Save $500 on the 2018 MacBook Pro [Deals & Steals]


Been waiting to pull the trigger on a 2018 MacBook Pro? Now's the time!
You won’t want to miss this deal on Apple’s fastest notebook!
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Pick up Apple’s latest 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar for a lot less at B&H Photo. This high-end model packs an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD for $500 off its usual price.

That’s just one of the awesome offers in today’s Deals & Steals roundup. We also have a big reduction on the latest Amazon Echo Dot, a jaw-dropping deal on a stellar 4K display from Samsung, $60 off urBeats3 earphones, and more!

Struggling iPhone display maker looking for other ways to make money


iphone XS
Japan Display has lost 80 percent of its value this year.
Photo: Apple

Just a few years back, Japan Display was talking about building a $1.4 billion factory to create iPhone displays for Apple. Jump forward to 2018 and the company is having to reimagine its future for a world in which smartphone growth isn’t guaranteed.

According to a new report, Japan Display has responded by focusing on smart sensors. Compared to one year ago, the firm has shifted one-third of its research staff to sensor development. These would be focused on everything from sleep tracking to assorted healthcare applications.

Today in Apple history: Apple buys ‘iPhone’ web domain


iPhone SE 7
Do you remember when you first heard the name iPhone?
Photo: Sam Mills/Cult of Mac

December 14: Today in Apple history: Apple buys 'iPhone' web domain December 14, 1999: Apple acquires the domain name, prompting years of speculation that Cupertino is considering building a cellphone.

While the news generates interest, some take it as a warning sign. Apple only recently abandoned the kind of non-computer projects like games consoles, PDAs and digital cameras that proved to be dead ends earlier in the decade.

An Apple phone could never be a thing, right?

Apple hopes iOS update will help overturn costly iPhone sales ban in China


Qualcomm headquarters
Apple says an iPhone ban would force a settlement with Qualcomm.
Photo: Qualcomm

Apple is rushing to release an iOS update in China to resolve potential infringement of Qualcomm patents. The news follows a report stating that a Chinese sales ban of certain iPhone models would cost Apple millions of dollars a day.

“Early next week we will deliver a software update for iPhone users in China addressing the minor functionality of the two patents at issue in the case,” Apple said in a statement.

Jennifer Garner will star in new J.J. Abrams series for Apple


jennifer garner
Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow in the show Alias
Photo: ABC

Jennifer Garner and J.J. Abrams are finally getting back together to create an all-new TV show.

The duo rose to stardom in the early 2000s with Abram’s TV show Alias that starred Garner as a double agent for the Central Intelligence Agency. Now they’re set to make a TV show for Apple, only it won’t be quite as action-packed as their last endeavor together.

Quick! Trade in your old Apple devices before the holidays


iPhone SE
Don’t let your old Apple devices collect dust.
Photo: Sam Mills/Cult of Mac

If you’re going to become the proud owner of a brand new Apple device over the holidays, it’s time to start thinking about what you should do with your old ones. Don’t let them sit around, collecting dust.

Your old iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac could be worth a small fortune — and Cult of Mac wants to buy it! We typically pay more than other trade-in services, and we won’t leave you waiting ages for your cash.

U.S. iPhone ban isn’t out of the question in Qualcomm battle


Qualcomm headquarters
Apple has been battling Qualcomm since early last year.
Photo: Qualcomm

Certain iPhone models have been barred for sale in China, but a similar ban in the U.S. isn’t totally out of the question. The U.S. International Trade Commission has said that it plans to review a previous ruling stating that a ban on iPhone imports was not in the interests of the general public — even in the event that Apple infringed on a Qualcomm patent.

Apple and Qualcomm have been battling it out for much of the past two years. They are scheduled to meet in court next April.

This mini iPhone concept is as cute as a button


Would you like a smaller iPhone?
Photo: Dongjae "Krystofer" Kim

It’s been an unmistakable trend for the past five years: iPhones are getting physically larger. Given the popularity of “phablets,” that makes perfect sense — but it’s not for everyone.

One of those people is designer Dongjae “Krystofer” Kim. Kim recently put together a concept design for what a mini version of the current iPhones might look like. And it’s actually pretty darn neat. Check it out below.

Job listing hints at Apple-made modems coming to iPhone


The Apple T2 chip could be the source of mysterious crashes afflicting two of Apple's newest computers.
Apple wants to bring its chip-designing skillset to modems.

Qualcomm and Intel could both soon lose out on Apple’s wireless chip business completely.

After switching from Qualcomm modems to Intel modems (and causing a huge legal war in the process), Apple is reportedly looking to build more wireless chips on its own. The company is staffing up in San Diego and based on one job listing, the team is working on a cellular modem chip.

Google CEO has to tell Congressman who makes the iPhone


Google hearing 2
The iPhone: not made by Google.
Photo: C-Span

This year’s Facebook congressional hearing highlighted just how little many lawmakers know about the technology which dominates our lives.

That seemingly didn’t change during yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing with Google CEO Sundar Pichai. At one point in proceedings 69-year-old Republican Congressman Steve King expressed his disappointment to Pichai that his 7-year-old daughter had been shown a photo of her grandfather with some unflattering language on her iPhone.

“Congressman, the iPhone is made by a different company,” Pichai said.