Save $20 on AirPods, $70 on Sonos One [Prime Day Deals & Steals]


Prime Day 2019 is finally here.
Image: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Amazon Prime Day 2019 is into day two, and the big discounts keep on coming. There are massive savings on more then 1 million products that you won’t want to miss — including some terrific deals on tech.

We’ve been updating our Deals & Steals liveblog with awesome new offers you have to see — including up to $20 off the newest AirPods, and $70 off the Sonos One + $50 Amazon gift card bundle.

Other highlights include up to 53% on Beats Solo3 wireless headphones, up to 38% on iPad and iPad Pro, and up to 43% off must-have battery packs from Anker.

We’ll continue to update our liveblog throughout the day, so be sure to keep an eye on it for other big savings.

Want to keep playing Fortnite on mobile? Don’t install iOS 13


Fortnite mobile controller
It’s tempting to update just for better controller support. But you shouldn’t.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

If you want to continue to enjoy Fortnite on your iPhone and iPad, you should avoid upgrading to iOS 13 and iPadOS for now.

Epic Games has warned users that there are “stability concerns” with Apple’s latest betas. Installing them early could mean that you’re no longer able to play the its battle royale game.

Microsoft is working on mobile Xbox controllers for iPhone


They would be perfect for streaming Xbox games.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft has started developing new Xbox controllers for mobile gaming. Prototype images reveal how the gamepads might attach to the sides of your iPhone and iPad for portable play.

The controllers would be ideal for Microsoft’s upcoming Project xCloud service, which will allow players to stream Xbox games to their smartphones and tablets.

Making music on iPad forced me back to the Mac


Tuning a ukulele
Sometime the old ways are the best.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

I use my iPad for almost all my computing. I write, read, record and edit music, edit photos — you name it. I’ve used my decade-old Mac less and less in recent years, as the iPad, or rather iOS, has gotten ever more capable.

But this week I dusted off my Mac, ordered some extra RAM (yes, it’s still available!), and fired it up. Why? Because, as powerful as the iPad is, the Mac is still way, way better for some tasks. In my case, that task is recording and editing music.

Apple should sue Xiaomi for its blatant copying — but it won’t


Xiaomi Mimoji look very familiar.
Mimoji is one of many products Xiaomi has ripped from Apple.
Photo: Xiaomi

Xiaomi has a history of shamelessly ripping off bigger brands, and nine times out of ten, its chosen target is Apple.

The Chinese company has previously cloned the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and more — without a single shred of fear that it might one day feel the wrath of Apple’s legal department.

Xiaomi’s latest ripoff is its own version of Memoji, and it brazenly stole Apple’s own commercials to promote it on a number of retail channels this week.

Here’s how Xiaomi gets away with it.

Apple allegedly considering a foldable 5G iPad


Folding iPhone 2
Are you in the market for a folding iPad?
Photo: Foldable News

Apple’s planning the biggest design change to the iPad in its near-10 year history, a new report claims.

According to a report from IHS Markit, Apple is developing a folding iPad. This future tablet will boast a MacBook size screen, but foldable into something a fraction of the size. Oh, yes, and it’ll supposedly have 5G capabilities, too.