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Apple highlights iOS’s Screen Time feature in new ad


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Apple makes it easy to monitor how much we use our devices.
Photo: Apple

Apple is proud of its Screen Time feature for iOS, and it shows it off in a new ad.

Part of an ongoing series of ads highlighting different iOS features, the short spot is designed to make users aware of something they can do on their iPhones they may not know about.

Screen Time was first shown off at Apple’s WWDC event in June 2018. It debuted with iOS 12 later that year. It allows users to keep tabs on exactly how much they use their devices.

“We make money if we can convince you to buy an iPhone, but I don’t want you using the product a lot.” Tim Cook said during a recent ABC interview. “What we want to build are products to enrich your life, do something you couldn’t do without it. That’s what gets us excited.”

Too much screen time?

There’s still mixed conclusions about what effect our reliance on devices has on us. Some researchers have linked overuse of things like social media to depression and other problems. However, many users report being happy with the amount of time they spend staring at screens.

Nonetheless, giving people the ability to monitor this feature is definitely a positive for those who want it. And while most of us reading this website are more than familiar with Screen Time, this ad will doubtless introduce it to some users who don’t follow Apple quite as obsessively.

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