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Create your dream work-from-home setup with this monitor


This beautifully portable dual-screen laptop accessory can help increase your productivity by up to 50%
This beautifully portable dual-screen laptop accessory can increase your productivity by up to 50%.
Photo: Mobile Pixels

These days, you’re probably spending a lot of time in front of your computer, whether it’s for work, a passion project, binge-watching Netflix, or video-calling family and friends. Why limit yourself to a tiny laptop screen when you could expand your view (literally) with a second monitor? This Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro Portable Dual Monitor gives you all the convenience of a second screen, without the usual high price tag and lack of portability — so you can game, multitask, or just browse the web to your heart’s content.

Samsung’s Space Monitor is a star in super-simple setups


Samsung Space Monitor
Isn’t she a stunner?
Photo: Samsung

Samsung has a number of new monitors lined up for CES 2019, including one that’s perfect for Mac mini owners with small desks. It’s called the Samsung Space Monitor — and it’s a beauty.

Not only does the Space Monitor sport a super-slim design, but it can be clamped to the edge of your desk, negating the need for a large foot that takes up precious space.

Portable USB-C monitor gives MacBook a second screen


A second screen that’s as portable as your MacBook.
A second screen that’s as portable as your MacBook.
Photo: AOC

Adding an additional screen to your setup can result in a huge boost to productivity. And now it’s even easier for those who work on the go, thanks to AOC’s portable USB-C monitor.

This 15.6-inch screen is slim and light enough to take anywhere, and it can be hooked up to your MacBook or MacBook Pro using a single cable.

Circle with Disney is a near-flawless parental control system [Reviews]


Someone didn't quite think through that Circle is mostly square.
Photo: Circle

I recall at WWDC 2011 when Steve Jobs introduced iCloud he talked about how up until that point, managing and syncing content across devices was driving everybody nuts. You’d take one photo on one device and would have to plug it in and sync it to another device, which would then offer up some of its own photos and meanwhile none of them are even on the third device yet. It truly was an insane world. But in 2016, the new Circle with Disney aims to solve a surprisingly similar problem.

Managing content across devices has gotten much easier, yet managing the people who use those devices has not. Circle is a brand-new product from Disney that wants to unify your family’s entire online experience. It allows you to set time limits for individual family members, block websites based on your child’s age, and even pause Internet access entirely when it’s time to log off.