iPhone owners are wall-hugging loners in newest Samsung ad


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It’s the iPhone’s battery life that gets attacked in Samsung’s newest TV ad for the Galaxy S5. With the tagline “don’t be a wall hugger,” the ad depicts iPhone owners in desperate need of a charge at the airport. We’ve all been there, sadly.

Galaxy S5 users walk about without a care in the world showing off the device’s powering saving mode (which basically makes it a dumb phone) and swappable battery. The ad itself is another attempt to make Samsung’s product look better than Apple’s by slinging mud, and it comes across just as petty as it did the last dozen times.

The 5.1-inch S5 does have impressive battery life, but it’s also much larger than the current iPhone design. Apple is expected to introduce two larger iPhones this fall with the largest expected to be 5.5 inches. A bigger device means more room for the battery.

Don’t expect Apple to do an interchangeable battery design, however. Guess Samsung wins that one.

  • According to the ad, for every 50-60 iPhone users, there are 3-4 Samsung users. Samsung fails yet again.

    • John

      how is this a fail dude? that just shows how many sheep are out there, I used to own nothing but iPhones but caught on to better technologies, I still own two iMacs though, Apple still rules this arena, now bash me, lmao.

      p.s. see my pic attached.

      • Derek Schlicker

        Sheep? Or market share? Can’t have it both ways buddy.

        Sync up battery life data with internet traffic data and you’ll see why iPhones might have less life on a charge. The users actually use the devices! What a novel concept.

      • John

        it really depends on the user bro, I am a tech enthusiast, I use my devices for most everything, it really depends on the type of user.

      • Kr00

        “Tech enthusiast”, which is code for “Fandroid troll”. “Dude”, the only “sheep” are the ones who follow Samscum. You should learn more about the company you so blindly follow.


      • Mark Langston

        Calling yourself a “tech enthusiast” while using a decade-old mockery mantra like “sheep” to describe people who prefer Apple connotes both a cognitive dissonance towards the industry as well as a complete disrespect of opposing opinions.

        If someone used a derogatory term to describe your love of Android products you’d probably go on a rant about what makes Android devices better in order to convince that person that your passion isn’t misguided.

        It’s nice that you have two iMacs (very impressive set-up by the way) so it’s obvious that you appreciate at least some of what Apple offers.

        As for the battery, EVERYONE clings to walls at some point. There’s also the matter of the S5 being over 1″ bigger meaning the battery will naturally be bigger. This will be a short-lived victory lap for Samsung as the iPhone 6 will surely have a larger battery and will likely match or possibly surpass the S5’s battery capacity.

      • Robert Trance

        in combination with iOS 8 might even surpass the retarded S5 by a long shot, while honestly i don’t find the iPhone 5 – 5s bad, Samsung loves to exaggerate big time in their trolling ads, nothing new here :-)
        Let’s just simply love our iDevices and be happy we don’t use a Touchwiz….

        Btw, my niece complains how her S5 doesn’t go beyond half a day with its battery…..she is the only family member not being on iPhone, and that soon might change

      • PeterBlood

        If you “caught up with better technologies” and ecosystem you wouldn’t be using an Android phone. Android is much ado about nothing. When iOS 8 and Yosemite come out and you’re stuck with an Android phone you’ll look even less intelligent.

      • Oli Laban

        I challenge you to name a technology that iPhones have and Android phones do not. Fire away!

      • PeterBlood

        You first challenger! (BTW I could give a rat’s hindquarters over insignificant items only a Google nut could desperately love. )

      • Oli Laban

        Insignificant? Every piece of hardware on an iPhone is outmatched by multiple Android phones. Exactly the same goes for software features. These insignificant items are the items you use everyday on your precious little iPhone.

      • PeterBlood

        So sayeth the disingenuous Fandroid with delusions of grandeur. Outmatched? Hardly. Not worth the circuit board it’s printed on. Tell that to the many switchers happening now (breathing a sigh of relief with an iPhone instead of Google junk) and with the iPhone 6 & iOS 8 in the fall.

