Apple Tosses Forstall’s Woodgrain In The Shredder With iBooks Update For iOS 7



Continuing its slow purge of felts, leathers and woodgrains the UI of iOS 7, Apple released an iBooks for iOS update today that finally dismantles the woodgrain shelves championed by former iOS Cheif Scott Forstall, and tosses them in the woodchipper.

The update features the same minimalist UI that Apple has embraced throughout iOS 7 and its other apps, though it doesn’t look like Apple actually added any major new features. Apple also released an update for iTunes U today with an all-new look and feel. Both app updates are available for free in iTunes now.

Source: iTunes

  • KevinCray

    Now update Find My Friends already Apple.

  • Neilisntwitty

    The biggest #fail with iBooks is the lack of ability to utilize metadata in the ePub format. If you have multiple books in a series, there’s no way to check which one comes next, or read the summary, etc. This is primarily a failure of the iTunes ecosystem which has dedicate tabs for metadata for other media formats, but shoehorns books into video or song formats for metadata. I’ve toyed around until I have it optimized, which is great in iTunes but useless in iBooks. /RantOff

  • iFreek

    One reason to stop your auto updating! It adds large margins for book title and page numbers in full-screen mode, adds bright marker colors that hurt your eyes and makes the notes list unreadable. Can I downgrade, please?

  • Neil Anderson

    One simulated bookcase into the virtual chipper…