Super-clean rig relies on Magic Trackpad and mouse combo [Setups]


It seems more and more people swear by the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse combo.
It seems more and more people swear by the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse combo.

When you travel the online highways and byways in search of cool computer setups, you start to notice certain patterns. One is that lots of people seem to love Apple’s Magic Trackpad. Another is that plenty of folks hate the Magic Mouse. And a third seems to see a growing number of people absolutely love using a Magic Trackpad + mouse combo — which some onlookers find mystifying.

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The folks using both devices don’t necessarily have two Apple products — a Magic Trackpad and a Magic Mouse. Quite often in setup posts on social media you see a Magic Trackpad and some other mouse, like something from the popular Logitech MX Master series.

And you always see people in the comments section asking why. Don’t the two input devices do the same thing? Well, yes and no, and we’ll get more into that below. We saw this recently in Redditor i_am_cris’ post, “My WFH setup.

In regards to the Magic Mouse haters out there and the reasons they say they detest the device, just have a look at this. Or this. Or this, which is more of a mixture of love and hate.

Magic Trackpad + mouse combo

Cris runs a MacBook Pro on a stand nestled just behind their snazzy 34-inch Samsung CJ791 Ultrawide Curved Gaming Monitor. That quite-nice display features a 100Hz refresh rate, 3440 x 1440 pixel resolution, a 4ms response rate and stereo speakers.

Set on the near side of the display it’s Apple products (almost) all the way. A HomePod mini perches on the monitor stand, with AirPods in their case getting juiced on a MagSafe charger to the left. In front of those lay the trio of Apple peripherals: Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Mouse 2 (the Magic Trackpad + mouse combo).

Buy why? WHY?

Inevitably, the question crops up in the comments section: “Just curious — why do you have the mouse AND trackpad?”

“Well, I use the trackpad’s gestures a lot and sometimes I need the control of the mouse so that’s why I have both,” Cris said.

Other Redditors rushed to support the use of both.

“I like to use both, but on either side of the keyboard,” said one. “Mouse is more admin, and trackpad is for design and overall great for zooming, pen points, curves, etc.”

Ambidexterity is cool

The comment above prompted Cris to move their Magic Trackpad to the left of the keyboard to see if left-handed trackpad use and right-handed mousing would work out.

“This is the way,” said another Redditor, approvingly. We’ve seen that a lot, too. Apparently it’s cooler to use both hands, whichever side you choose for each device.

Several observers commented about liking the Magic Trackpad as a mouse replacement, but then adding a mouse back in for the more precise control it provides.

Some non-Apple products, too

While Cris’ setup is Cupertino-centric, not everything in it is made by Apple. There’s the Samsung display mentioned above, of course, plus the Logitech C920 webcam perched on it.

And while the audio equipment includes a pair of AirPods, most of it isn’t Apple gear. The headphone case on the left side of the desk holds a pair of Sony WH1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones. And when Cris wants a roomful of sound, they turn to a Harmon Kardon Esquire Mini Speaker.

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