        Google is notorious for throwing half-baked technology in a rush onto the Android OS to see what sticks just so clueless geeks can claim they had it first and “Apple copies.” Heh! (The Android OS itself is a copy of the original iPhone iOS so that’s pretty brazen and tech history blind.) Much as Samsung rushed a garbage smart watch no one wants for first bragging rights, though others have marketed already something similar.

        Apple is by far the lesser of evils in portable mobile devices. But I understand your desperate rationalization biases and need to tinker where the intelligentsia just want to get on with life.

        Enjoy your second rate tech and un-originally parroting the delusional Fandroid line! I look forward to your even worse comeuppance in a big way here shortly with iOS improvements, larger devices (which you’ll no doubt geektardedly claim was “copied”), and the close integrated Mac and portable device advantages which Android doesn’t.

      • Oli Laban

        Bias? Hardly. I own an iPhone and am speaking from personal experience. I certainly use my iPhone, albeit mainly for Facetime and some apps that are iOS-only. The biased opinions (emphasis on opinions) are clearly coming from your side here. Android was first being developed before iOS so saying the origins of Android come from iOS are far from correct.
        Also, I find it funny that whenever anyone makes any comment about Android on an Apple related website or forum, Samsung is immediately brought into play. Well, you may be too ignorant to know, but the foolish advertisements that come from Samsung have nothing to do with Google, any other Android phone manufacturer nor any Android user.
        I also find it funny that you bring up Mac and ‘portable devices’, by which you mean Mac and iOS devices. Well, an iMac and a MacBook are my main computers and yet again, you are wrong. Each of my android devices work just as great with my Macs as my iPhone. They also work great with Windows and Linux. If you own an iPhone along with anything but a Mac, you may as well chop up your USB cables as there’s no point in plugging it in.
        Again, I laugh at a stupid comment from a brainwashed Apple fanboy. “Apple is the lesser of evils.” To avoid this post being twice as long as it already is, I’ll just bring one word up: ‘restriction’. This comes in to context with almost every part of iOS, and why? Because Apple love to take all their users by the groin and say “You can’t do anything with your device that makes it any different from when it was on the production line.”

      • PeterBlood

        Don’t be so foolishly condescending but I would expect that from the supreme ignoranti as yourself. Hilarious as you attempt to elevate yourself high with words but in reality you’re barely floundering in a gutter level of knowledge. You’re about at curb level now puny one.

        You’re losing me fast. Android OS development looked vastly different from iOS until Eric Schmidt got a peek while a mole on the Apple Board. Learn your history and stop looking a fool. They copied the iOS look and feel period! Not debatable, Schmidt betrayed Steve Jobs. Take a look at before and after iPhone & Android pics of what Android started as and what it looked like after the iPhone and get educated. This is really basic junior.

        This is also tedious but you insist on trying to look knowledgeable instead of a buffoon and failing. Samsung is for all intents and purposes the face of and the primary Android phone seller though you have others like LG, HTC, etc. Most of the Android phones sold worldwide are from cheap no-brand manufacturers. Which is why when Fandroid brag about market share they are laughed at. Premium Android phones ain’t so much and it’s only the premium phones that compete with likewise premium Apple iPhones.

        I am biased for excellence and overall quality of ecosystem working together yes that’s true. What, may I ask, is wrong with that?

        I didn’t bring up silly & desperate Samsung ads as discussed in the article. You feeling guilty about their disingenuous and inaccurate humor at Apple’s expense? They bury themselves deeper with each clumsy & obvious ad.

        So you use Macs and iMacs and claim Android works with them as well (not sure what you mean by this) but I’m still waiting for a clear advantage over not just using the iPhone to begin with and drop kicking the Android phones out. I wouldn’t want to use anything other than an iPhone so I won’t be chopping up any USB cables thanks.

