Fortnite fights intensify with brand new submachine gun


Fortnite submachine gun
Get up close and personal with the new submachine gun.
Photo: Epic Games

The mammoth Fortnite season five update gave us stacks of awesome new content to enjoy, but it seems it wasn’t enough for Epic Games.

This week, players can enjoy a brand new submachine gun which is sure to make close-quarter gunfights even more intense.

We weren’t expecting much from this week’s Fortnite update after season five made its debut just five days ago, adding new areas to explore, a new vehicle to ride around in, and more than 100 new rewards.

But Fortnite fans know what Epic never stops working to keep its game feeling fresh, which is why a brand new weapon is on the way.

A new submachine gun for Battle Royale

There used to be three SMGs to choose from in Battle Royale, but the orignial SMG became the first weapon to be thrown into vault. That left the silenced SMG and the tactical SMG, but now the latter has been removed, too. A new gun takes its place.

It’s called the submachine gun — no confusion there — and it promises “a fast rate of fire and improved mobility.” It offers yet another counter to shotguns, pistols, and rocket launchers in close-quarter gunfights.

You can start using the new submachine gun in Battle Royale today. It’s available across all platforms, including console, PC, and iOS.