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Mother saves daughter’s life with Find My Friends app


Find My Friends
Keep your iPhone close by.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

When 17-year-old Macy Smith was late coming home and didn’t answer her phone, her mother knew something was wrong. But she was able to track the girl down thanks to the Find My Friends application on her daughter’s iPhone, even though Smith was trapped in a wrecked car at the bottom of an embankment.

Revamped Find My iPhone app may get Tile-like item tracker


Tile will speak out against Apple in Congress antitrust hearing
A Tile tracking tag can be used find lost items. Apple is reportedly designing a rival.
Photo: Tile

Find My iPhone and Find My Friends are currently separate applications, but Apple is reportedly going to merge them in future versions of iOS and mac OS, and add useful features.

In addition, the company is supposedly developing its own tracker tag that will apparently compete with Tile.

3 big problems with Apple Watch Series 3


There's still work to be done to perfect Apple Watch Series 3.
There's still work to be done to perfect Apple Watch.
Photo: Apple

The Apple Watch has come a long way from the first model. With each update, Apple adds important missing ingredients, like GPS, a faster processor, cellular and an altimeter.

So has Apple Watch finally reached its true potential? Cupertino certainly thinks so. Apple COO Jeff Williams described Series 3 with cellular as “the ultimate expression of Apple Watch” at last week’s special event.

But three big problems still remain (not including the cellular connectivity glitch Apple is scrambling to fix ahead of this Friday’s ship date).

Find My Friends app saves injured climber’s life


Find Friends
Find My Friends is super useful.
Photo: Apple

Next time you go hunting for a famous hidden cave, make sure to turn on the ‘Find My Friends’ app. One lucky climber from the U.K. just found out it can totally save your life.

Mountain rescuers workers came to the ill-prepared hiker’s aid after he was injured during his pursuit of the famous Priest Hole cave at the UK’s Lake District National Park. The hike fell over 60 feet and suffered a serious head injury, but was eventually located using Apple’s app.

WhatsApp will soon let you locate your friends


WhatsApp is getting its own Find My Friends feature.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

The latest versions of the WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS reveal an upcoming feature that will allow users to locate their friends.

Just like the Find My Friends app offered by Apple, WhatsApp will ask for your permission before making your location data available to your contacts.

Apple Finally Redesigns Find My Friends For iOS 7


Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 1.36.35 PM

One of the last Apple apps to be redesigned for iOS 7 is Find My Friends, the company’s network for sharing your location and viewing the location of friends on a map. Before today’s update, Find My Friends looked incredibly outdated with leather stitching and an old-style map design.

Now the app looks much more at home in iOS 7. No new features have been added, but the design includes a new icon, lightweight interface, and an orange color scheme (orange is apparently the new black, if Apple’s recent iOS 7 app updates are any indication).

Find My Friends was first introduced before the release of iOS 5 in 2011. Version 3.0 of the app is available in the App Store now.

Source: App Store

Send Location-Based Emails Using Find My Friends App [iOS Tips]



Find My Friends is an interesting app, allowing family and friends to keep track of each other in real time. When you use your iTunes account with the Find My Friends app, you can let those important to you know where you are using the location services on your iOS device, like your iPhone.

But what if you have friends or family that don’t have iCloud, or even iOS (perish the thought!)? It turns out that the latest Find My Friends app that comes with iOS 6 allows for email notifications, so you can have your iPhone send out an automated, location-based email whenever you arrive or leave a specific location. Here’s how.

Check On Your Friends The Right Way With Siri [iOS Tips]


Some things are private, but you get the idea, right?
Some things are private, but you get the idea, right?

Want to know where your friend, Scott, is? How about where your girlfriend is? What’s your grandmother’s address again? Siri can answer these questions (and a bunch more), but you’ll need to set things up a bit on your iPhone, first. Here’s how

You Can Download All 5 Of Apple’s Free iOS Apps With Just One Tap In iOS 6


Isn't that handy?
Isn't that handy?

When iOS 6 rolls out tomorrow, you be able to download all five of Apple’s free iOS apps — including iBooks, iTunes U, Podcasts, Find My Friends, and Find My iPhone — with just one tap from the new App Store. The Cupertino company has introduced a new ‘Apple Apps’ page that greets first-time App Store users, and it features a button that will install all five apps at once.

Why Business Users Will Love iOS 6 [Feature]


iOS 6 has some great features for business users.
iOS 6 has some great features for business users.

The release of iOS 6 just weeks away. The new release includes a range of new features. Some seem tailor-made for business use like the new VIP contacts feature in Mail. Others are clearly designed for a mass-market consumer audience. Even those consumer-oriented additions have a lot of potential for use in the office, however.

Find My Facebook Friends: A Buggy iOS App That Borrows From Apple’s Find My Friends [Review]


Find My Facebook Friends — Locating your significant other has never been so easy
Find My Facebook Friends — Locating your significant other has never been so easy

Apple introduced Find My Friends ahead of iOS 5 last year. The iOS app allows you to see where your friends and family are located around you. Apple pitched the service as something for a family to use at Disneyland, but honestly, it feels more like a tool for digital stalking.

My colleague John Brownlee highlighted a major issue with Facebook privacy earlier today, so it’s only fitting that we take a look at another app from the same vein. Although you won’t be able to stalk random women with Find My Facebook Friends, you will be able to see your friends on a map. The only difference is that Find My Facebook Friends takes user privacy pretty seriously. If only the app was less buggy.

Use Siri And The Find My Friends App To Locate Your Pals By Voice [iOS Tip]



While the feature is currently still in beta, Apple is yet to extend Siri support to apps that aren’t already baked into the iOS operating system. But did you know that the company’s own Find My Friends app, which debuted alongside iOS 5 last summer, does include Siri support, allowing you to locate your pals using only your voice?

Here’s you to find your friends using Siri.

How Smart is Your Phone? iPhone 4S Reportedly Locates Cheating Wife



The MacRumors forum has a cautionary little tale about an iPhone 4S which says that it helped locate a cheating wife.

Titled “Divorcing wife. Thanks iPhone 4s and Find My Friends,” the post claims that a husband loaded up his wife’s new phone with the “Find my Friends” app – without telling her about it. (Like any story that starts “so I was checking his/her text messages/emails/browser history,” you know this will end badly).

Users Report Find My Friends Service Outages And Sign Up Problems



Well if you had any doubts about this past weekends iPhone 4S sales you can rest easy it was a blockbuster weekend for Apple and all the carriers. Millions of customers are out trying all the new features in iOS 5, on their iPhone 4S and in iCloud. It also looks like a lot of you are trying to find your friends with Apple’s new Find My Friends app and related services. Well it looks like this morning that the service is experiencing activation problems.

Apple Launches Find My Friends Ahead of iOS 5 Release, But You Won’t Find It In the App Store [Gallery]



Alongside the unveiling of its iPhone 4S at an event in Cupertino on October 4, Apple announced a brand new service called Find My Friends. Similar to Find My iPhone, Find My Friends allows you to see where you friends are based on the GPS location of their iOS device. Ahead of the launch of iOS 5 later today, Apple has made the Find My Friends application available, but you won’t find it in the App Store.

Find My Friends Feature Coming To MobileMe Soon



It’s not a live feature in the recently released iOS 4.3 dev beta, but it looks as if Apple will be adding a new feature to its MobileMe service sometime soon, making it easy to see where your friends — or, at least, their iPhones and iPads — are when they’re late for dinner and drinks.

Spotted by MacRumors, several strings in the new Settings app reference a “Find My Friends” feature.