        Ahh the infamous “restrictions” or “walled gardens” even though Android essentially has the same. A non-issue if it ever was an issue. Just what do you need to do that needs to be “unrestricted?” iOS8 is opening up quite a bit for the impatient ADD device impaired like you. Developers are not developing for Android like they are for iOS either. New SWIFT developers language will further take Apple ahead making it easier to develop on iOS. Android is a fragmented nightmare.

        Apparently you don’t have a life much and the life you have consists of hovering around & nursing your tech. Your devices are your only friends I suspect. Pathetic and pitiful. Really sad.

        Thanks for the hearty laughs looking at someone truly Droidwashed with brains hung out to dry.

      • Shanos

        You sir are a pleb! Apple are now realising what Google did a while back, people want choice they want to customise their handsets (the jailbreak community has been doing this for years) I love using swift key to type and when it is finally allowed by apple (one of those walled gardens finnaly coming down) so might you (if you can tear yourself away from the fact apple did not design it).
        Choice is great as is the open-mindedness to try new things (perhaps if you have a wife/partner you should try a few new things they might like it!… Whoops did i decend to your level of personal insults rather than keeping it on a tech level! And yes i am no doubt a better lover than you as well as appreciating all tech i appreciate others wants and needs in the love making department as well… Perhaps apple should patent the imissionary position for you? And yes if you want to send your wife or partner my way i am happy to proove my ability and make you look even more pathetic… And if you want evidence i will happily use my superior godlike canon body and l range glass to capture the moment for you… Consider yourself pawned… Igimp

      • PeterBlood

        Your sir are a goof! Apple is not “just now realizing”, Apple is evolving as they choose to evolve and not based on what idi0ts in South Korea are doing. Unlike Android they have spent their time ensuring the security of the platform and now because of new solutions can safeguard while still opening it up a little more.

        I wish larger phones had come a year sooner but I have been VERY happy with Apple and and it’s only the geektard contingent with ADD dreams of tech glory that want it yesterday. Try getting a life will yah?

        I only insult abject m0r0ns who haven’t a real clue and are richly worthy in their sad level of understanding. You’ve descended into the quagmire of most of those type. I am sure your plastic woman would admire your love making skills if she could think. Oh wait, I didn’t realize plastic could frown and look deeply disappointed.

        Gadfrey, folks like you brazenly brandish their lunacy online completely self-destructing anything have to say. So long loser.

      • ben wojcik

        Eco system my ass. You are so wrong and at the same time in favor of all restrictions apple introduced. As they say you cant fill the glass which is already full that is apple fanbois. And try to move some data from you puny iphone without itunes somewhere else. Good luck.

      • PeterBlood

        Another know-nothing sSheep m0r0n spewing his daily ration of sh*te. I have few problems porting data and don’t need 20 options like f00ls & geektards as yourself. Good luck is what you’ll need once larger iPhone 6, iOS 8 and Yosemite come out. But tinkering knuckleheads like you need your projects to avoid facing real life. Android is a distant 2nd or 3rd rate ecosystem period. That is a trend that will only get worse for the gSheep like you. Excuse me while I cruelly chuckle.

      • ben wojcik

        Your attitude stinks. I am happy to be out of your eco system. Apple sales peaked now there is only one way now. All giants fall evetually. I know 10 years ago everyone was a nokia fan. I couldnt care less about some ioses i like to have a choice and be NSA free. So continue your puny existent little meanless creature. And you language manner are as bad as apple trolling politics so yeah you fit well within ur eco system u little ameba.

      • PeterBlood

        And you live in Stinkville, home of the clueless tech flatulent.

        I am ecstatic & happy you are in a losing ecosystem that sucks and I INSIST you never enjoy the advantages of what Apple offers. Your so-called “choice & restriction” obsessed m0r0nities plainly show you don’t know what you are talking about blinded by mediocrity, but then your rampant ADD/ADHD spastic jerk issues make this understandable.

