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Samsung predictably takes shots at iPhone X in latest Galaxy S9 ad


Galaxy S9
Seriously, get a new ad strategy!
Photo: Samsung

Apple is known for strikingly original ads which have changed the course of advertising history, and are studied by creatives decades after they first aired. Samsung is known for ads that rip on Apple.

Its latest spot, which pokes fun at the supposedly slow download speeds of the iPhone X, is just the latest example. Check it out below.

Faster than its rivals

Samsung has long advertised the Galaxy S9 as having faster download speeds than any other smartphone. A previous study from Ookla, the company behind, suggested that Samsung’s handsets are up to 37 percent faster than the iPhone X.

With that said, there are ways to advertise this fact that draw attention to Samsung’s handsets, as opposed to using the opportunity to take a swipe at the iPhone X. Sure, the new ad imparts a factoid about the latest Galaxy handset, but it still makes clear that the iPhone is the handset to beat. That may be true, but do you really want to underline it for potential customers?

Samsung’s history of dissing Apple

As noted, this isn’t the first time Samsung has taken shots at Apple — despite the fact that the company is seemingly tripping over itself to secure orders to build iPhone components for Apple. Earlier this year, Samsung’s “Moving On” ad threw numerous jabs at the iPhone.

Previous ads took shots at Apple’s then-lack of wireless charging, problems relating to an Apple livestream back in 2014, and… well, pretty much anything else it can jump on.

Hey, we guess you’ve got to do whatever you can to quell the number of new customers picking Apple over Android for their new handsets.