New ads showcase kids’ creativity with the Apple Pencil


Apple Pencil ad
Apple's new ad campaign is aimed at users in Turkey.
Photo: Apple

There are plenty of pro-grade applications for the iPad, but that doesn’t mean that kids aren’t also benefitting from Apple’s tablet and the Apple Pencil stylus.

In a new series of ads which debuted on its Turkey YouTube channel, Apple shows off images drawn by kids using the Apple Pencil. Check them out below.

Bringing the Apple Pencil to a new market

For my money, the Apple Pencil is one of the best products Apple has made in years. At Apple’s recent education-focused event, the company debuted a new 9.7-inch iPad that costs schools just $299. This iPad works with Apple’s pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil, thereby opening it up to a new user base.

The focus on creating localized ads for different markets, specifically for the web, is part of a recent change in Apple strategy. Last year, Apple reportedly instructed its ad agency, TBWA\Media Arts Lab, to move away from localizing big global campaigns for Apple and more on creating regional campaigns, designed to appeal more specifically to individual markets.

What do you think of these new ads? Are you a fan of the Apple Pencil? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.