New Samsung ads targets all of Apple’s Tuesday announcements



Hey, at least give Samsung credit for being quick off the mark.

Apple’s Tuesday keynote is only days old and already professional Apple spoofer Samsung has released a new series of ads skewering Cupertino’s latest developments — from its Apple Watch to its problematic live feed.

There are six ads in total, all designed to advertize the Galaxy Note 4, although barely any time is given to talking up Samsung’s own products, since the company clearly feels it’s better off trying to tear down its leading competitor.

The remaining ads — attacking the iPhone 6 display size, lack of multi-tasking, absence of stylus, battery life and Apple Watch — can be seen below.

They’re far from the best Apple parodies we’ve seen, but I do admit that I momentarily chuckled at the live stream ad. Even with the full knowledge that Samsung’s servers would almost certainly crash if it attracted half the views of an Apple keynote.