New ads show off iPhone encryption, recycling, and privacy


iPhone recycling 1
Not every important feature of the iPhone is immediately visible.
Photo: Apple

Not every feature that makes the iPhone special is an immediately visible one like fancy new displays or new color options. Some of the things which make iOS great are under-the-hood features like its focus on encryption, privacy in the App Store — and even Apple’s sustainable focus on iPhone recycling.

Those are three of the topic highlighted in a series of new ads. Apple shared them to its YouTube channel in Australia over the weekend. Check them out:

iMessage Encryption

App Store Privacy

Material Recycling

The short ads are just 15-seconds long. However, they do a good job of raising these complex topics as things that users should make sure to consider.

The three ads are part of Apple’s “That’s iPhone” marketing campaign. The campaign is currently running around the world. It is designed to show off some of the aspects of iPhones that people might not be aware of.