Apple back-to-school promo means free Beats for students


Beats promo
Beats and MacBooks Pros are a great combo.
Photo: Apple

Apple is back with a new back to school promotion that hooks students up with free or discounted pair of Beats headphones.

The 2018 promo is pretty similar to last year’s deal. Only instead of only being available in North America initially, this year Apple launched it simultaneously in the US, Mexico, Canada, EU and Asian countries.

Refurbished iMac Pro units just as powerful, cost less


Apple patent
Gaze detection sensors and cameras could track your gestures on future Apple devices, like the iMac.
Photo: Apple

Got your eye on the powerful iMac Pro but don’t want to pay full price? Apple just began selling refurbished units for 15 percent off.

iMac Pro is Apple’s first all-in-one machine for professionals who need serious capabilities. The only problem? It starts at $5,000.

The next Mac Pro won’t arrive until 2019


The Mac Pro is being
The Mac Pro is being "completely rethought."
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Professional Mac users holding out for the next Mac Pro are going to have to wait at least another year.

After revealing in 2017 that it was completely redesigning the Mac Pro, some fans held out hope that the new Mac Pro would come out by 2018. That’s not going to happen though. In a series of interviews, Apple executives revealed that the new Mac Pro will be a 2019 product.

Apple is finally selling a space gray keyboard and mouse


Apple keyboard
Get the new Apple keyboard while it's hot.
Photo: Apple

Mac fans that love the look of the new space gray iMac Pro — but don’t want to plop down four grand — can finally buy the computer’s coveted accessories separately.

Apple updated its online store this morning with its new iPad with Apple Pencil support. But what the company didn’t mention during its educational keynote today is that it’s also selling a space gray wireless keyboard and Magic Mouse.

6 awesome videos show off iMac Pro’s impressive power


iMac Pro demo video
Erin Sarofsky created this video on an iMac Pro.
Photo: Apple

Apple asked six filmmakers to create short videos that highlight the cababilities of the recently-released iMac Pro. The results debuted today: trippy, abstract films that are mesmerizing to watch.

All are quite short (under 30 seconds) and include a quick plug for the computer, and so could be turned into advertisements, either online on TV.

Week’s best Apple deals: Save on the new iMac Pro and refurbished iPads!


A surprising discount on the new iMac Pro is just one of this week's great Apple deals.
A surprising discount on the new iMac Pro is just one of this week's great Apple deals.
Photo: Apple

The new iMac Pro packs screaming-fast performance — and an eye-watering price. But if you’re in the market for Apple’s latest, great Mac, you can already snag a discount.

Also in this week’s roundup of the best Apple deals: refurbished iPads and Bose headphones.

iMac Pro packs more memory than every Apple II computer ever built


Apple II
This amazing stat comes from Apple's first ever applications software engineer.
Photo: Computer History Museum

A midrange model of Apple’s new iMac Pro comes with a massive 11 times as many bytes of electronic memory as the Apple II, the company’s first breakthrough computer.

Doesn’t sound all that impressive? We’re not just talking about a single Apple II unit. Instead, that figure refers to the sum total of all electronic memory ever installed on all 6 million Apple II computers ever built!