Gorgeous puzzle game Mekorama hopes to be 2016’s Monument Valley


Familiar, but with a difference.
Photo: Martin Magni

I was an enormous fan of the puzzle game Monument Valley, and it appears that I was far from the only one.

That’s based on the look of new iOS puzzler Mekorama, which adopts a similarly surreal aesthetic for a game that looks set to dazzle, delight and downright befuddle gamers mobile gamers everywhere.

Check out the trailer — and download link — below.

While the graphics are certainly similar to Monument Valley, however, this is far from a cash-in ripoff. In fact, Mekorama is made by the same developer behind the brilliant and original Odd Bot Out. Among its most intriguing concepts is the addition of a level editor, so you can have your own go at playing M.C. Escher.

I haven’t had a chance to play Mekorama yet, but I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to do so this week. If you’re similarly taken by the above trailer, you can do the same by downloading it at the below link. The game is free, although there are “pay what you want” in-app purchases allowing you to throw a few coins the way of the developer if you so wish.

This is already being talked about as one of the year’s best mobile games, so get hold of a copy now and play the bearded hipster by telling everyone else you liked Mekorama before it was mainstream.

Source: iTunes