The fine art of getting your workstation just how you like it [Setups]


They finally got it just like they like it. How would yours look?
They finally got it just like they like it. How would yours look?

There’s nothing like toiling over a computer setup until you get it just how you like it. Of course, that can mean many different things to different people. Some folks’ setups are as austere as a monk’s workbench while others look like Mission Control on steroids.

Redditor PlaZma64 recently drew attention to their newly completed setup with a post entitled, “Finally got my setup how I like it.” It’s centered on a MacBook Pro, an iPad Pro and a slew of Apple peripherals.

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MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and Dell monitor

PlaZma64’s 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro (sans Touch Bar) sits on an aluminum Rosey Home laptop stand and shares computing chores with a 2020 iPad Pro outfitted with an Apple Pencil 2.

Helping with the networking, an Anker USB-C hub affixes to the left side of the laptop, expanding its connectivity. Further to the left, a power strip tower of some sort bristles with cords (but it’s not named in the post).

There is cable management going on here, with cables grouped and routed in different ways, though it’s not a pristine scene. Some people obsess over making cords disappear, but that’s not the case with this setup.

In addition to the MacBook and iPad screens, PlaZma64 runs a 24-inch Dell P2417H monitor. As displays go, it’s fairly average. The LED-lit screen has plenty of adjustability for comfortable viewing. It features 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution at a 60Hz refresh rate and a 6ms response time. It’s not really meant for super-intensive uses like gaming, but it’s fine.

Getting your setup just how you like it

Along with the items described above, PlaZma64 likes their Apple peripherals. A much-used trio is in play: a Magic Keyboard 2, a Magic Trackpad 2 and a Magic Mouse 2.

We’ve written recently about folks using both a Magic Trackpad and a mouse, which seems to be increasing in popularity. Essentially, the trackpad works great for gestures, while the mouse proves best for focused control.

Looks like PlaZma64 is in that camp, having one input device on either side of the keyboard and (probably) using both hands for separate tasks.

Audio excellence

Regarding sound, PlaZma64 isn’t kidding around — at least not with their choice of headphones. On the left side of the photo, a set of AirPods Max in sky blue sit in their case on a generic headphone stand.

They’re pretty and elegant over-ear headphones, but not just that. There are reasons for their $549 list price. Their Apple-designed dynamic driver provides high-fidelity audio. Active noise cancellation blocks outside noise, but Transparency mode lets some sound in when you want. Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking provides theater-like surround sound.

PlaZma64’s in-the-room sound comes from a single HomePod mini. It offers 360-degree sound in a tiny but potent $99 package.

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