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Multicolored iMacs? Tim Cook tweets out photo of Apple’s rainbow stage


Rainbow stage
Party time at Apple.
Photo: Tim Cook/Apple

You know it’s a special day at Apple when the company whips out its rainbow stage. Designed by Apple’s industrial design team, back when Jony Ive was in charge, the rainbow stage — adorned in Apple’s classic logo colors — made its debut in May 2019. That year, it was used for a concert by Lady Gaga for Apple employees.

With many Apple employees currently working from home, a concert after today’s event seems unlikely. Nonetheless, Tim Cook — who tweeted out a picture of the rainbow stage — is clearly in a party mood.

“It’s a beautiful spring morning for an #AppleEvent! See you soon,” he tweeted this morning, ahead of Apple’s Spring Loaded event.

As with Apple’s event invites, Apple-watchers are likely to read details into Cook’s tweet. If I had to take an educated guess, it could be inferred that the image is a tease for Apple’s rumored iMac redesign, which is reported to come in multiple colors.

Then again, this wouldn’t be the first time Cook has cheekily stirred up rumors ahead of an Apple event. Back in 2018, ahead of an Apple event for the iPhone XS, Cook tweeted the words, “No. Who can get it here quickly?” The short tweet was then deleted, as if he had made a mistake by sending a private message on, well, the world’s biggest microblogging website.

In fact, it was a head fake, referring to the Apple event clicker (for changing slides), and an extended skit that played at the start of the keynote.

In other words, who really knows what this means? Aside from that it’s probably worth tuning in later to find out. The Spring Loaded event kicks off at 10 a.m. You can tune in to watch it via the free Apple TV app, on Apple’s website, or on YouTube. Make sure to check in at Cult of Mac for in-depth analysis of everything Apple’s got planned. In the meantime, for more on what we’re expecting to see unveiled, check out our rumor rundown of the event.