        So continue on losing in a big way as Apple continues on it’s path of excellence while you enjoy fragmentation, malware, diminished market share and waning interest by developers. Not to mention a lot of people switching back to the larger iPhone 6’s.

        I will lose no sleep over another foul creature & puny brainless mortal like yourself without a clue getting his just tech desserts. Remember, no more Apple for you, just sour Android or Windows phone lemons. So long sSheep sucker, you’re about to eat your words. [Louder cruel chuckle echoes off…]

      • ben wojcik

        You sir are chronic psychopath. I didnt even read your comment as id not makes sense. Good bye

      • PeterBlood

        Read your own clueless missives for a textbook nutbag response. Fandroid coward. Typical.

      • ben wojcik

        Raging little monkey. If you cant convince anyone then rage at him and add few insults on top. Apple fanbois never change.

      • PeterBlood

        Take a look in the mirror fickle feckless Fandroider for a true loser who’s talked himself into mediocre tech and lives by the mantra “misery loves company.” I rage against the loons like you out there who choose extremely poorly and brandish it like a badge of honor. Please re-examine your miserable buffonish life. Fandroid losers never seem to change. Apple users don’t have to, they have it right.

      • PeterBlood

        You seem to hurl the insults around pretty good too Mr. Disingenuous.

        A few more salient sobering facts for you. The phrase “Android, an open source platform” is FALSE. It is clearly is in the clutches of Google with plenty of Google-only code never put into the project or available to partners in the project. (And of course Google mines it’s customer’s data with abandon and no pretense of anything other than looking out for itself at customers expense.)

        This is one reason Samsung has attempted their own OS ‘Tizen’. Whether Tizen has a realistic future is still unknown. So far, no developers other than Samsung have cared to bother with it. And phone carriers are loathe to carry it.

        Samsung’s CFO recently told a group of reporters that the company’s upcoming earnings report “wasn’t looking too good”; meanwhile, the upstart native handset maker Xiaomi may have overtaken it in China,

        And Apple makes the most profits in any of it’s device categories. Even 45% of the profits made in PC’s (including Macs) goes to Apple. The remaining 55% belongs to ALL of the rest of the many PC suppliers out there who must fight over what’s left.

        Clearly Apple wins where it counts making the most profit margins and the highest and loyal premium customers. Not only that but Apple has plenty of new stuff in the pipeline that will leave Google, Samsung and hapless Fandroids gobsmacked. Officials at Apple have said they’ve never had so much stuff ready to be offered in the near future.

        But you go ahead and stay camped out in your van by the river Denial.

      • Shanos

        agree with everything you said john, my mother inlay and father in law both have iPhones, as do most of their friends all in their 60’s not because the os is the best or easiest to use (I have done side by side comparisons with them and since android jellybean there is little to choose from in terms of apps or ease of use), so what made them choose the iPhone? their friends had them and their friends choose them as their non techi minded kids had them.
        Does this make them sheep? I would have to say the answer is yes in the same way that people drink budweiser and wax lyrical about its taste and flavour, when in blind taste tests it normally comes in last! people want what others have, they don’t want to be different or swim against the tide… I seem to remember that Apple made a big thing about “think different” but I think it is actually more a case of “Be individual, just like everyone else” lol

      • ben wojcik

        Agreed. Apple is definitely for non technical people and elderly. Eco system may as well be locked down and choice is irrelevant. Since elderly rarely use their phones for anything than few phone calls the battery may as well exceed expectations.

    • Joshua D.

      LOL How about you actually read the Full Statistics, Android is killing ios.


    • Матт Реякіпѕ

      The ironic thing is the 50-60 iPhones sold per 3-4 S5’s is prolly accurate especially in the US. In the US Android has only a 10% overall market share lead and most who own Android have low end smartphones. So in the US I’d at least 80% of high end smartphones are iPhones. Most of the S5 sales are outside the US.

