macOS Mojave draws ever closer with developer beta 10 release


macOs Mojave
macOS Mojave's dynamic wallpapers are just one of the new features, and the first non-beta version is coming soon.
Photo: Apple

Many Americans are on holiday this week, but not Apple. It just dropped the tenth macOS Mojave developer beta. And the full non-beta version of this updated laptop and desktop operating system is right around the corner.

The company often introduces iOS betas at the same time as macOS ones, but that hasn’t happened today. Not yet, anyway.

Of course, Apple just release iOS 12 beta 12 on Friday to fix a false notification bug that was driving people crazy.

About macOS Mojave developer beta 10

macOS Mojave developer beta 9 came out last Monday, the usual day of the week for these releases. Obviously, the Labor Day holiday pushed back the introduction of today’s beta 10.

This is almost certainly one of the very last betas before the full introduction of macOS 11.14 Mojave. Apple has scheduled a press event for September 12, just over a week from today. The 2018 iPhone models are expected to be the focus, but an announcement of the macOS Mojave release date is also anticipated. With the full version so close, beta 10 is almost certainly just a collection of tweaks and bug fixes. Any major changes would be shocking.

This version is only available to those who have enrolled in the Apple Developer Program and paid a $99 annual fee. Still, a new public beta release is expected soon.

What’s new in macOS Mohave

macOS Mojave brings a new Dark Mode, Dynamic Wallpapers, and other tweaks to the user interface. It also comes with a new way to install updates.

Our video gives more details about this upcoming version:

One of the new UI improvements in Mojave is “Stacks.”. When requested, this organizes files into stacks on the side of the screen. These can be categorized by file type, date, or tags.

The Mac App Store is redesigned is the same way its iOS equivalent was last year. It includes tabs offering curated software selections categorized by function.

In addition, macOS Mojave brings some big security imrovements. To help prevent companies from tracking you online, Apple added a feature that makes it harder to fingerprint the characteristics of your particular computer so that every Mac looks the same.