How Smart is Your Phone? iPhone 4S Reportedly Locates Cheating Wife



The MacRumors forum has a cautionary little tale about an iPhone 4S which says that it helped locate a cheating wife.

Titled “Divorcing wife. Thanks iPhone 4s and Find My Friends,” the post claims that a husband loaded up his wife’s new phone with the “Find my Friends” app – without telling her about it. (Like any story that starts “so I was checking his/her text messages/emails/browser history,” you know this will end badly).

“I’ve had suspicions about her meeting this guy who live uptown,” writes forum newbie ThomasMetz. “Lo and behold, Find my Friends has her right there.”

The cuckolded husband is reportedly heading to a lawyer, presumably with screenshots from the iPhone 4S.

Now how disappointed are you about the outages in the “Find my Friends” service?

Via PC Mag

  • Buckoman

    So because it showed her at this guy’s house, she’s automatically cheating? Talk about assumptions…

  • Rootcyber

    come on, why his wife would be in someone else’s house?
    wake up dude…. if he was suspicious is because she was probably F*&^% around!!

  • cassandralite

    He’s doing her a favor. 

  • toblerusse

    Is it too soon for this? (steve jobs/ weekend at bernies)

  • cheesy1

    what a sorry state of affairs we live in eh

  • Vicente

    I’m really skeptical of this story.  You could do it before Find My Friends with plain “Find my iPhone”.  So what required or was enabled by purchase of a 4S and the new app?  Nothing.  Even assuming this story makes any sense, seems like he’d have to have grabbed her phone while she wasn’t looking, run the app and done the login, and left it running.  Had spouse noticed battery running down or checked apps the jig would have been up.  Does it prompt you for password again every so often?  I forget.   Anyhow this “story” if it’s even real, may very well be subject to wiretap laws in their home state so a big mistake to post a public story about it.

  • Allan Cook

    Really, what is the point of this app? Does anyone really need to know where all of his or her “friends” are all the time? Or one’s spouse? Believe me, sometimes you just don’t want to know and sometimes you just want to be left the hell alone. If I want to find any of the 10-12 people who are real, actual friends, who actually exist in meatspace and who’d bail out of jail if I needed it, I’ll call ’em. Like the idea of “hero,” the idea of “friend” has become so diluted in modern usage as to be meaningless. 

    Rant off.

  • dale2000

    Why? Because some dude decided to implicate his wife in a supposed affair?  I’m sure it has occured to this guy that there are A LOT of places in uptown new york. Some of the best restaurants are there.   Dude’s paranoid, but that does NOT mean his wife was cheating on him.

    This guy’s an idiot, really.  Either he shouldn’t jump to conclusions, or he should build up better “evidence” before he tries to force his way out of the relationship.

  • dale2000

    Where in the article did you read that she was at someone’s house?  Because if you’re only going on the word of the husband, you need to employ some critical thinking.  He may be lying or just plain wrong, for starters.

  • Daibidh

    Isn’t there a thing called TOO CONNECTED?  I thought Facebook was crazy.  This is down right certifiable…. except for you, Mike C.  I’m waiting to load up your 55″ Sony HDTV and quad core Power Mac I’ve been lusting over as soon as I know for sure you’re not home!

  • Mike C

    In your dreams Daibidh

  • Jeremey88

    …Your right! She may not be cheating she could just be blowing him.

  • Jeremey88

    …Your right! She may not be cheating she could just be blowing him.

  • Peter

    Fact remains that she was lying to him. That tips the balance in the guys favor, if you ask me.

  • GH

    Yeah… Or, her plans changed. Her texting her husband “hey going uptown now” would be odd, no one does that. I can LOVE someone, and because There’s a traffic detour i’m not going to text them or tell them. Maybe if it was a car wreck i’d tell them (along with great crash pics!) but for reals, this guy is just paranoid. this is just an easy way for him to end it. This is how these people work, he’ll be with a new person soon, then same thing. It’s a cycle. It’s sad. It’s what they do.

  • dale2000

    It’s not a black and white world, despite your initial reaction to this story.  There are acceptable reasons to lie to other people.  What if she was picking up an anniversary present?  Planning a surprise party?  What if she was at a doctors appointment to determine if she was pregnant?

  • Mike Rathjen

    The fact remains, huh? Or maybe the GPS was way off. I’ve had my iPhone tell me I was more than 300 miles from where I actually was.

  • American Scorpio

    Turn off location services on your iPhone and you dont have to worry. Geez people…

  • Yvette465


  • SupaMac

    you right

  • mobissam

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