      • Oli Laban

        This coming from a guy that needs to have ‘special’ characters in his name to look “”cool””.

      • PeterBlood

        This is coming from a guy who will never BE “”cool.””

      • Матт Реякіпѕ

        First off I’m 100% sure I’m cooler than you or Oli. I’m the only one of the 3 of us willing to show what they look like online. “Cool” people don’t use fake names or fake pics. They have nothing to hide. Secondly. It’s pretty obvious neither of you would say anything negative to someone face to face or you wouldn’t be hiding what you look like online. Besides you guys idea of cool is prolly hanging out at Comicon. My definition of cool is having a girlfriend not just an online one I never met that I try to pass off as real.

      • PeterBlood

        First of all I wasn’t addressing you directly about who is cool or not cool. In fact sort of defending you. I maintain a pseudonym for a reason although it’s a good enough reason alone not exposing yourself to trouble and crazies on the net such as yourself. But if you are looking for a “cool wars” I can pretty easily trump you. Been to the Academy Awards 10 times, work in visual effects, worked with famous actors and directors, worked on major studio lots around the world, shot my first film at age 23, etc., etc., etc.. Went to Comicon once in 1974. Many prominent makeup artists are friends of mine. What you got besides the night shift at McDonalds? Your 100% just got whittled down to -3000%. Oh, I also have a very sexy Swedish wife and a movie I just produced is being picked up for distribution. All true stuff. Also based on your picture it’s doubtful you have a girlfriend that doesn’t require inflation before “performing.”

        I suggest you retreat to your van down by the river junior and kindly close your “cool” hole.

      • Guest

        Hey, can I get in on this? I’m pretty cool, too!
        I mean, maybe not on the same level as you guys…

      • Матт Реякіпѕ

        Actually I do it because I like how it looks. Has nothing to do with being cool. But the reality is I am cooler than you as I have no fears online. I don’t use a fake name or hide what I look like. The whole definition of cool is being yourself with nothing to hide and not caring what others think. Too bad you won’t ever know what it is to be cool. And no Comicon is not cool.

      • PeterBlood

        Trying to be cool is the least of your identity hang-up problems. Were you molested or lost a girlfriend at a Comicon or something? You sure have some kind of issue with it.

      • guitarian

        Hey, can I get in on this? I love the internet and stuff like that so I’m pretty cool, too!
        I mean, maybe not on the same level as you guys…

      • PeterBlood

        Certainly. Just as long as it’s “genuine cool” and not “I live in my Mom’s basement for free at age 32” kinda questionable cool. :)

      • esal

        And the real thing is that Android, in USA, has ~60% market share, not 10%. Because, you know, Android and Samsung are not the same thing.

    • esal

      Eheheh, nice one. But – this is what the ad suggests, if one wants to see it – it’s just that people with samsung is elsewhere having fun doing stuff profitably using it for work etc. That’s why you don’t find them in the ad. They’re living their lives. Bye.

  • I hate to agree with Samsung on this.. even though im a hardcore and loyal iPhone user..

    • uw0tm8

      Had to agree. Despite the magical built of iPhones, their battery sucks big time.

    • PeterBlood

      Buy a Mophie Juice Pack. Problem solved and really no different than carrying another battery.

  • ckray1985

    Samsung don’t know what is power bank.

    Carry an extra useless battery or another power bank that able to charge all your devices, wise user win.

    • Well all devices support power banks, thats not really the point. Replacing the battery gives instant 100% recharge, you don’t have to have something plugged into your phone for hours, plus batteries are tiny to carry around.

      • lucascott

        But it also means having to include mechanisms that make it safe to pop open the phone, pop out the battery etc. And then there’s including a safety shell around the battery so that it isn’t punctured and explodes
        And batteries aren’t that tiny. We aren’t talking about something for a watch after all.

  • Félix Andreas Bode

    I’m sorry but I have never had to go to town or go to school carrying a charger EVER, SO I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOUR POINT IS SAMASUCK! And if you have not already guessed I am an Apple Fan Boy.

