Dropbox Transfer makes sharing huge files from your iPad a snap

Dropbox Transfer makes sharing huge files from your iPad a snap


Dropbox Transfer
Dropbox Transfer simplifies sending and receiving up to 100GB of files.
Photo: Dropbox

iPhone and iPad can now take advantage of Dropbox Transfer, which allows users to more easily send and receive up to 100 GB of files.

It doesn’t have the size restrictions of email, and is simpler than Dropbox’s traditional system for sharing files.

“While sharing through Dropbox is great for collaboration, sometimes you want to just hand off files without having to worry about permissions, ongoing access, and storage,” points out Marley Spector, Dropbox’s Product Manager.

Using Dropbox Transfer to share big files

The new Transfer feature enables users to create collections up to 100GB in size from the Dropbox desktop and iOS apps, in addition to dropbox.com.

Once the collection is complete, the user is given a link that can be sent to anyone, even people who don’t have Dropbox installed.

A custom download page can be created, and a password can be added or removed, even after the link is sent. Plus, the sender can be notified when someone downloads the Transfer.

No separate application is needed for this feature; it’s being built into the Dropbox for iOS. Updates to the software are rolling out starting today.

Source: Dropbox