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Fill in Wi-Fi dead spots with this powerful wireless network extender [Review]


Rockspace AX1800 Dual Band Wi-Fi Extender review
Don’t put up with Wi-Fi dead zones. Rockspace’s wireless range extender can fill them in.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Wi-Fi dead spots happen in many homes and businesses, and they can be so frustrating. The Rockspace AX1800 Dual Band Wi-Fi Extender fills in the empty spot(s) in your wireless network, and because it has Wi-Fi 6 it can provide up to 35 devices with speedy connections.

I tested this access point in my home office. Here’s how it stood up to a battery of real-world tests.

Apple quietly acknowledges Personal Hotspot problems in iOS 13


There's a temporary workaround, but no fix yet.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple is aware of Personal Hotspot problems some users are facing after updating to iOS 13, according to a report published Saturday.

The company reportedly distributed an internal document to Authorized Service Providers acknowledging the issue. There is no fix for the problem yet, but there is a temporary workaround users can employ in the meantime.

Why can’t you turn off Personal Hotspot in iOS 13?


Personal hotspot
No, not that kind of hot spot.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

iOS 13 isn’t just about exciting new bugs. Apple did a lot of cleaning up and moving things around in its latest mobile operating system. One big, behind-the-scenes feature change comes in the iPhone’s Personal Hotspot. You can no longer turn it off. Or rather, you haven’t been able to turn it off for a while now. It’s just that iOS 13 finally makes it explicit.

However, this doesn’t mean your iPhone will constantly broadcast its hotspot status, or that it will run down your battery. In fact, this feature is now easier to understand, and more sensibly described, than ever. Here’s what the Personal Hotspot changes in iOS 13 mean.

How to use Wi-Fi and Instant Hotspot in iOS 13


Instant Hotspot makes connection sharing easy.
Instant Hotspot makes connection sharing easy.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

In iOS 13 and iPadOS, the Wi-Fi connections get a lot of changes. In addition to the familiar Personal Hotspot connection, you can now use and share a new Instant Hotspot. Plus, you can see all your connections at a glance in the revamped Wi-Fi settings screen. Let’s take a look.

iPhone’s Wi-Fi hotspot gets a big upgrade in iOS 13


iOS 12 Personal Hotspot
iOS 12’s Personal Hotspot is getting some great new features in the next version..

The mobile hotspot built into the iPhone gets some real improvements in iOS 13. iPads can connect automatically and stay connected even when asleep.

In addition, Apple upgraded some of iOS 13’s other Wi-Fi capabilities, including making the Control Center more useful.

Personal Hotspots Causing Problems For iOS 7.1 Users



Since updating to iOS 7.1, a number of users have complained of tethering issues — meaning that information doesn’t save when trying to entering custom APN settings into a device’s Cellular menu.

In the update, Apple has apparently disabled users from setting up Personal Hotspots on carriers who either aren’t official iPhone partners, or who don’t support the feature.

The iPad Air Is A 24+ Hour LTE Hotspot



The iPad Air might be almost a third lighter than the iPad 4, but Apple insists it gets all the same battery life as previous generations, and it looks like the evidence proves it: not only does the iPad Air get the same 10 hours of battery life in general, but it also gets an incredible 24 hours as an LTE hotspot.

How To Set Up Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot On iPhone, iPad With Cellular Data [iOS Tips]


Personal Hotspot

If you have the time and inclination, and a certain sense of daring, you can share your cellular data as a Wi-Fi signal for free, without connecting through your data carrier. I’m not a huge fan of jailbreaking, per se; even the non-jailbreaking solution seems a bit technical, and some folks might see it as borderline unethical.

If you fall into either camp, and want to set up your qualifying iOS device via your cellular data carrier, here’s how.

Hack Your iPhone To Allow Personal Tethering, No Jailbreak Required



One of the features that still differentiates various iPhone carriers is the ability to tether your laptop or tablet to your iPhone’s data connection without paying an extra fee. Some carriers let you do this, some don’t… and if you want to avoid tethering charges, your only option is a jailbreak, or find an app that enables the functionality somehow before Apple inevitably pulls it.

Now you have another option. From the same hacker who found ways to improve network performance on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Moble, as well as hack in HD voice for a few networks, you can now turn on personal hotspot on any carrier… no jailbreak required.

MyWi Update Brings iOS 5 Compatibility, Faster Speeds, Wi-Fi Sharing & More [Jailbreak][Update]


The latest MyWi update brings free (but illegal) tethering to iOS 5.
The latest MyWi update brings free tethering to iOS 5.

MyWi is widely regarded as one of the best jailbreak utilities for the iPhone, allowing users to turn their smartphone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and share its data connection with other devices without paying additional carrier charges. Its latest 5.5 update brings iOS 5 compatibility (finally!), faster speeds, Wi-Fi sharing, and more.

New iPad Can Last For Over 25 Hours As LTE Personal Hotspot


The Verizon iPad will let you create a Personal Hotspot to share your LTE connection with other devices.
The Verizon iPad will let you create a Personal Hotspot to share your LTE connection.