    • Calm down ;)

    • PeterBlood

      Scumsucks has nowhere to go except to create false issues with the iPhone. They know the iPhone 6 is going to be a major blow once size advantages are history. Heh!

  • Keitaro

    This article was written with saltiness.

  • Robert Morgan

    “The ad itself is another attempt to make Samsung’s product look better than Apple’s by slinging mud, and it comes across just as petty as it did the last dozen times.”

    Apple would never sink as low as an ad campaign throwing mud at the incumbent market leader.

  • Loren Sims

    I have a battery pack and a solar charger (for when the battery pack isn’t enough). You’ll have to do better than that, Samsung…

  • steven taylor

    I’ve had a spare battery stored in my wallet for couple of years. I’ve only had to use it a couple of times (properly, please only store properly), but I can tell you at 4a.m. on a sunday morning a replaceable battery beats the hell out of plugging into ANYTHING.

    • TheNaughtyGuy

      ” but I can tell you at 4a.m. on a sunday morning a replaceable battery beats the hell out of plugging into ANYTHING” … I tend to disagree, but I am not thinking of smartphones or electronics ;) :P

  • cavetroll

    Well that’s a great opportunity to say that its more important to have a thicker phone with bigger battery than a thinner phone that you can’t hold it . THIN means nothing ! JUST BUILD AN IPHONE WITH BIGGER BATTERY ITS ALL THAT MATTERS !

  • Hugh Roberts

    What a joke…anyone who thinks a GS4 or 5 has better battery life than iPhone 5s or 5c ls totally wrong…try this experiment: charge an Android phone to 100% and do the same with an iPhone 5s. Turn off all apps that may run in the background, but leave both connected to wifi…and then walk away for 30 minutes and check them both….iPhone will still be at 100% capacity…the Android phone will be down to at least 97% or lower and falling fast….the difference becomes even more dramatic with average normal use.

    • Oli Laban

      Not sure where you’re getting your info from. I own an iPhone, GS5, HTC One and a Moto G and can sure as hell say that I charge the iPhone way more than the others (and the iPhone isn’t even my primary phone!).

      • PeterBlood

        Bigger phone bigger battery. Bigger iPhone 6 will blow the doors off battery life no doubt. My iPhone 5 lasts 2 days. All depends on the use level. Hang out on your phone all day and you might need to get a life check.

  • I don’t get too bad on my iPhone 5C.

  • PeterBlood

    If you’re a relentless all day phone user that pretty much says you’re a salesperson and should be using a landline or you’re a complete texting loser living in Mom’s basement. Apple phones have always had plenty of charge for me, even over a couple days with normal usage. There are power packs for those who need more battery time. A non-issue that Shamscum is desperate to make as Android starts it’s inexorable slide downward. Larger iPhone 6’s will start to gut Android sales this fall with many switching. The end is near for Fandroid phone size brag. Then what will these sSheep losers have to do with themselves?

  • Chuck McGinley

    I will never seem to understand Samsung’s advertising strategy. Why make fun at the very customers you are trying to lure to your product? It’s not even passive-aggressive. It is just plain calling the other users idiots. Sure it pleases the zealots that already own your products but really??

    Most people I know will not migrate to a product where its purveyor insults you first?? But what do I know I guess….

  • lucascott

    I use my iPhone and iPad at freaking Disneyland for as much as 13 hours at a time and no wall hugging. And yes I am using them, especially the iPhone (I use the iPad mostly for the map apps and off loading my photos and videos)
    I get a good 6-7 hours off my iPhone and then there’s this thing called a battery pack. My iPad makes it all day.

    • PeterBlood

      Shhh, desperate Scamdung doesn’t want people to know that. Might burst their disingenuous ad bubble.

  • PMB01

    My 5S gets through every day with at least 25% battery life to spare. I average about a 40% charge when I plug it in before going to sleep. I also use my phone quite a bit every day. I don’t understand all these people that complain about battery life.

