Apple Launches Find My Friends Ahead of iOS 5 Release, But You Won’t Find It In the App Store [Gallery]



Alongside the unveiling of its iPhone 4S at an event in Cupertino on October 4, Apple announced a brand new service called Find My Friends. Similar to Find My iPhone, Find My Friends allows you to see where you friends are based on the GPS location of their iOS device. Ahead of the launch of iOS 5 later today, Apple has made the Find My Friends application available, but you won’t find it in the App Store.

In order to download the application, you’ll need to visit on an iOS device, and then tap the link that says ‘Install Find My Friends’. You will then be taken to the App Store to download the app, but for some strange reason, you cannot download it directly from the App Store because it’s doesn’t appear when you search for it. Maybe this will change shortly, however.


Alternatively, you can download the app on your computer from here.

[via 9to5Mac]

  • ad

    Sure. In the German App Store:

  • Stuart Paul Donaghy

    It’s on the AppStore now!

  • Jonathan007spencer

    It’s available in the App Store!

  • Xenoman

    Another reason you can’t download it is because iOS 5 hasn’t been released. I found it in the App Store and it says “Application Not Compatible. This application requires the iPhone 5.0 Software Update.”

  • TannerBott

    kind of pointless to make an article about this app when you can’t get it yet due iOS 5 not being out yet

  • suomynona

    i can’t access the app without iOS 5 installed. thanks for the link though :D

  • Darroyo1119

    It also requires you to already have iOS 5

  • Headcheese

    Interestingly enough, the App says it’s not compatible with my iPad (Gen1 3G).

  • 3doog

    fyi, There are plenty of link to download the ipsw of iOS5 GM 

  • 3doog

    fyi, There are plenty of link to download the ipsw of iOS5 GM 

  • Tanner Heaberlin

    Worked for me,

  • FriarNurgle

    I don’t need an app to tell me I’m Forever Alone.

  • Sugarless_GiRL_10

    Requires iOS 5. Thanks for the info, though.

  • prof_peabody

    that’s not the point.  those are illegal at the moment and technically, no one has iOS 5 except developers.  

    the author is just being lazy.  

  • takeo

    Got it installed, nice

  • 3doog

    but realistically many people besides developers already have them. At least this post is informative for me.