Live chat: Watch Apple’s iPhone 11 keynote with us


Get ready for Apple's latest innovations.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The stage of the Steve Jobs Theater is set for the biggest Apple keynote of the year — and we can’t wait to watch the iPhone 11 unveiling with you.

Rather than live-blogging the Apple “By Innovation Only” event, Cult of Mac is hosting a live chat so all our writers and readers of the site alike can nerd out on all the glory Tim Cook and the gang have in store. We know for sure we’re getting new iPhones but there’s still plenty of room for some surprises.

Could we see a new Apple TV set-top box? A Tile-style tracking device called Apple Tags? An Apple TV+ price tag and launch date? The anticipation is killing us. Apple’s iPhone 11 keynote kicks off Tuesday at 10 a.m. Pacific. Of course, we’ll be getting wild in the chat beforehand, so come in and join the fun.

Confirmed! Catch our Sept. 10th event hardware predictions, this week on The CultCast


CultCast 403
New Apple hardware, incoming!

This week on The CultCast: Apple’s September 10th has just been announced—don’t miss our hardware and software predictions! Plus: comparing Disney’s new streaming service to Apple TV Plus; Steve Jobs is spotted in Egypt; and one of Earth’s greatest Steve Jobs artifacts hits the auction block.

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Apple drops macOS Catalina beta 6 to all [Updated]


WWDC 2019
Catalina was unveiled in June and expected to hit Macs everywhere in September.
Photo: Apple

The day iTunes goes away for good moved a bit closer today with the release of a fresh developer beta of macOS Catalina. This is the sixth such, and the first in two weeks.

A version of this beta for the general public is expected shortly.

UPDATE: As expected, all can now access macOS Catalina Public beta 5. Devs got an extra beta early in this process, so this is the same version as Developer beta 6.

Latest macOS Catalina beta lets you dump iTunes (if you dare)


macOS Catalina
macOS left the desert of Mojave for the island of Catalina.
Photo: Apple

Anyone who’s fed up with iTunes can put the latest pre-release version of macOS Catalina on their Mac now and start using the new Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV apps instead. Of course, today’s public beta, the fourth in the series, comes with a long list of known problems so it might not be worth the hassle.

More than 200 apps won’t work with macOS Catalina


Catalina looks pretty good, but should you install the public beta already?
macOS Catalina is coming soon.
Photo: Apple

You are ready to embrace macOS Catalina. Then start saying your goodbyes to a list of 235 apps that won’t work with Catalina.

A third-party software developer running a beta version of Catalina discovered the list. Developer betas help software designers determine whether their apps will work with an operating system update before it launches.

The last macOS Mojave update is nearly ready for public launch


Mojave's new tool offers plenty of options for Mac screenshots.
Grab the new macOS Mojave beta now.
Photo: Apple

The handful of developers still beta testing macOS Mojave instead of macOS Catalina were treated to a brand new beta build in the form of macOS 10.14.6 today.

This is the fifth beta of macOS 10.14.6 which adds a host of new bug fixes and performance improvements to the Mac before Apple goes all-in on macOS Catalina this fall.

Latest macOS Catalina beta includes a stunning new screensaver


macOS Catalina
It's available now, if you're running the latest beta.
Photo: Apple

While Apple has introduced all kinds of fancy new screensavers for platforms like Apple TV, the Mac doesn’t get all that much love.

However, Apple has made an exception with its latest macOS Catalina beta. As uncovered by Twitter user J Bank, it features an attractive new screensaver to join the other default ones already found on Macs.

macOS Catalina revives Expansion Slot Utility app for new Mac Pro


Expansion Slot Utility reborn in macOS Catalina.
Photo: Steve Moser

Apple’s latest macOS Catalina beta revives the long-lost Expansion Slot Utility app for the new Mac Pro.

Now updated to version 2.0, the app helps users configure things like video cards, audio adapters, and more. It went away for a while after the introduction of the 2013 Mac Pro — but it will be called into action again when the 2019 Mac Pro makes its debut.