    • PeterBlood

      They are attempting to appeal to the ADD phone crowd who never seem to get off the darned things. You’re right in that the iPhone has plenty of daily power for the average user. We aren’t all losers like the people they are trying to appeal to. If you think of it, an ad like this is truly sad.

      • PMB01

        Well, I guess a big drain also is not having good cell signal. I don’t venture too far out of the city and I live really close to a T-Mobile tower. I do use my 5S just as much as I did my 5 on Verizon (which is actually quite a bit, though not when I’m actively hanging out with friends) and my battery life is leagues better because Verizon’s building penetration is terrible. T-Mobile has given me WAY better coverage than Verizon ever did!

      • PeterBlood

        Yeah you have to go with the carrier best suited for your use and area. We suffered with AT&T and their promises of better reception for many many years. With the iPhone 5 a couple years ago we switched to Verizon and the difference is night and day. I can actually make a call in my driveway now – what a concept! In all the areas I travel Verizon has been stellar. Your mileage varied though obviously. My iPad is similarly been great with the Verizon plan.

  • Thatsmel

    Love this video! LOL LOL! But I will NEVER ever to be a Samsung user. I remain to be Apple User in rest of my life! :-)

    Hey, Samsung, you are very funny but NO THANKS!

  • Shanos

    Quick question to all the apple phone lovers, what would you do if apple decide to do an about turn and ship iPhone with a changeable battery? I seem to remember all the people slagging off samsungs s2 for having too big a screen, stating that the iPhone 2/3/4 screen was the perfect size, then when apple released a larger screen that was the perfect size! I have an iPhone and a samsung and too be honest the iPhone now gets left in the car most of the time hooked up to my pioneer spy da100 as a media server/gps tool.
    The samsung on the other hand gives me a screen that to my preference is brighter, crisper and large enough to comfortably browse the web and also to view the photos that its superior camera (especially in low light conditions) provides (I am a photographer shooting full frame with canon L range glass
    so quality matters to me, even if it is just a point and click phone camera).
    As for battery life, I like the fact that I can if I need swap out to my spare battery, it is really useful when I tether up my macbook pro to up load a few gigs of photos over LTE at an event (tried it on iPhone and it killed the battery too quick and even with a power bank the results were not great).
    Again I love my mac products, however when it comes to the Iphone I am over it lol that not to say that if they come out with something that does what I want/need and does not sting me on purchase price and over the top monthly tariffs I may reconsider.
    Post is not about being a fanboy but about giving unbiased views from a user of both handsets and os.

    P.s if apple were to allow a bootcamp style dual os with both android and iOS it would give users the opportunity to truly compare based on the same hardware.

    • David Stinson

      So, you shoot with a canon and use L glass. Are we supposed to be impressed? Are you implying that you know more than others ? Maybe you do. Maybe because I shoot with Olympus and Nikon I should stop what I’m doing and heed the words of the almighty canon user. *bows*

      I’ll stick with my iPhone thank you. I don’t need to worry about a cheap plastic phone and it’s cheap plastic parts and fumbling with prying the back off and putting it back together.

      Samsung sells cheap stuff. They have to resort to giving the S5 away with a buy one get one free. You’ll never see apple doing that.

      But then again O holy Canon user, you had to spend 99 dollars on your Samsung phone phone because you spent all your money on your super duper lenses.

      • Shanos

        barrrr barrr i sheep have you got an opinion… nope just fansheep flaming!

        Why do you feel the need to stoop to the levels you feel that samsung do… lets insult someone because they have an opinion other than yours!

        in answer to your question/insult the reason I’ll stick with my L glass thank you, is so I don’t need to worry about cheap plastic lens bodies and their cheap plastic parts.

