Fortnite 5.10 brings new weapons and challenges, iOS improvements


Fortnite first birthday
Celebrate Fortnite’s first birthday with special rewards.
Photo: Epic Games

This week’s Fortnite 5.10 is rolling out now, adding new weapons, new challenges, and some nice improvements for players on iOS.

The brand new compact SMG makes its official debut, and there are a series of challenges and rewards to enjoy for Fortnite’s first birthday. An improved Playground mode is also available for a limited time.

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that nothing in this world can be certain, except death and taxes. But Franklin was wrong; you can also be sure of weekly Fortnite updates that keep Battle Royale feeling fresh.

This week’s patch, like most of them, is a big one. It adds a new weapon, a new limited-time game mode, and new content to celebrate the game’s first birthday.

Fortnite 5.10 has landed

The compact SMG that Epic promised earlier this week is now available. It comes in epic and legendary variants and can be found in chests, supply drops, vending machines, and on the floor.

The compact SMG is the third SMG to be added into the game in recent months, following the drum gun and the submachine gun. It’s part of Epic’s mission to change close-quarters combat, which has previously been dominated by shotguns.

Slurp Juice now grants players 1 health point every 0.5 seconds, up to a total of 75, making it significantly more useful than it’s ever been before. What’s more, if your health bar is full, all 75 points will be applied to your shield.

Playground mode makes a comeback

The insanely popular Playground mode returns in this update — and now it’s even better. Players can set up squad battles and switch teams in-game, and matches no longer end if one player leaves the server.

The all terrain kart has also been added to the game, and loot spawns have been increased significantly, ensuring you and your friends never run out of weapons, ammo, equipment, or materials.

First birthday celebrations

As if that wasn’t enough to look forward to, Epic is celebrating Fortnite’s first birthday with special challenges and rewards. Here’s what’s up for grabs and how you’ll unlock everything:

  • Fortnite birthday emoticon — deal 1,000 damage to opponents
  • Happy Birthday spray — dance at difference birthday cakes
  • 5,000 XP — play 14 matches
  • Birthday cake back bling — complete all three challenges above

These challenges will be available until August 7, so you have until then to complete them and claim the rewards.

You may also notice that the Battle Bus and supply drops have been decorated with a birthday theme, and consumable cake slices are dotted around the Battle Royale map. Eat them to gain +5 health and +5 shield instantly.

Fortnite improvements on iOS

Lastly, this update makes some nice improvements to Fortnite on mobile. New buttons are available inside the HUD layout tool, and you can now download patches in the background while you use other apps.

For the complete list of changes and improvements — there are a ton this week! — check out the 5.10 patch notes on the Fortnite blog.