How to block any website on iPhone and iPad


Block websites on iPhone and iPad
Stay OUT!
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There are probably good reasons to block a website on your own iPhone or iPad, but really, why not just avoid typing its URL? It’s far more likely that you’ll want to block a website on somebody else’s device, probably a child’s. Or perhaps you don’t want your kids to accidentally hit all your bookmarks to porn and gambling sites when they use your iPhone.

Whatever your reasons, here’s how to block any website on your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 12 public beta 6 improves markup tools, kills Group FaceTime


iOS 12
iOS 12 public beta 6 lets you try out the new iPhone and iPad features a month before the expected full release.
Photo: Apple

The wait for a new pre-release version of iOS 12 is over: the sixth beta can be downloaded now by anyone who wants to try it.

The markup tools have been greatly enhanced. Sadly, the other major change is the removal of Group FaceTime.

Apple replaces flawed iOS 12 beta


iOS 12 features
Developers, you can now grab iOS 12 beta 8. This is the replacement for a version that only lasted a few hours on Monday.
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Just two days after hastily withdrawing a beta of iOS 12, Apple is back with a new version that hopefully fixes the problems in the original.

No one expects betas to be perfect, but iOS 12 beta 7 had significant performance issues. So significant that it was only available for a couple of hours.

Apple releases iOS 12 beta 7, then quickly withdraws it


iOS 12 features
iOS 12 will bring loads of new features, but not until Apple gets it throughly debugged.
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The latest early-release version of iOS 12 was made available to developers today — but it disappeared shortly afterward.

This afternoon’s release of iOS 12 beta 7 was met with widespread complaints that it runs slowly. Apple seems to have pulled the OTA version within an hour or so.

This Siri Shortcut will automatically text your commute time to your spouse


Siri shortcuts knows how long your bus will take to get you home.
Siri knows how long your bus will take to get you home.
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This Siri Shortcut will send an iMessage to a friend, spouse or other contact telling them how long it will be until you get to their location. Once set up, all you need to do is say something simple (and easy to remember) like “Home soon.”

This shortcut uses a brand-new feature in Shortcuts beta 2.0 that allows the sending of messages in the background, without having to confirm them first. It’s a small but powerful addition. Once Apple irons out the kinks, this feature could make a huge difference in how useful Siri Shortcuts will be day to day.

Apple pulls Group FaceTime from iOS 12


FaceTime group calls iOS 12
We're going to have to wait a bit longer than we expected for Group FaceTIme.
Photo: Apple

Group FaceTime, one of the hot new features promised for iOS 12, won’t be available when the operating system debuts this fall. Apple now says it will push back the Group FaceTime launch until later this year. The company gave no reason for the delay.

Cult of Mac Magazine: iOS 12 vs. Android 9 Pie, and more!


In this week's Cult of Mac Magazine: Which wins the features arms race, Android 9 Pie or iOS 12? Here's how they compare.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine: How does Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system compare to the new Android platform? We give you a blow-by-blow comparison of all the best (and worst) features.

You’ll find that top story and much more. See why you should use Do Not Disturb at Bedtime 24/7. Plus: Learn how to connect an external keyboard to your iPad. Get your free subscription to Cult of Mac Magazine from iTunes. Or read on for this week’s top stories.

Showdown! iOS 12 vs. Android 9 Pie


Which wins the features arms race, Android 9 Pie vs. iOS 12? Here's how they compare.
Which wins the features arms race, Android 9 Pie or iOS 12? Here's how they compare.
Illustration: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Android 9 Pie has landed on Google Pixel devices just a month before Apple rolls out iOS 12. Both come with a long list of new features and improvements, but is one better than the other?

Here’s how Android 9 and iOS 12 compare.