Pandemic drives buyers toward bigger tablets with detachable keyboards


A rise in tablet sales benefits the iPad Air.
Buyers are increasingly interested in tablets that can also function as laptops.
Photo: Apple

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing unexpected consequences, including a sudden sharp rise in tablet sales, according to a market-research firm. Specifically, there’s significantly increased demand for large tablets with removable keyboards that can function as laptops.

Save $30 on Apple’s newest 10.2-inch iPad with faster A12 chip


New 2020 iPad
The same great iPad, only faster.
Photo: Apple

Amazon is already offering generous discounts on Apple’s newest 10.2-inch iPad. The faster model, which packs an A12 Bionic chip, can be yours for as little as $299 — a full $30 off the usual price.

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Apple leads the way in consumer satisfaction for Mac and iPad


The 2020 iMac is faster, but didn’t get a new design.
Customers are pretty darn satisfied when it comes to Mac.
Photo: Apple

Apple fans love to complain every so often, but overall they remain pretty darn satisfied when it comes to the company’s personal computer offerings.

That’s according to data from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which reports that Apple ranks No. 1 in user satisfaction for personal computers with a score of ACSI score of 82. This ranking covers iMacs, MacBooks and iPads.

Master iOS 14’s best new features [Cult of Mac Magazine 367]


Now that you've upgraded, it's time to take advantage of all the new iOS 14 features.
Now that you've upgraded, it's time to take advantage of all the new features.
Cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

If you downloaded iOS 14 — and you really should — you probably know it’s packed with tons of new features. Find out how to make the most of all the latest additions with our roundup of iOS 14 tips and how-tos.

And, naturally, we’ve got plenty of coverage of this week’s big “Time Flies” event. Get the scoop on the new Apple Watches, iPads and Apple services in the latest edition of Cult of Mac Magazine. It’s free, and it’s a blast to read on your iPad or iPhone.

You’ll also get the rest of our Apple how-tos and product reviews. And, if you don’t want to download the mag (did I mention that it’s free?), you can get the week’s top stories in your browser below.

What those strange new green and orange dots on iPhone and iPad mean


What green and orange dots mean on iPhone and iPad with iOS 14
They're there for a reason and you should look out for them.
Image: Cult of Mac

If you’ve already updated to iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, you might be wondering why green or orange dots sometimes appear in the corner of your screen on iPhone and iPad. It’s not the result of a strange bug.

Instead, those dots are there to help protect your privacy. When they appear, it means certain features on your device are in use, and it’s important to look out for them. Here’s why.

Deciding between iPad Air 4 and iPad Pro could be a real struggle


iPad Air 4 vs. 2020 iPad Pro vs. iPad 8
Apple’s current lineup of tablets offers a lot of overlap in features.
Photo: Apple/Cult of Mac

The newly announced iPad Air 4 is going to make choosing a tablet harder. It borrows so many features from the 2020 iPad Pro models that many who might have gone for one of Apple’s professional tablets should choose this new model instead. But certainly not everyone.

Here’s how these devices compare, with the newly-unveiled iPad 8 thrown in for good measure.