With all of the questions surrounding the new iPad’s battery life and heat temperatures, users will be comforted to learn that Apple’s latest tablet can serve as a mobile LTE hotspot for a staggering 25.3 hours. That means you could technically use your iPad’s Personal Hotspot feature for more than a day on a single charge.

Users Are Already Using iPads In The Office. Why IT Doesn’t Have A Clue


How Much business data goes over iPad 3G and LTE connections without IT knowing?
How Much business data goes over iPad 3G and LTE connections without IT knowing?

LTE is one of the key features available on the new iPad. All that extra speed can be a great feature for consumers and business users alike, although the ability to burn through data that quickly means that all LTE iPad users need to be more conscious of their data use than with the previous 3G iPads (the same will no doubt be true for the next iPhone).

A new study claims that most iPad Internet access (94%) still takes place over Wi-Fi networks, however. That seems like bad news for carriers and it sounds like comforting news for CIOs and IT professionals worried about unknown iPads in their companies. After all, if only 6% of iPad connections occur over 3G/4G, then most iPads in the office are using a corporate network and can be tracked and monitored to ensure data and network security.

Unfortunately digging into the actual data from the study reveals iPad users with 3G and LTE models are actually spending a lot more than 6% of their time using their cellular connection.

FreedomPop Plans A Better Free 4G Service Than NetZero For Your iPhone


FreedomPop's plans include a 4G iPhone case hotspot
FreedomPop's plans include a 4G iPhone case hotspot

Earlier this week, NetZero launched a new freemium mobile broadband service using Clearwire’s WiMax 4G network. Although NetZero is the first U.S. company to launch a “free” 4G service, it isn’t going to be the last. Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom has begun work on a similar service called FreedomPop that will launch this summer.

FreedomPop plans to offer more monthly data for free than NetZero’s paltry 200MB. It will also target iPhone owners as a major part of its user base.

Buying LTE iPads For Your Company? Reviewing Your Mobile Costs First Can Save Lots Of Money


Considering LTE iPads is a good time to get a handle on mobile expenses
Considering LTE iPads is a good time to get a handle on mobile expenses

The new iPad’s LTE option offers a lot of potential for mobile professionals, particularly the Verizon version because it will support the iOS personal hotspot feature. The plans available from both AT&T and Verizon are pretty much in line with the previous iPad 3G plans for individual customers.

While plans for individuals are fairly straightforward, the options for business can be much murkier. Both carriers offer business plans and bundles, but no two businesses have the same needs or mix of devices. If your business is considering new iPads with LTE, you’ll want to sit down with your account rep to get the details about what options you have and possibly negotiate with them to get the best deal – but doing a thorough review of your existing mobile plans first can put you in the driver’s seat during those negotiations and save your company a ton of money.

AT&T: We’re Selling The New iPad On Friday, Too!


You could buy a new iPad from AT&T starting on Friday, but why would you?
You could buy a new iPad from AT&T's stores starting on Friday morning, but why would you?

This shouldn’t take anyone by surprise, but with the new iPad going on sale on Friday at 8 a.m. at Apple Stores around the country, AT&T will also have units that they’ll be selling at their retail outlets on the same day. Don’t count on being able to easily get one, though.

AT&T Won’t Let You Tether Your New iPad LTE, But Verizon Will



At yesterday’s press conference, Apple made a big deal about how you could tether your new iPad to your laptop or other device, “if your carrier supports Personal Hotspot.”

Hey, guys, guess which of the two big U.S. carriers won’t support Personal Hotspot on the new iPad? Yup, the usual bastard: AT&T. But Verizon seemingly will. That means that if you’re an AT&T customer. there’s no way to tether your laptop to your iPad’s blistering LTE speeds… short, of course, of an A5X jailbreak.

AT&T cracking down on jailbreak tethering? [UPDATE]



Here’s something sort of unexpected… A few people have received text messages from AT&T saying that, to tether a smartphone to a computer, it requires a tethering plan. The ones who’ve received these messages are all jailbroken, and use MyWi, a jailbroken application to allow Internet tethering over WiFi, USB, and Bluetooth, for their Internet tethering needs.

Continue reading to find out more about this.

WiFi-Only iPad 2 Gets GPS When Tethered to iPhone



One of the drawbacks of the cheaper, WiFi-only iPad 2 is that it doesn’t have GPS — so it can’t run any of those beautiful fullscreen navigation apps.

GPS is limited to the more expensive 3G iPad models. But if you own a GPS-enabled iPhone, you’re in luck. The WiFi-only iPad 2 inherits GPS functionality when it’s tethered to an iPhone.

TetherMe: Enable Personal Hotspot For Only $0.99



New to iOS 4.3 is the Personal Hotspot feature, which turns your iPhone 4 into a 5-device mobile hotspot. You can use it with WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB. The catch? Carriers will charge an extra monthly fee on-top of your already expensive phone bill. Well, there’s a nice little jailbreak tweak called TetherMe which will instantly enable this feature. It’s been out for a while and had originally enabled iOS 3.0’s native tethering feature, but it also works for Personal Hotspot. The best part? It’s only $0.99. Continue reading on to see if it’s for you.