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Everything you need to know about iOS 13


Pile of usb junk
iOS 13 lets you plug almost any USB device into your iPhone or iPad.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

iOS 13, which launches today, is less about a grand, orchestrated new direction, and more about lots of really, really useful little features and tweaks. For instance, one of the best changes is that Safari on iPad is now a proper desktop browser, just like you have on you Mac. And then there’s the new top row of the share sheet, which gives one-tap buttons to share to friends via iMessage.

Or, in iPadOS 13, which ships at the end of the month, you can plug in pretty much any USB device and it will work. Hard drives, SD cards full of movies, anything.

So, while you’re waiting for the new version of iOS to install on your device(s), check out all the new iOS 13 features right here.

All iOS 13’s best new features


In iOS 13, Photos is now an image-editing powerhouse
In iOS 13, Photos is now an image-editing powerhouse
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Even for older devices, the Camera app and Photos app bring some amazing additions. The new Photo library view will take a bit of getting used to, but you’ll soon love it. The editing tools alone are worth the upgrade, and you can even edit your videos.

How to use iOS 13’s new High-Key Mono Portrait Lighting effect

Check out the next-level photo editing tools in iOS 13

iOS 13 finally lets you edit, crop and filter your videos

iOS 13 lets you strip location data when sharing photos

New in iOS 13

QuickPath and Apple Pencil with the floating keyboard.
QuickPath and Apple Pencil with the floating keyboard.
Photo: Cult of Mac

There are a few brand-new features in iOS 13, including welcome additions to Mail, and the keyboard. Check them out.

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Apple Pencil and QuickPath floating keyboard

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Here’s how multi-select works in iPadOS 13

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How to use iPadOS’ new full-page PDF capture tool

How to use the amazing new text tools in iPadOS

New Apple apps features

All your custom Memoji are available as stickers.
All your custom Memoji are available as stickers.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Reminders, Notes, iMessage and even the Podcasts app all get new features in iOS 13.

How to use the new iPhone Migration tool

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How to repeat and shuffle songs in iOS 13

Time and location triggers make Shortcuts far more useful in iOS 13

How to use Safari’s download manager in iOS 13

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Finally, iOS 13 can create reminders from Mail

How to use Apple Maps Look Around feature in iOS 13

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iPadOS Files’ search is now almost as good as the Mac’s

Using a mouse and USB devices in iOS 13

iPad mouse mappings
The iPad is fantastic with a multi-button mouse.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

This is mostly for the iPad, but you can use a mouse with the iPhone if you really want to. And yes, with the right Camera Connection Kit adapter, you can even plug a hard drive or thumb drive into your iPhone.

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Safari tips

The new screen capture tool can now save full-page PDFs from Safari.

Oh, Safari. You’re even better than your Mac version now!

iOS 13 Safari stops you from opening the same site twice

How to use Safari’s amazing new settings in iOS 13

How to save all open tabs to a folder in iOS 13 Safari

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