Today in Apple history: iPad 2 leak lands insiders in prison


The iPad Pro.
Leaking pre-release images could land you behind bars.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

June 15: Today in Apple history: iPad 2 leak lands insiders in prison June 15, 2011: Three people get sentenced to prison in China for leaking information about the iPad 2 prior to its release.

The Foxconn R&D employees receive sentences ranging from one year to 18 months. They also must pay fines between $4,500 and $23,000. If you ever wonder why more Apple products don’t leak prior to release, this might help explain why!

Apple reportedly cuts 5G iPhone orders on fears of global recession


This iPhone 12 concept borrows from Samsung.
Is Apple cutting back on its orders for the future iPhone 12? It appears so.
Image: ConceptsiPhone

Apple reportedly cut orders for its future 5G iPhones with Chinese component makers, fearing a slowdown in orders as a result of what many economists are already calling the beginnings of a global recession. 

Chinese daily technology newspaper Digitimes reported Friday some component suppliers have been told by Apple they will not need as many parts for new iPhones, expected to be released later this year. Other suppliers now say that they too expect a slowdown in orders from the iPhone-maker.

Bullish analyst lays out best- and worst-case scenarios for Apple in 2020


2020 iPhone concept
Apple's 2020 could go one of a few different ways.
Photo: PhoneArena

The next three months are going to be crucial in determining Apple’s year ahead, Wedbush analyst Dan Ives writes in his latest note to clients, as seen by Cult of Mac.

In a message sent Sunday, Ives lays out his thoughts on best- and worst-case scenarios for Apple over the next few months amid fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. The results likely will have a major impact on Apple going forward.

Apple considers delaying 5G iPhone launch


iPhone 12 with LiDAR scanner
This is what the 2020 iPhone will probably look like.

iPhone fans dying for a 5G upgrade might be kept waiting a little bit longer thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

Apple is reportedly having internal discussions debating whether to delay the launch of the 5G iPhone by months. The iPhone 12 was expected to be released this fall, but Asian news site Nikkei says supply chain problems might force the company to push the date back. And there’s something else worrying Apple execs, too.

Coronavirus pandemic continues to ‘hammer’ Apple’s supply chain


Hammer hammering
This is kind of like a metaphor.
Photo: Unsplash/Moritz Mentges

Apple’s supply chain is still weathering the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, a report published late Thursday by Bloomberg makes clear.

Even though China has seemingly overcome the worst of the coronavirus spread, Apple products are continuing the suffer the impacts. That is likely to manifest itself in the form of delays for new products and fresh batches of existing ones.

With iPhone SE 2 delayed indefinitely, source confirms Apple nixes rumored March event


iPhone 11 Pro
With new products not ready to sell and coronavirus concerns on the rise, a source says Apple postponed a planned product event.
Photo: Apple

Apple decided to postpone a March product launch event after continuing delays in the production of an expected successor to the iPhone SE, a source at Apple confirmed to Cult of Mac.

A number of other problems played into the decision to delay the event that was being planned, including the worsening impact of the COVID-19 strain of the coronavirus in California and elsewhere.

COVID-19 coronavirus could delay launch of 5G iPhones


Latest iPhone was 1 out of every 10 smartphones sold in US last quarter
Apple usually unveils its new iPhones in September.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus could hurt Apple’s plans to launch its first 5G iPhones in the second half of 2020, a new report claims.

According to a DigiTimes report Monday, Apple extended restrictions on employees traveling to parts of Asia until the end of April. The extension will delay tests for the next-generation iPhone that “could have a direct impact” on launch timing.

Apple’s biggest contract manufacturer had a rough February thanks to COVID-19


iPhone sales drive Apple’s biggest supplier to big profits
Foxconn had its worst February in a long time.
Photo: CBS

Apple’s biggest contract manufacturer, Foxconn, endured a rough February as the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak worsened in China.

The company, which is also the world’s biggest electronics manufacturer, suffered its biggest monthly drop in revenue in around seven years. Its earnings, announced Thursday, show an 18.1% decline in revenue versus the same period last year. This marks the company’s third straight month of decline.

Apple’s biggest manufacturer says production will return to normal by end of March


Coronavirus-related shutdowns continue to disrupt Chinese factories.
Coronavirus has severely impacted Foxconn production.
Photo: Steve Jurvetson/Flickr CC

Apple manufacturer Foxconn hopes to resume regular production in China by the end of March.

Foxconn’s operations, which include iPhone production lines, have been severely impacted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The world’s largest electronics contract manufacturer previously said it expects its full-year revenues to take a hit.