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Audio engineer touts Apple’s ‘most stylish computer’ ever [Setups]


iMac Pro audio recording and mastering setup
An iMac Pro from 2017 is core to this audio recording and mastering setup.

Before Apple’s powerful but sub-Mac Pro-level desktop Mac Studio even existed, there was iMac Pro. We don’t see the premium all-in-one desktop computer in the wild often compared to regular iMacs, but it clearly still has its fans.

Today’s featured user, who records and masters audio in a home studio, refuses to give up his 7-year-old iMac Pro until absolutely necessary. Because it’s still great. And for some people, it could be a great bargain on the used market (check out a few options in the gear list below).

Today in Apple history: iMac Pro packs potent all-in-one punch


iMac Pro launched in 2017
The iMac Pro made quite splash in 2017, and there are occasional calls to bring it back.
Photo: Apple

December 14: Today in Apple history: Apple buys 'iPhone' web domain December 14, 2017: The much-anticipated iMac Pro finally reaches customers many months after it was announced. With a built-in 27-inch, 5K display and an Intel Xeon processor, the high-end desktop combines the features of an iMac and a Mac Pro.

It is beautiful and far more powerful than earlier iMacs, but is destined to stay in Apple’s product lineup only a relatively short time.

Don’t give up on the iMac Pro just yet


Don't give up on the iMac Pro just yet
A 27-inch iMac Pro is allegedly still a possibility.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Although Apple killed off the iMac Pro line, it’s coming back better than ever, according to a reliable source. That means a high-end macOS all-in-one is supposedly on Apple’s product roadmap.

The company is also reportedly working on a Mac Pro desktop, also powered by Apple silicon.

27-inch iMac could be stuck in limbo


The 2020 iMac could like a bit like this.
The 27-inch iMac Pro is/is not about to launch.
Concept: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The 27-inch iMac is gone from Apple’s lineup. And it’s not clear when it’s coming back. Or if it will return at all.

One new leak claims that Apple has dropped plans to make a larger iMac. Another says development goes on, but the all-in-one desktop won‘t be out for a long time.

Apple’s massive Mac mini upgrade may not be ready until 2023


Apple Mac mini 2018
Mac mini's next refresh is coming, just not in a hurry.
Photo: Apple

Apple’s next major refresh for Mac mini may not come until 2023, according to the latest claims from one analyst, who has proven reliable in the past.

Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities this week revised his predictions for the next-generation compact desktop, which he previously expected to see this year. It could now launch alongside the first Mac Pro with Apple silicon.

Apple plans even better ‘Studio Display Pro’ with mini-LED and ProMotion


Apple Studio Display
But iMac Pro may not make a comeback after all.
Photo: Apple

Apple is developing a more impressive version of its new Studio Display that will boast a mini-LED screen and ProMotion technology, according to one analyst. “Studio Display Pro” is reportedly set to make its debut this June.

There is some bad news for iMac fans, however. The rumored iMac Pro upgrade Apple was said to be planning for 2022 may not come at all now that the new Mac Studio and Studio Display have landed.

Apple could keep us waiting until 2023 for new Mac Pro and iMac Pro


Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR orders start Tuesday
Apple's high-end desktops won't come this year, one analyst says.
Image: Apple

Apple has a whole bunch of exciting Mac upgrades planned for 2022, according to recent rumors. But if it’s a new Mac Pro or iMac Pro powered by Apple silicon you’re after, you could be waiting until next year.

One analyst, who has proven reliable in the past, doesn’t expect to see refreshes to Apple’s high-end desktops until 2023. But he does believe a more powerful Mac mini and a new 27-inch Apple display are coming this year.

iMac Pro with mini-LED display might launch in early summer


M1 iMac
The 27-inch iMac Pro is expected to look much like the 24-inch iMac, but larger. (Of course.)
Photo: Apple

The iMac Pro might start reaching customers in early summer, according to a very reliable tipster. While some are hoping for a debut as soon as March, that’s apparently overly optimistic.

And the leaker says reiterates that the all-in-one desktop will have a mini-LED display.

Universal Control sends game dev with Mac arsenal over the moon [Setups]


Apple's Universal Control is this game developer's dream of seamlessly carrying tasks from one screen to the next.
Apple's Universal Control is this game developer's dream of seamlessly carrying tasks from one screen to the next.

When Apple demonstrated its new Universal Control feature during its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote back in June 2021, it made Apple fans drool. Too bad Cupertino made everyone wait longer than expected to get their hands on it.

But now, Universal Control is finally in beta testing ahead of its public release, and the anticipatory drool is once again flowing — especially among those who get to test it out.

The owner of today’s iMac Pro-based featured setup, a game developer and blogger, is no exception.

What to expect from iMac in 2022


What to expect from iMac in 2022
The return of the iMac Pro could be right around the corner.
Graphic: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

2022 could be the year Apple takes iMac to the next level. Various leaks point to an iMac Pro with a blazing-fast processor and a beautiful screen.

But it’s not supposed to be any larger than the biggest current iMac, though the overall design is expected to change.

Apple’s next-gen ‘M2’ chipset could land in 2022 before even faster ‘M2 Pro’


Apple M2 chipset
Does this mean Apple won't hit its two-year target for ditching Intel?
Image: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple will introduce its next-generation “M2” chipset for Mac next year, followed by an even more powerful “M2 Pro” in 2023, according to a new report. Both are expected to use TSMC’s new 4-nanometer manufacturing process.

