New Apple Card customers get free $50 if they use their card to pay for Apple services


Apple Card’s ‘elite card’ status is hitting retailers in the wallet
Here's how you can claim your free $50.
Photo: Apple

Apple is giving out a free $50 to any new Apple Card users who use their fancy credit card to sign up to an Apple subscription service like Apple Music, Apple News+ or Apple TV+, or to spend money in the App Store.

The sign-up deal runs through the end of July. It applies to customers who are spending money on one of Apple’s services using their Apple-branded credit card for the first time.

It is made available to customers in the form of a Daily Cash bonus. Daily Cash goes directly into the user’s Apple Cash account, where it can be used to make other purchases or transferred to the user’s bank account.

This is just the latest Apple Card promo offer. Last month, Apple offered $50 in cash-back to any new Apple Card users who spent $50 or more at Walgreens. In recent months, Apple has also come up with deals to bolster use of its Apple Pay service.

Apple Card is Apple’s first branded credit card

Apple launched its Apple Card in August 2019. The credit card offers a slew of benefits. Among these is easier visualization of spending habits and a fancy (suitably minimalist) card design. You can check out Cult of Mac‘s review of the Apple Card here. New users can sign up for Apple Card via the Wallet & Apple Pay section of their iOS settings, as well as online.

This latest deal isn’t the first time Apple has used Apple Card to help push purchases in its other verticals. Apple Card customers currently get 3% Daily Cash back on purchases made directly with Apple. That includes the Apple Store, Apple Online Store, App Store, iTunes, and for all Apple services.

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