Apple closer to bringing wireless charging to iPhone


iPhone wireless charging
Apple has reportedly placed orders for wireless charging iPhone components.
Photo: Ivo Marić and Tomislav Rastovac

Rumors that Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 will come with wireless charging just took another step forward, thanks to a report claiming the company has added a new manufacturer to its supply chain to help achieve this.

The new supplier is Taiwan-based Lite-On Semiconductor, which will reportedly be providing GPP bridge rectifier components to support wireless charging.

Although it has told the Taiwan Stock Exchange that it doesn’t comment on customers or orders, Lite-On Semiconductor has reportedly obtained half of the wireless charging component orders for the iPhone 8 — and has received a 10 percent hike in its share price accordingly.

Wireless charging is one of the big features many fans are hoping for from Apple’s tenth anniversary smartphone upgrade. A previous report claimed that Apple may draw on the wireless company Energous and chip maker Dialog for cutting-edge tech that will allow users to charge their iOS devices from across the room, rather than using the kind of charging mats employed by rivals like Samsung.

Whether that turns out to be the case or not remains to be seen, but the ability to charge iPhones from a distance of 15 feet away would certainly be an attention grabber for Apple — and help give it the kind of jaw-dropping “must have” feature Apple products have missed as of late.

What are you hoping for from Apple’s next-gen iPhone? Leave your comments below.

Source: Digitimes

  • Deep Dive Guides

    I do hope Apple don’t copy other manufacturers and come out with a charging mat or charging pad solution for so-called wireless charging. That isn’t wireless at all! It’s worse than the current lightning cable-based charging solution as the pads will be bigger and more expensive than a simple cable. What’s the benefit in that?

    I currently have lightning cable charging points in the kitchen, the lounge, the office, and in 2 bedrooms. I also have a couple in my travel bag, and one in my car. It’s cheap and effective. I don’t want or need the expense of having to purchase 5 or 6 charging mats.

    Is proper wireless charging at a distance technically possible? If so, then that’s the way to go. But don’t just sell us expensive big charging mats. Pointless

    • jOn Garrett

      You sound crazy stupid right now. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a charging mat and the only reason you’re saying that dumb sh!t in the first place is because apple never had this feature.

      Distance charging or not, you’re not going to see practical distance charging for at least 2 years and every iPhone you see charging wirelessly will be doing it with mats.

      As for copying other OEMs, the iPhone 8 will be nothing more than a Galaxy Edge clone.

      • William LeVan

        It is Samsung who copies Apple not the other way around.

      • Brandon

        Its samsung who copies Apple’s plans and then rush them out to the markets so people like you think Apple copies samsung. Sadly they don’t care about their product so their phones explode.

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      • Brandon

        Theres everything wrong with charging mats. Many times I use my phone while charging. What if I’m low on battery and want to use my phone while charging it? Can do that just fine using a cable. What if the mat goes bad? I can just buy a cable for 5 bucks.

        You gave no points to defend mats and just insulted that dude. Pretty weak. Apple will implement wireless charging when the technology allows it to be from a distance, mats are unpractical and a gimmick.

    • Anthony Velazquez

      You are spot on. I love how other companies tout “Wireless charging” and people fall for it SMH.

  • Julio Nieves

    Terrible headline, makes apple sound like they are years behind on technology by stating that “apple is closer to bringing wireless to IPhone” as if the technology is new and ground braking.

  • AllanC

    Who cares? It’s no big deal to plug into a charger. I want more speed, higher resolution and more storage. Just another silly gimmick.

    • Brandon

      Personally I wouldn’t be mad about some extra battery too.