Apple drops iOS 10.2 beta 5 on developers and public testers


iOS 10.2 brings a bunch of new features to iPhone.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Developers received a surprise update for iOS 10.2 this morning after Apple seeded the fifth beta build of the new software.

The new beta comes just four days after Apple released the last version to developers. This time, both devs and public beta testers can get their hands on the iOS update that brings a number of new features to iPhone and iPad.

Apple’s release notes for iOS 10.2 beta 5 don’t mention any major changes. The beta mostly focuses on under-the-hood improvements and bug fixes.

Developers can download the update directly from the Developer Center. It can also be installed via an over-the-air update if you already have the installation profile on your device.

iOS 10.2 features

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners get three new wallpapers with iOS 10.2. The update also brings the new TV app to all iPhones and iPads. There’s a new iPhone SOS feature, dozens of new emoji and new “Love” and “Celebration” screen effects for Apple’s increasingly showy Messages app.

The iOS 10.2 beta removes the Videos app entirely from devices in favor Apple’s new TV app. A new Settings section in the TV app lets you use cellular data for playback and select the streaming quality of videos.

It looks like Apple is hurrying to ready iOS 10.2 for its public release, so this could be the last beta update. Apple promised its new TV app would arrive on iOS and Apple TV devices this December.

  • GreenGirl

    What’s with all this dumb emoji shit. We’re not all preteens with no human interaction skills. Ffs, apple get a grip.

    And this ‘host of features’ only really applies to the damn American market. Ffs.

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