        (yes I did use most of your argument for owning an iphone against your pettiness, but then again having an education means that you can make informed educated decision)

        The fact that you shoot with olympus and Nikon is personal preference, you choose the kit you want based on your needs, your skills, your budget and also the quality that you want (I would rather shoot with great glass and have less work to do in post as my time is worth not just money but also time saved can be spent with my family)

        The greatest difference however between photographers is not their kit, its their ability to be creative and to work with what they have (I would like to think that you have taken some incredible images with your olympus and nikon cameras, I would also hope that as a photographer you would be able to appreciate the limits of the iphone in low light conditions.
        By the way I would not pay any money let alone $99 upfront for any phone, as they are free on most tariffs above £35 in the UK, as would Iphones be were it not for Apple insisting that the networks not fully subsidise the handsets.
        Does having to pay £100 for an Iphone make you feel like a premium valued customer? does it feel that your brand/network loyalty has been rewarded? according to the reports the next Iphone will cost even more as Apple are likely to insist the networks charge you more.
        I spent money on lenses that I earned using my standard kit lenses, over the years I have put away money from my earnings to buy the things that I want and/or need, I don’t waste money on drinking or smoking (yes you can bow to my self righteousness if you want ), but at the same time I don’t judge those that do, I prefer to use my money for both my and my families betterment.

        I hope at some point in your life you have a chance to experience new things and that if you do, you are open minded enough to appreciate what they are and not what they are not (hate this… hate that… its not an iphone)

        Life is to be lived, living is about experiences, experiences about learning!
        hopefully you can see that my original mention of the equipment that I use was supposed to illustrate the fact that I like imagery, with the iphone in low light I risk missing special moments if the lighting is not great.

        peace, love and light


      • PeterBlood

        When “new things” are awful, I avoid them like the plague (Android). You don’t need to make flimsy excuses, use what you like. There are easy methods to add extra power to an iPhone (Mophie Juice Pack anyone?) so battery life is not a real issue, just a disingenuous Scamdung one. Desperate companies do desperate things like copy other companies work and make false ads. Shamscum’s day of reckoning is coming, and coming soon this fall.

  • thatboy

    How is changing your battery better than recgarhing it???

    • Shanos

      errr most people don’t have a plug socket and charger in their pocket lol
      yes I know as mentioned by another poster you can have a battery bank to charge your phone, but as also stated by another poster swapping a battery takes 20 seconds and gives an instant 100%)
      The other big benefit is that when the rechargeable battery loses its ability to hold a decent charge, you can just throw it away (please dispose responsibly), with an iphone you have to remove the back undo screws and release the battery from the strong tape/glue holding it in losing your warranty as you do, spend £15 on a replacement battery (yes I have swapped the batteries on various iphones) or take the phone to Apple and get stung for £55 (+ £7.50 if you send it in) is this better than spending £10 on a battery? err I think not!

  • Sean Random

    So many fanboy comments! Jeez, you may as well have started a war. Please, help yourselves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcUBpgmHgcg

    (Excuse the thumbnail, I didn’t think it appropriate to put a logo on it but I didn’t make it, so… But the song is good and unbiased)

  • Sean Random

    While my family (aside from my brother) have either an iPhone 5 or 5s, I have an LG G2. I don’t fanboy. I get better battery life, but I don’t use my phone as often.

    Use what you like and just please shut the fuck up. Unless you are a pro reviewer nobody gives a shit what you post on these comments favoring one company over another. You all seem to follow SOMETHING blindly, like a company or what you’ve been with forever.

    I have a different platform for all my device classifications: Android phone/tablet (G2/N7 2013), Windows PC (I built), Apple laptop, and I like them all for what they do.

    All sides copy each other. Android copied Apple’s whole phone is a touch screen thing. Apple copied the Holo design of Android and stuck it into iOS 7, and webOS’s multitasking. Microsoft copied Siri with Cortana.

    “Imitation is the highest form of flattery” -Charles Caleb Colton (say that three times fast), who “had a large private collection of valuable paintings” (Wikipedia)