Today in Apple history: ‘Misunderstood’ iPhone ad wins Emmy


The heartwarming
"Misunderstood" earns Apple its second Emmy.
Photo: Apple

Aug 18 Today in Apple history: Apple's 'Misunderstood' iPhone ad wins Emmy August 18, 2014: A Christmas-themed iPhone ad lands Apple an Emmy for “Most Outstanding Commercial of the Year.”

The prize-winning spot is Apple’s “Misunderstood” iPhone 5s ad. It depicts a silent teenager who won’t spend time with his family at Christmas because he’s too busy with his iPhone. At the end of the ad, he reveals that he’s not actually being a misanthrope. He used his iPhone and iMovie to shoot and edit a heartwarming family montage!

Get up to $600 off a new MacBook Pro [Deals & Steals]


Been waiting to pull the trigger on a 2018 MacBook Pro? Now's the time!
Been waiting to pull the trigger on a 2018 MacBook Pro? Now's the time!
Photo: Apple

In today’s Deals & Steals roundup, we’ll tell you where to save up to $600 on a new MacBook Pro. Plus, you’ll find great discounts on a refurbished iPad Air 2, a gaming PC and a neck massager to help you get over the stress of a hard week’s work.

Plus, we’ve still got a few refurbished MacBook Airs at an absolutely fantastic price. Cult of Mac readers can get one for less than $400!

Here’s what we can expect from next month’s Apple event (maybe)


Tim Cook
What will Tim Cook announce next month?
Photo: Apple

Apple could introduce three new iPhones, two new iPads and an entry-level MacBook at its September event, according to a new report based on supply chain info.

In addition to new details about the fall product lineup, the report also offers up a surprising prediction about Apple’s long-awaited AirPower wireless charger,

See Turks smash iPhones to protest Trump’s tariffs


turkey protests
One protester tossed their iPhone X into a box of matches.
Photo: Twitter

iPhone owners in Turkey are taking to the streets to smash their iPhones in protest against the country’s strained relationship with the United States.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on Turks to boycott U.S. products — specifically the iPhone made by Apple in California. Multiple videos have been posted online showing iPhone owners using hammers, rocks and even fire to destroy their iPhones.

Watch one of the demonstrators greet some iPhones with a sledgehammer!

New clue points to Apple Pencil coming to iPhone


iPad ad
Apple Pencil won't stay exclusive to iPad for long.
Photo: Apple

Both of this year’s OLED iPhones will support the Apple Pencil, a new report suggests, citing “industry insiders.”

If true, this would represent the first time in Apple history in which the iPhone used a stylus, something that Steve Jobs was adamantly opposed to. Samsung’s iPhone rival, the Galaxy Note, has long shipped with a stylus called the S Pen.

Beware, this apple pop-up shop isn’t selling iPhones


Apple popup shop
This is not a real Apple store.
Photo: Ashley Carman/The Verge

Apple fans in NYC eager to visit the company’s first ever pop-up shop in The Big Apple are going to be in for a rude surprise when they show up to the doors tomorrow morning.

A new store has popped up in the Big Apple this week promising to provide a taste of the future. The logo and font on the outside is minimalist and very Apple-esque, but instead of selling limited editions iPhones or Apple Watches, the shops are promoting actual apples.

Fat cats can order their gold-dipped 2018 iPhones right now


But how will people know you're filthy rich unless you tell them in the loudest way possible?
Photo: Goldgenie

Apple’s next-gen iPhones haven’t even been announced yet, but already a few rich folks are seemingly worried about how they’ll stand out from the pack with a boring old regular 2018 Apple handset. Fortunately, the gold-plating firm Goldgenie has a six or even seven-figure answer for them.

Currently available to pre-order are both the 5.8 and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones heavily rumored for next month — with a glitzy gold finish.

Flying phone drone puts your selfie game to shame


Would you trust your $1,000 to the tiny propellers on this flying iPhone drone?
Would you trust those tiny propellers with your $1000 iPhone?
Photo: T3chformation

Drone photography has taken off big time the last two years, but if you haven’t been able to afford on of DJI‘s incredible drones, don’t worry, pretty soon your iPhone could have the powers of flight.

One brilliant tech-modder managed to attach battery-powered propellers to his iPhone case making it the ultimate selfie-machine.

Check it out:

How to get the best price for your old iPhone


iPhone SE boxed
Don’t settle for less. Get real cash for your old iPhone — and fast!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

We’re around a month away from Apple’s next iPhone event, which means it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll do with your old iPhone.

Will you hand it down to another family member, leave it lying in a drawer to collect dust, or turn it into a fat stack of cash that will help you pay for the newest model? Obviously, selling it is the sensible option — and we can show you how to get the best price for your old iPhone!

iPhone could get the accessory that every iPad Pro owner loves


Apple Pencil is the ultimate iPad accessory.
The Apple Pencil could be coming soon to an iPhone near you.
Photo: Apple

If you’ve been hankering to use the Apple Pencil with your iPhone, you may finally get your wish this year. That’s according to a new report from market intelligence firm TrendForce, which suggests that Apple’s next-gen OLED iPhones will boast support for the company’s high-end stylus.

At present, the Apple Pencil is available only for the iPad Pros and the latest entry-level iPad. Apple introduced the accessory in late 2015.