iPad Pro might get Face ID by 2018


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Face ID will come to iPad soon.
Photo: Apple

Apple is planning to make some big design changes to the iPad lineup next year, based on a new report that claims the tablet will ditch the home button.

Hot on the heels of the iPhone X, Apple plans to bring some of its $1,000 smartphone’s key features to the iPad Pro, giving the device the most drastic new look it’s seen since its debut in 2010.

Apple denies report about reduced Face ID accuracy


Want Face ID jokes? Twitter's got a million of them.
Face ID is ready to replace Touch ID.
Photo: Apple

Apple batted down a report this morning that claimed the company made compromises with the iPhone X’s new Face ID hardware after the phone was revealed at last month’s keynote.

Bloomberg reported that “Apple didn’t add extra time to get it right,” referring to the dot projector on the Face ID component saying it’s accuracy is weaker now. This allegedly was done because it was holding back iPhone X manufacturing, but an Apple spokesperson says security hasn’t been weakened.

‘Apple should pull the plug’: 10 iPhone predictions from 2007


iPhone predictions from 2007
They must have been holding their crystal balls wrong.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

iPhone turns 10 Predicting the future is tough, even for the experts. That’s the only lesson we can learn from looking back at these horribly misguided iPhone predictions that greeted the device at its launch 10 years ago.

Before most people had even wrapped their fingers around Apple’s first-gen smartphone, tech pundits, analysts and competing CEOs were already writing off the iPhone as a disaster similar to Apple’s previous excursions into video game consoles and the like.

Here are just a few of the laughable reactions that greeted the iPhone in 2007.

Apple wants records labels to take smaller cut of streaming revenues


apple music app
Music streaming has been a life saver for record labels.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Negotiations for new Apple Music deals are currently underway with record labels and this time around Apple wants to come away with a much bigger cut of the revenue after overpaying for the last two years.

The company is likely to get its wish too, according to a new report that reveals the labels are supposedly open to the possibility of taking a smaller share as long as Apple Music is able to continue growing.

Tim Cooks talks HomePod pricing, and why AR makes him want to ‘scream’


Tim Cook was ranked the nation's top CEO by ExecRank.
Tim Cook's interview covers a range of topics.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Bloomberg has released some more highlights from its recent conversation with Tim Cook, touching on a number of important topics.

Having already confirmed Apple’s interest in self-driving car systems, Cook now speaks about Steve Jobs, why he doesn’t spend any time thinking about his legacy at Apple, Apple’s $1 billion advanced manufacturing fund, his response to accusations that Apple isn’t as innovative as previously, and more.

Check out a few highlights below.

Apple issues $1 billion green bond to fight climate change


Can solar farms feed yaks?
Yak-friendly solar farms are one of Apple's big green projects.
Photo: Apple

Apple is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to fighting climate change.

This morning, the iPhone maker issued a new $1 billion bond on with a special rule that proceeds raised from the bond sale will go towards investment in renewable energy projects.

Tim Cook calls self-driving cars ‘mother of all AI problems’


And here it is in all its glory.
Cook confirms that Apple is interested in autonomous systems for cars.
Photo: Motor1

Tim Cook has shared some details on Apple’s electric car plans, describing self-driving cars as “the mother of all AI projects.”

“We’re focusing on autonomous systems,” Cook said in an interview with Bloomberg Television, which was conducted on June 5, but only published online today. “It’s a core technology that we view as very important … It’s probably one of the most difficult A.I. projects actually to work on.”

Apple is already manufacturing its Siri-powered speaker


The Amazon Echo may finally have competition from Apple.
The Amazon Echo may finally have competition from Apple.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple’s grand unveiling of its Siri-powered home speaker could come as soon as next week, according to a new report that claims production on the new device is already underway.

Whispers that Apple is working on a speaker to rival the Amazon Echo and Google Home have been swirling around the rumor mill for months. Even though Apple execs have downplayed the possibility of a Siri speaker in the past, but it looks like it’s about to become a reality. And it will boast some new tech its rivals don’t have.

T-Mobile and Sprint begin informal merger talks


T-Mobile CEO John Legere.
Photo: T-Mobile

A merger between Sprint and T-Mobile could be back on the table, according to a new report that claims informal talks between the two carriers sparked up again this week.

Sprint attempted to acquire T-Mobile back in 2014 but the deal fell apart because of regulatory concerns. Now the heads of both companies have expressed to investors that they’re willing to consider consolidating again.