The report somewhat contradicts Apple’s plan to do away with Intel and transition all Mac models to custom chipsets within two years. That’s if Apple waits for the “M2 Pro” before updating high-end machines like the Mac Pro.

Apple has big plans for 2022, including iPad Pro and MacBook Air overhauls


Apple in 2022
It could be another great year.
Image: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple reportedly plans ambitious upgrades for a number of its hottest products in 2022, including major revamps for iPad Pro and MacBook Air — as well as an Apple silicon boost for the Mac Pro. Mac mini is also expected to see a refresh.

What’s more, the next-generation Apple Watch will come in a “ruggedized version aimed at extreme sports athletes.”

Vintage Apple rig says ‘Hello, 1994’ from Romania [Setups]


A souped-up Apple SE/30 and a Portrait Display are core to Ciprian's vintage setup.
A souped-up Apple SE/30 and a Portrait Display are core to Ciprian's vintage setup.
Photo: Bacioiu Ciprian

Bacioiu Constantin Ciprian, known online as “Zapa,” was born in Buzau, Romania, in 1991, not long after a revolution toppled communist rule there. He loved technology as a kid, but it was expensive and hard to get. And soon enough he realized how much he loved Apple products — especially those around in his youth.

Now a longtime resident of Bucharest, he designs and develops games to run on vintage equipment. And get a load of that retro setup!

New iMac Pro could pack insane ‘M1 Max Duo’ chip with up to 20 CPU cores


iMac concept inspired by iPad Pro.
It could be twice as fast as an M1 Max MacBook Pro.
Concept: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple’s next-generation iMac Pro could feature an “M1 Max Duo” chip with 20 cores for processing and up to 64 for graphics, according to a new report.

As its name suggests, the chipset is expected to consist of two M1 Max chips combined together for double the performance. It could also feature up to 128GB of RAM — twice that currently available from Apple’s latest machines.

iMac Pro could make a comeback in 2022 with Apple’s newest M1 chips


Phil Schiller: Nope, Apple still isn’t planning to make a touchscreen Mac
Dead but not buried.
Photo: Apple

The high-end iMac Pro is expected to return next year with Apple’s newest M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets. One tipster also claims the powerful all-in-one will feature a 27-inch mini-LED display — and possibly even Face ID.

The machine won’t be cheap, with prices expected to start “at or over” $2,000. But that would make it considerably more affordable than the last iMac Pro.

And so it ends: iMac Pro disappears from Apple’s website


iMac Pro is gone with the wind.
It’s no longer possible to buy a new iMac Pro from the online Apple Store.
Photo: Apple

Two weeks after Apple discontinued the iMac Pro, the company pulled the powerful all-in-one desktop from its website Friday.

The computer hadn’t been updated in three years and there have been no reports of a new version in the works. This may be the last iMac Pro … just as it was the first.

Goodbye, iMac Pro … and good riddance! [Cult of Mac Magazine 392]


Goodbye, iMac Pro ... and good riddance.
Farewell ... and don't let the door bang you on the bezel on your way out.
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

The iMac Pro was sleek and fast and capable and ultimately … uninspired.

That’s Cult of Mac writer Luke Dormehl’s take on Apple’s recently expired pro all-in-one. He serves up a compelling “Dear John” letter to a weird period in Mac history. And it doubles as a lovingly hopeful look at what the future holds.

If you want to peer even deeper into the Cupertino crystal ball, we’ve got a hot mess of new rumors and leaks this week as we speed toward a probable Apple event on March 23. Catch up with this week’s free issue of Cult of Mac Magazine. Download it to enjoy on iPhone or iPad, or get the stories below in your browser.

Good riddance to iMac Pro and the era of underwhelming Macs


The 27-inch iMac Pro.
The iMac Pro never seemed to find an audience.
Photo: Apple

The iMac Pro is seemingly nearing the end of its natural lifespan — and good riddance to it.

In fairness, the iMac Pro was not a bad computer. It was even, technically, a pretty great one. But it epitomized an era of Mac design that may have been the most uninspired and directionless in Apple history.

iMac Pro discontinued: Get it before it’s gone


The new iMac Pro brings awesome firepower to the desktop this December.
The iMac Pro might not be replaced with a new version.
Photo: Apple

Apple discontinued the iMac Pro, which is still one of the fastest Macs available despite being more than three years old. Whether the move means an updated version of the all-in-one desktop is on the way is unclear.

UPDATE: Don’t miss the Cult of Mac editorial “Good riddance to iMac Pro and the era of underwhelming Macs.”

iOS engineer loves his triple-5K display, except when he doesn’t [Setups]


Christian Roman's setup is built for beautiful video and audio: 5K screens, massive subwoofer, pro lighting.
Christian Roman built his setup for beautiful video and audio: three 5K screens, speakers with a massive subwoofer and pro lighting.
Photo: Christian Roman

iOS software engineer Christian Roman has a “love-hate relationship” with his impressive triple 5K display setup.

“It’s fantastic when it works,” he told Cult of Mac. “It’s a nightmare when macOS suddenly decides to stop working with triple screens.”