Fancade is a massive iOS game collection app that lets you create your own


New iOS app Fancade lets you play existing games or make your own.
New iOS app Fancade lets you play existing games or make your own.
Image: Fancade

What could be better than a mobile app that lets you play masses of games, like an old-school arcade squeezed onto your iPhone? A mobile app that lets you play masses of games and make your own new ones.

That’s what Swedish developer Martin Magni created with Fancade, a new iOS app launching Thursday. It offers a huge collection of mini-games, all created using the app itself, along with a drag-and-drop game-maker that lets you create your own.

“I grew up playing and making games, back in the ’90s when the tools were not as good as now,” Magni, 41, told Cult of Mac. “After [university] I started a company to make better game tools for pros. That went terribly until we repurposed the tool into a game for everyone except the pros. That game was Blocksworld, and I’ve been working with user-generated content ever since.”

Bored of the existing games? Fancade lets you make your own

Prior to creating Fancade, Magni made Mekorama, a 2016 game that looked a little like the brilliant Monument Valley — but featured a level editor for anyone who wanted to create their own stages.

That same cute voxel art style carries over into Fancade, although the new title offers a far greater breadth of game types. It packs in many genres, including puzzle, action, racing and jumping. They’re not exactly graphical powerhouses, and lean more toward the casual mobile game than in-depth time-suckers, but they promise to be good, pick-up-and-play fun.

The game editor is the really exciting bit, though. All Fancade games were created using the app. Magni, and Fancade’s community of players, can add new ones every day.

“If you’re feeling creative then you’ll find the tools are quite powerful,” Magni said. “We have everything from beginners making levels with pre-built kits, to long-time users inventing entirely new game mechanics.”

Fancade will officially launch later today. You can find out more information about it here. That includes a whole lot of documentation for making your own titles. Have fun!