounding airtime.

The perfectly curated frames give way to woozy chaos as Lumon Industries workers Irving, Mark and Helly experience the outside world for the “first” time.

Revelations await them. And they’re going to have be savvy if they want to get away with this illegal operation to bring down Lumon. Everyone’s in fine form as usual, and the show makes a great case for a second season. (Which Apple just made official, BTW.)

Creepy hit Severance is coming back to Apple TV+ for second season


Creepy hit ‘Severance’ is coming back to Apple TV+ for second season
Good news: More Severance is on the way!
Image: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ today committed to a second season of Severance, a series popular with viewers and critics alike. That’s good news for fans, as they’ll be able to keep unraveling the mysteries of Lumon Industries.

Season one wraps up April 7, so those who’ve held off watching until they could binge the show can soon dive in.

Lumon’s drones plot their escape this week on Severance [Apple TV+ recap]


Severance recap Apple TV+: Lumon Industries doesn't know what lies ahead.
Lumon Industries doesn't know what lies ahead.
Photo: Apple TV+

The plan is set on this week’s episode of Apple TV+’s dark comedy thriller Severance. But will our heroes make it out of Lumon Industries? Will anyone believe Mark, Helly and Irving when they wake up from their regular lives and emerge their work selves?

This week’s magnificently tense episode, directed by series executive producer Ben Stiller, is a real nail-biter. It’s wonderfully edited and excellently performed.

Severance has abandoned its early crux — the depressing lives of office drones who literally have no souls because they’ve been surgically stripped of them — for a more fast-paced approach to the show’s thriller aspects.

It’s no longer a show about the drudgery of both lives lived by lost people. It’s about the race to get back some measure of its characters’ personhood.

Severance cues up a disturbing dance party [Apple TV+ recap]


Severance recap,
Actor Tramell Tillman, left, gets a chance to cut loose in this week's episode.
Photo: Apple TV+

A depressing dance party and a murder round out the crazy goings on in this week’s episode of Severance, the Apple TV+ show about a workplace plagued by secrets and underhanded, science fiction-style practices.

Once Mark (played by Adam Scott) sees the truth of his situation, there’s no turning back. But he can’t fix the problems at Lumon Industries alone. Wouldn’t it be helpful if something traumatic happened to everyone on his team, aligning them against their employer?

This week’s episode of Ben Stiller and Dan Erickson’s trippy workplace thriller brings a cavalcade of violent upsets — and each new incident stings intensely. It’s all a hair convenient, but it’s compelling enough to clear the hurdle anyway.

Fake LinkedIn company profile sets the Severance record straight


The LinkedIn profile for Lumon Industries takes issue with the recently released
The LinkedIn profile for Lumon Industries takes issue with the recently released "tell all" book about the fictitious evil company.
Photo: Red Hour Films

Every company doing perfectly reputable, above-board business today needs a crisp and descriptive LinkedIn profile. And yes, that includes harrowingly evil and entirely fictitious firms like “Lumon Industries.”

That’s right. Lumon, the ominous company that serves as a setting in the creepy drama Severance on Apple TV+, has a new LinkedIn profile. And it attempts to set the record straight about what some people are saying about the company.

Severance’s corporate conspiracy gets even creepier [Apple TV+ recap]


Severance recap: Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder at Lumon Industries ...
Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder at Lumon Industries ...
Photo: Apple TV+

The plot thickens on this week’s tense and exciting episode of Severance, the show about a creeping conspiracy at a shady organization.

Mark is finally ready to start asking questions about what his employer Lumon Industries is up to, even though he knows the company will do everything in its power to stop him. He’s going to have to watch himself on two fronts because his outside world self is starting to dig into Lumon, too. And if he keeps making a spectacle of himself at work, they’ll be watching him extra-closely outside.