Congress asks Spotify for information on Apple’s antitrust behavior


United States Capitol by Jens Junge
All the major tech companies are under investigation.
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Spotify is reportedly helping the feds with their antitrust investigation into Apple’s App Store.

U.S. lawmakers asked Spotify to submit information related to an ongoing antitrust investigation into whether Apple engages in anticompetitive behavior. As one of Apple’s biggest critics, Spotify already helped with probes in Europe. However, this is the first news we’ve had of the company assisting investigators in the United States.

Tim Cook does not think rivals are ‘afraid’ of Apple TV+


Tim Cook does not think rivals are 'afraid' of Apple TV+
Antitrust concerns linger over new Tim Cook interview.
Photo: Apple

Tim Cook is visiting Germany this month, where he attended Munich’s Oktoberfest. In an interview with weekly news magazine Stern, Cook talked local developers, iPhone pricing, and Apple TV+.

So far, so familiar, right? The difference is that Cook’s comments reflect newfound worries about a possible antitrust investigation into Apple.

Facebook is the latest tech giant to face antitrust probe


Facebook faces antitrust investigation.
Google was targeted earlier this month as well.
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The U.S. Justice Department is reportedly preparing an antitrust investigation into Facebook. This comes the same month that U.S. attorneys general revealed plans to probe Google for antitrust violations.

No Facebook investigation has been announced yet. But a “person familiar with the matter” says that is going to happen. This would be the fourth recent antitrust probe of Facebook — and the latest example of the growing pushback against tech giants.

Congress wants to read Tim Cook’s emails for antitrust investigation


Tim Cook with a 2018 WWDC scholarship winner.
Tim shows off the hilarious memes he's forwarded to friends. (Possibly.)
Photo: Apple

House Judiciary Committee leaders want Tim Cook to turn over his emails and other information as part of a possible antitrust investigation.

Cook is one of dozens of executives from Apple, Facebook, Google parent company Alphabet and Amazon named in the request. It follows increased scrutiny of Apple, particularly surrounding the way that it runs the App Store — and possible conflicts of interest that result.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren thinks the tech industry would be more competitive if some big companies were divided up.
Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has taken shots at Apple in the past.


App store
Former Apple boss doesn't buy all the antitrust complaints.
Photo: Apple

State antitrust probes of Google and Facebook don’t include Apple… yet


Millions of iPhone users in the U.K. are suing Google for illicit data collection
States have launched investigations into Facebook and Google but not Apple.
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Separate groups of US state attorneys general are investigating Facebook and Google for antitrust violations. So far, there has been no word of AGs probing Apple.

However, that doesn’t mean the iPhone maker has escaped probes by other government bodies, both in the US and Europe.

US attorneys general prep antitrust investigation into Google


A group called Google You Owe Us wants $1000 each after Google invaded their privacy
Will Google be the first of the tech giants to face an investigation?
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

More than half of U.S. state attorneys general are preparing an antitrust investigation into Google.

This will mark a major ramp-up in the battle between U.S. regulators and Silicon Valley tech giants. The investigation is likely to be announced Monday. Other tech giants also may face antitrust scrutiny.

Breaking up tech giants could get ‘messy,’ warns FTC boss


Millions of iPhone users in the U.K. are suing Google for illicit data collection
But that's not to say it won't happen!
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The chairman of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission isn’t opposed to the breakup of America’s tech giants. However, he acknowledges it would be very, very challenging.

“If you have to, you do it,” Joe Simons told Bloomberg. “It’s not ideal because it’s very messy. But if you have to you have to.”

Qualcomm criticized for using internal Apple documents in court


Millions of iPhone users in the U.K. are suing Google for illicit data collection
FTC argues that Qualcomm should have introduced documents earlier.
Photo: Pexels

The legal battle between Apple and Qualcomm may be settled. But that hasn’t stopped Qualcomm from bringing up Apple’s name in court.

As part of a hearing to stop the enforcement of an antitrust ruling, Qualcomm used internal Apple documents as evidence. And the U.S. Federal Trade Commission wasn’t too happy about it.