4G Data Plan Pricing For New iPad Revealed, Unlimited Plan Owners Grandfathered In


Screen Shot 2012-03-07 at 4.01.48 PM

The new iPad comes equipped with LTE 4G networking on AT&T and Verizon in the United States, and data plan prices for the nation’s largest carriers can now be compared. As you can see, AT&T offers the cheapest option with a $15/month for 250MB option.

Like always, these iPad data plans can be purchased month-to-month on either AT&T or Verizon with no long-term commitment. The new iPad offers Personal Hotspot for creating a WiFi network out of your 4G connection. LTE 4G will get you up to 72Mbps when available, but the iPad also supports HSPDA 3G for speeds up to 42MBps. Regular 3G will be used when nothing else is available.

As always, “unlimited data” is not truly unlimited data, as both AT&T and Verizon are known to throttle their heavy data users on unlimited plans. But hey, take what you can get.

Interestingly, some are reporting that customers with unlimited data plans from the first iPad can continue to have unlimited data on a new 4G plan. If you fall into that category, let us know how plan hunting goes for you when you buy the new iPad!

Update: Steve Kovach points out that Apple’s pricing isn’t exactly right, as you can actually get 3G on AT&T for $30/month.

  • Matthew Sanders

    Dumb question alert:

    I have a grandfathered unlimited 3G plan for my iPhone via Verizon….ANY chance that will count towards getting an grandfathered unlimited 4G plan for the iPad?

  • Aj Tk427

    LTE is great and all, but man the data prices are outrageous!

  • mbchp

    You’re kidding, right? These are the same rates these two carriers have been charging for over a year now, even when you only got 3G service for those prices. There is no increase for LTE.

  • Thomas Kaarup

    How I feel with us guys in UAS.. Paying 50$ for 5GB. In Denmark that gets me 40GB

  • Greg Smith

    I’m grandfathered into unlimited on my iphone on at&t and I asked the same question.  The answer was no.  I doubt Verizon would be different, but I guess you never know…

  • tornacious

    It will not. I tried doing that when I bought my iPad 2 last year and ATT said no way. Plus, the iPad plan is month-to-month and cancelable, and the iPhone plan includes texting and cellular service: two different plans. So I stuck with unlimited on my iPhone. I’m holding onto that until death!

  • Greg Smith

    I’m really torn.  I have unlimited data on my iphone, so im considering getting a wifi only model.  But I would think having the 4g model would be nice just in case..

  • Manuel Reyes

    Ive been wondering ever since i read that the mobile broadband feature is being added to the iPad, which of the data plans will allow for this feature? Only the 50 bucks equivalent of the iPhone plan? Or is it turned on by default for all the plans?

  • Eric Barbosa

    actually when verizon releases a shared data plan, which means you can have the same internet access from your phone and tablet, you can have unlimited data for another small fee

  • Eric Barbosa

    UNLIMITED 4G data <3

  • mtnmedic

    I have the original unlimited plan and am using it on my iPad 2 now. Preordered the new iPad with AT&T 4G. Don’t know if I can simply swap SIM cards or if it’ll be easier to just call AT&T and have them make the switch at their end. Having unlimited 4G would definitely be a plus. Wondering what throttling from 4G will be like? Drop to 3G speeds?

  • criticmac

     Big companies own and run the USA. We just live here.